Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train Beginner Guide – Tips for All New Players

As you know, the Roblox platform has given birth to many famous gaming titles. Among them, Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train is one of the most popular horror gaming titles, which has won the hearts of many players worldwide who love horror games. The game is really tricky and challenging to complete. But having the best tips and tricks with you will help you to win over every challenge that comes to you in this gameplay. So, use this beginner guide, which includes the best tips for all new players in this Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train game. 

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train

Here, you have to face a unique foe, like a train shape that eats humans. While being hunted by this demonic man-eating train, will you survive through the gameplay exploring various train stations? If you are unsure about your survival skills, now is the time to put them to the test while playing this Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train game. While using these tips mentioned in this guide for your gameplay, redeem the active Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train all codes to fill up your inventory with free stuff that is useful for your game. 

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train All Weapons

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train all weapons play a considerable role in dealing with the Edward the Man-eating train, so it is important to learn about these weapons. There are many weapons in this game categorized into various categories, such as submachine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, revolvers, rifles, mounted guns, pistols, machine pistols, carbines, assault rifles, grenade launchers, etc. Each of these weapon categories includes many weapons you can use to launch different attacks toward your enemy, Edward the man-eating train. 

Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train All Weapons

You might be interested in learning how to get these weapons for your gameplay. You just cannot simply obtain these weapons during this gameplay. For that, you need tickets. The methods to get tickets in this Roblox gameplay will be explained later in this guide. 

Every weapon in this game comes with attributes that decide how powerful the weapon will be. Whenever you try to purchase a weapon, go through its attributes so you can understand how useful and powerful it might be for your gameplay. 

Also, every weapon cannot be purchased through the same location. You must go through various locations in this game to purchase the weapons you need. Another thing about these weapons is that every weapon has a specific weapon rarity, such as exotic, legendary, rare, or uncommon. The higher the weapon’s rarity, the better the weapon’s attributes are. 

Explore Many Regions in Archipelago

You have to wait on the platform for the train to arrive at the start of the game. The amount of time till the train pulls up to the station is indicated via a countdown. At the exact time, the train will arrive, and you will enter a railcar designed for you, which is the main method of traveling through the Archipelago. 

Explore Many Regions in Archipelago

You will travel through the Archipelago through the railcars, exploring various regions there. When you go through these locations in the midst of the attacks of the Edward the man-eating train, you will be able to access various locations with NPCs that sell different weapons, railcars, and even titles. 

In some regions you come across, you will see NPCs with nothing on sale, but they only have to say a few words to you. And also some regions offer you various kinds of games to enjoy. While playing this game, you can explore many regions and engage in activities while obtaining the essential resources for your gameplay from the NPCs you meet. 

Methods to Obtain Tickets

Tickets are a primary currency in this game, and as we already said, you need tickets to purchase various things in the game, such as weapons, railcars, titles, medkits, etc. We promised to tell you how to get the tickets to this game through the later part of this guide, and now it is our time to tell you the methods to obtain tickets. The first method to obtain the tickets is by the ticket supply boxes. 

When you open the ticket supply boxes during your journey, you will get different amounts of tickets. And also, once you successfully survive rounds of this game, you will obtain tickets according to the difficulty level you encounter. Also, you can get more tickets by opening the abandoned crates. You can get more tickets and buy what you need using these techniques. 

Survive Against the Edward the Man-Eating Train

Once you get to the railcar after waiting the time, you will face the biggest danger in your life: meeting Edward, the man-eating train. According to the route you will take, the difficulty or the danger will be decided. And the more danger you face, the more weapons you can acquire. 

Survive Against the Edward the Man-Eating Train

With the best weapons, you can easily survive against Edward the man-eating train. When Edward, the man-eating train, attacks you, you must survive at least five minutes. Make sure to dodge and attack your enemy to survive. When you survive against the enemy attacks, make sure not to fall off the train, which is a pitiful death. 


The better your tips and tricks, the easier it becomes to survive in this adventurous and thrilling gameplay that gives you jump scares from the moment you start playing it. While using these tips, tricks, and the active Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train all codes, you can make your gameplay awesome no matter how scary. So, as you have read this guide thoroughly, you should start playing this game following these tips and redeeming these Roblox Edward the Man-Eating Train all codes to unlock and obtain exclusive rewards for free.

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