Roblox Combat Warriors Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips

Are you up to some real combat in competitive gameplay? Then come to the Roblox platform and head to the battlefield in the Roblox Combat Warriors gameplay. In this fighting game, what matters to your victories is the weapons and utilities you use in the game, which are called your loadout. While choosing the best weapons and utilities, you can use these tips in your gameplay to become the best combat warrior, killing all the other opponents that try to disturb you in becoming the best warrior on the battlefield. 

Roblox Combat Warriors

The game is competitive, and you just need to make yourself better in this game to win. One way to improve yourself here is through practice, and the other way to do it quickly is by learning the best tips and tricks through reading this guide. As you want to be the best combat warrior in this game, even from the start of your Roblox Combat Warriors game, read this guide carefully and use the tips and tricks mentioned. 

Customize Your Loadouts

Customizing your loadout is one of the best tips you should use in this game. You can set a primary weapon and three other utilities in the loadout. These are the items that help you during your battles. Therefore, you need to set them perfectly. 

Customize Your Loadouts

You can choose heavy, light, or ranged weapons for your gameplay when choosing a primary weapon. Since you are a beginner, you should be well-considered about your chosen weapon. At the beginning of the game, you get the Bo Staff for free as the heavy weapon, the baton for free as the light weapon, and you get no ranged weapon for free. At the beginning of the game, you can choose a free weapon, light or heavy, for your gameplay. 

When you perform well and earn so much money, you can purchase other available weapons for your gameplay. But in the beginning, you have to perform with the free stuff you get. The better the Combat Warriors all weapons you have, the easier it is to perform. Therefore make sure to do more extraordinary things by choosing the perfect weapon. 

Utilities are the next items in the loadout, and these utilities come in two categories, offense, and support. You can customize the loadout as you wish. When you customize the utilities, remember that not only the offensive utilities are enough for you; you need support utilities too. In the offensive utility category, we can name Damage Splash, Claymore, Poison Splash, etc. 

And in the supportive utility category, we can name Bandages, Medkits, Health Splash, etc. As these utilities help you in the gameplay more, you should customize your loadout, choosing the best utilities which are helpful for you. And also need to ensure you use them in the relevant instances. 

For example, if you get hit by an enemy player, you should use a medkit equipped in your loadout. These medkits can replenish your health, so when necessary, it is essential to use them during tough and critical times. 

Daily Quests

A beginner like you needs help in this game that motivates you to improve. So here is the helper you can find in the game itself, the daily quests. The daily quests are the tasks you must complete daily in this game. And for the daily quests you complete, you receive important rewards for the Roblox Combat Warriors gameplay. 

You receive a certain number of daily quests to complete per day. So don’t miss them and complete them so you get greater rewards. You can even miss them without completing them, but if you do, you will miss the chance to grab some rewards too. Therefore, complete the daily quests, make yourself better at the game, and have more fun getting a handful of rewards. 

Parrying is a Core Mechanic

Since you are fighting against real-world players in this Roblox Combat Warriors game, you must learn how to parry, as it is a useful core mechanic. With the help of this useful mechanic called parrying, you can get out of the situations that you think it is hard to conquer. 

Even though you are on the edge of being defeated, you can still win the battle using this mechanic. So what does this parry mean? It is a technique that you can use to block or avoid an enemy’s attack and stun back the enemy at the same time. 

Parrying is a Core Mechanic

What is most important in parrying is the time. If you don’t understand the most suitable time to parry, you will miss the chance and receive mass damage from the enemy. Therefore be very concerned about the time when you try to parry. If you know how to parry at the perfect time, you can still turn over your enemy’s parrying technique by messing up your enemy’s perfect timing. 

Bait out the opponent before parrying so you can mess him up with your actions. Sometimes you may feel like it is so difficult to parry; in that case, you can activate the auto parry Combat Warriors using scripts relevant to them. 

Join Beginner Servers

Since you are still a beginner, you must avoid highly competitive matches until you get used to the game even slightly. Therefore, when joining matches, choosing the beginner servers at your initial game phase is better. After you practice and get used to the game, you can choose the highly competitive servers and let yourself taste the real competition. 

Join Beginner Servers

You can choose many beginner servers, so choose them in your initial game phase to be good at the Roblox Combat Warriors gameplay with less competition. Before stepping into larger servers with lots of competition, starting low and going higher gradually is good. 


These are the tricks and tips you should use when you play this game, and with the help of these tips, you can be a better combat warrior. While using these tips, learn some Combat Warriors codes 2023. If you know Combat Warriors all codes, you can get a bounty of free rewards, but they are useful for your gameplay. Learn some codes and have free stuff while playing this game using the tips mentioned here. 

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