Roblox Doodle World Beginner Guide – The Best Tips for Newbies

Roblox Doodle World Beginner Guide

Roblox Doodle World is about collecting the best doodles and challenging players to battle using the doodles you have already captured. This game has many doodles, which you can obtain using different methods, which is so satisfying to play. But as a newbie player, many things have to be learned by you before you enter the gameplay. So, in this beginner guide, we will help you learn the best tips and tricks and some guidelines that help you perfect your gameplay. 

This game comes with many exciting things that the players can enjoy, such as explorations and battles, and with all these things together, you can experience a super awesome game in this Roblox Doodle World. Here in this guide, you will learn the most useful tips and tricks when you play this amazing game, so go ahead and check on them, and after that, you are ready to start playing the game. 

Roblox Doodle World Best Starter to Choose

When you begin the game as a newbie player, you have no idea who the doodles are and which is best for you. Before telling you the best starter doodle, let us see who doodles are. In this gameplay, the doodles are some cool creatures with various abilities, and these doodles become your companions throughout the gameplay. You will meet many doodles in this game, such as Roblox Doodle World Cerebopod, Roblox Doodle World Appluff, etc. 

As the first mission entrusted to you, you are about to go to the doodle laboratory and choose your first doodle to start your gameplay. As a starter, you have four options: Vipember, Tabbolt, Skrappey, and Pupskey. Of the Roblox Doodle World all doodles mentioned before, which are the starter doodles? Which one will be the Roblox Doodle World best starter? First, let us check on all of them. 

The Vipember is a fire-type bulky mage, and the Tabbolt is a spark-type speedster. The Skrappey is an attacker belonging to the Earth type. The Pupskey is a balanced doodle belonging to the Ice type. Above all of the starter doodles given to you, we suggest you choose Pupskey because it is tough to obtain Ice-type doodles at your beginner game phase compared to the other types. 

Also, the Pupskey is a balanced doodle that is good at almost everything in a balanced way. This is just the beginning of the game, so you can go with Pupskey until you find the top doodles like Roblox Doodle World Archuma and Roblox Doodle World Bunsweet

Equip Your Doodles with Equipment

You can expand your doodles collection when you capture doodles while exploring different towns. The doodles level up when you win the doodle battles using them, and when the doodles level up, they become much stronger as their stats go higher with leveling up. Besides that, there is another way to make your doodles stronger, which is by equipping your doodles with equipment. 

During your gameplay, you will receive various equipment items such as amulets, helmets, and artifacts. So, once you have them, you can equip them with your doodles to power them up a little more. This is one of the best tips and tricks you can use in your gameplay to boost the strength of your doodles. 

Challenge Players for PvP

Yes, the best thing about this game is PvP battles. These PvP challenges are challenging, of course, because you battle against a real player. But it is better to take part in PvP challenges. Here, you can open the social menu in this gameplay and challenge any player in the Social menu to battle. You can decide many things in the battle when sending a challenge request. The first is to choose the format of the battle. 

If the format is set on Singles, each player will only battle with one doodle out at a time. But if the format is set on Doubles, each player will battle with two doodles out at a time. The next is that you can set the ruleset. If you choose the random ruleset, it means each player will receive six random fully evolved doodles. If the ruleset is casual, there are no restrictions at all. If the ruleset is competitive, every doodle must be a unique species and hold a unique item. 

Then, you can set levels for the doodles and add a team preview to let both players see a preview of the opponent player’s team before the battle, along with a time limit of five or fifteen minutes for each player. Once you send the PvP challenge request to any player in the Social menu setting all the things explained above, you can battle with him right after he accepts your challenge. 

Doodle Battles with NPCs for Cash Rewards

When you explore various towns in this game, you will meet NPCs. Some NPCs you meet here are doctors who can heal your doodles who are being harmed during doodle battles. Other than doctors, you will meet many other NPCs who want to engage in doodle battles against you. 

Once you win a doodle battle against an NPC, you will receive higher rewards in this gameplay, such as cash and equipment items. Since doodle battles against NPCs are a better way to obtain more rewards in the gameplay, make sure to take part in all the NPCs you meet here and defeat their doodles within the first attempt, ideally using your doodles. 

Tame Wild Doodles Using Capsules

You will encounter wild doodles when you pass through various locations. When you encounter some wild doodles, you can capture them. Sometimes, capturing the wild doodles is easy, but some wild doodles give you a hard time when you are about to capture them. In order to capture the wild doodles, you can use capsules that come in various categories, such as gold capsules, basic capsules, polkadot capsules, etc. 

The gold capsules will never fail to capture a wild doodle, but if you use basic capsules to capture wild doodles, you should be more careful because some wild doodles will break through the capsules and have difficulty capturing them. In such cases, you should first use a skill of your doodle to reduce their HP or apply an effect on them, and then you can easily capture them using the capsules you have as they are weakened now. 


The best tips and tricks for this Doodle World game on Roblox are stated above. As you have come across all the best tips for this game through this guide, now you can have perfect gameplay while capturing the best doodles. Also, remember to check on the active Roblox Doodle World codes 2023 and earn the best rewards here, all freely.

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