Everything You Need to Know about Roblox Control Army – The Best Tips for Your Gameplay

Roblox Control Army is a unique game on the Roblox platform. You will build your army using the top-level barracks with more soldiers here. And then, you can upgrade your army with the best weapons and armor. But it is easier said than done, so when you start the game, you must put a lot of effort into building your base with more barracks. As the game is tough for beginners like you, we made this beginner guide, adding the best tips useful for you. 

Roblox Control Army

With the best Roblox Control Army tips and tricks, you can easily understand how to expand your army with more barracks and soldiers. Your progress in the game depends on the gold amount you have. So, from the beginning, you should try to accumulate gold as much as possible to enjoy expanding your army with more and more barracks added to your base. Like this tip, there are other tips and insights about the Roblox Control Army game you should know as a beginner. So follow through this guide and learn them. 

Earn Resources by Destroying Objects

Earn Resources by Destroying Objects

After entering this gameplay, the first thing to do is to claim a base for you. After that, you can equip the basic wand to your character to be used in this gameplay. And then you should wander around the area and attack trees, bushes, and even flowers you can see. When you attack them and destroy them, you will earn resources. Destroy more objects, and you will be able to obtain more resources. Therefore, wander around your area and destroy everything that can be destroyed, and then you can earn more resources for your gameplay. 

More Resources More Gold

You can return to your base once you gather resources full of your backpack. When you return to your base, your resources will be automatically converted to gold. When you have more gold, it is such a benefit to you. In the beginner phase, it will be hard for you to produce more gold. But eventually, you will be a player with more gold in the inventory. Gold can also be purchased using Robux. 

More Resources More Gold

When you destroy more objects, you will earn more resources. The more resources you have, the more gold you can earn within one turn. Therefore, return to your base once you have collected enough resources and convert them all to gold. So, collect more gold and spend it on better weapons and armor. 

Almost everything in this game depends on the gold amount you have. So, the first thing you should do is earn more gold, and then you can successfully build your base with more barracks and soldiers while equipping your character with the best weapons and armor.

Build Your Army

Building your army is the major aspect of this Roblox Control Army game, which is why you earn gold here. When building your army here, barracks matter the most. There are nine slots in your base, and you can place a barrack in each slot. The barracks are the constructions that store the soldiers, their weapons, and armor. How do we obtain these barracks? You can purchase the barracks from the army shop in the game or use the active Roblox Control Army codes

With the active Control Army Roblox codes, you can now earn barracks for free because purchasing them from the army shop costs you more gold, making it hard to afford in your beginner phase. So you should try to obtain the best barracks freely with Control Army Roblox codes. There are many types of barracks in this Roblox Control Army game, and let us see what they are. 

Build Your Army
  • Sword Barracks – This is the first barrack you will obtain for free in this game, and you can purchase this again from the army shop for two thousand gold. The weapon type here is the sword, and this barrack gives you sword soldiers to your army. 
  • Paladin Barracks – You need thirty thousand gold to purchase this barrack, and the shield is its weapon. Paladins are the soldiers in this barrack. 
  • Bow Barracks – A bow is the weapon type of this barrack, and it costs you five thousand gold to unlock this one. This one provides you with bow soldiers for your Roblox Control Army that can pierce your enemies with arrows. 
  • Absorber Barracks – Absorber gloves are the weapons in this barrack, and you need five thousand gold to purchase them. With this barrack, you can have absorbers in your army that have the skills to absorb the enemy damage with no issues. 
  • Swordmaster Barracks – This barrack costs sixty thousand gold, and its weapon is the sword. The soldiers in this barrack are swordmaster soldiers with the skills to slash enemies using their swords.
  • Centaur Barracks – bow is the weapon type of this barrack, which costs you one hundred and twenty thousand gold. You can add centaurs to your army through this barrack. 
  • Wizard Barracks – staff is the weapon type of this barrack, which costs you thirty thousand gold. The soldiers in this barrack are called wizards capable of applying debuffs on enemies. 

How to Craft in Control Army Roblox

How to craft items in Control Army Roblox might be your unsolved question, too. So let us answer you through this guide, and then you will be relieved and start crafting in this gameplay. So, how to craft in Control Army Roblox? The process is as simple as reading this guide, but before starting, you must overcome some challenges to reach the point. 

How to craft items in Control Army Roblox

You need to unlock the Mushroom forest to craft in this Roblox Control Army game. You start the game in a forest area but need to unlock the Mushroom forest to start crafting items. You have to unlock Riverlands, mountains, deserts, ouroboros, and Atlantis, and then you will reach Mushroom Forest. Afterward, you can reach the craftsman there and craft the needed items. Remember, the materials needed to craft various items are different. Once you have the materials needed, you can craft items in the Mushroom forest in this Roblox Control Army game. 

All Skills in Control Army Roblox

Skills are really helpful in this game to power up your army. You can use these boosters to battle against opponents in this game. How to get skills in Control Army Roblox? You can get these skills as loot or drops by defeating different enemies. 

All Skills in Control Army Roblox

So, here in this Roblox Control Army beginner guide, we will check on all skills in Control Army Roblox

  • Healing 
  • Shield 
  • Beast Mode 
  • Phoenix Revive 
  • Chocolate Power 
  • Monster Rage 
  • Carrot Power 
  • Cupid Arrow 

These are all skills you can get. According to the skill you want to obtain, the enemy you have to defeat, and their drop rates will differ. 


Here, we have brought you many tips and answers to your frequently asked questions. Now that you have learned everything you should know as a beginner, start creating your army powerfully, enlarging it little by little, and adding top barracks to your base using these Roblox Control Army tips and tricks. Don’t forget to use the Control Army Roblox codes and leverage your gameplay with freebies. Instead of the ancient mechanism in Control Army Roblox, use these tips and codes and enhance your gameplay.

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