Roblox Double Down Beginner Guide with Tips – All You Need to Know

When you play games on the Roblox platform, you know the universal currency here to purchase specific things related to those games is called the Robux. The most popular method everyone knows to earn more Robux is purchasing them using real currency. But here we have found out about this Roblox Double Down game, which is the best chance to earn Robux for yourself just by hosting minigames. You will learn the most helpful hints and techniques in this beginner’s guide for playing this Roblox Double Down game. 

Roblox Double Down

The more you host minigames in this Double Down Roblox, the more you earn Robux. Even if you think the game does not work, the truth is it works. You can earn Robux from this game. So, for more insights on it and to learn how to earn more Robux, just follow the tips and tricks in this Roblox Double Down beginner guide and start playing the game. Get rich with more Robux in the Double Down Roblox game!

Select Minigames to Host

Here in this Roblox Double Down game, there are many minigames that you can host, and each minigame is different and gives you more fun when playing them. There are nine minigames in this game for you to choose to host. These minigames in the Double Down Roblox game are as follows. 

Select Minigames to Host
  • Battleship – this is the latest minigame added to the gameplay. Additionally, you must sink all of your opponent’s ships in this minigame before he sinks your own. First, place the ships you got perfectly in the grid before the countdown time reaches zero. 
  • Sword Fight – here in this game, you have to beat down your opponent in swordplay. 
Select Minigames to Host
  • Rock Paper Scissors – Like the rock, paper, scissors game you’ve played in real life, this one typically works as well. Choose rock, paper, and scissors and wait for the results compared to your opponent’s choice. 
  • Plinko – dropping balls into the green area faster than your opponent is what you must do in this game. 
  • Balloon Pop – you have to pump air into the balloon and let your opponent pop up the balloons. The one who pops up the balloon will lose a round. 
  • Price is Right – you have to guess whether the given price for the given item is higher or lower than the actual price. If the guess is correct in more rounds, you will win. 
  • Staring Content – the one who waits longer is the winner in this game. So don’t quit the match until your opponent leaves. 
  • Block Drop – here in this minigame, you must pile up all the blocks on one in all the rounds to win the game. 
Select Minigames to Host
  • Cups – this is another minigame in this Roblox Double Down gameplay. You need to pick a cup with a diamond underneath it to win. 

Choose a Ticket Price

When you host one of the minigames above in this Double Down Robux beginner guide, you must choose a ticket price for your minigame. The ticket price determines how much Robux your opponent pays you to battle. Even if it costs one ticket to make a room, you can make it freely for the first time. And remember, there are ticket prices of up to five million starting from free. In the free ticket option, no one is going to pay. 

Choose a Ticket Price

But if you choose a specific ticket price, which is ten, twenty, thirty, forty, five hundred, five thousand, and even five million Robux, your opponent has to pay for the price of the ticket to enter the battle room with you. After setting the ticket price, you can create a room to start a minigame and let other players battle against you. This is how you can earn Robux more and more in your gameplay. 

Participate in Minigames

While hosting minigames freely or setting a ticket price, you can even take part in minigames hosted by others. Here, these minigames come as freely or cost you Robux. Therefore, if you have more Robux, you can participate in the minigames hosted by other players. Alternatively, you can participate in any free minigames and have fun here. Beat the other players and earn free tickets to host your minigames, creating rooms. 

Participate in Minigames

The game is more fun if you try participating in the minigames hosted by other players, too. So, as mentioned in this guide, this is one of the best tips you can follow to earn free tickets to host your minigames if you beat the opponents in their minigames. 

Craft Tickets

There is a crafting system in this Double Down Roblox game. Through the crafting system, you can see here that you can create a larger ticket with a huge Robux value by using all your small tickets. This is one of the best Double Down Roblox tips you can use in this game to earn a huge ticket with a great Robux value to your Roblox Double Down gameplay. 

When you use small tickets, you have to create a large one. All those tickets with small values will be destroyed to give you the ticket with a huge Robux price. You can try this when you have more tickets with small Robux values. 


As you know exactly what you should do for more Robux, do as this guide says, and you will never be left behind with zero Robux. This is a great opportunity for you to multiply the Robux you have. So keep following the tips in this Roblox Double Down beginner guide and have more profit in your gameplay. And go for the Roblox Double Down codes for awesome rewards to upgrade your gameplay even more. With more spins you earn through the Double Down Roblox codes, you will always have fun-filled gameplay with fantastic free rewards.

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