Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure – What You Need to Know as a Beginner

Hey you, did you know that you can build boats and sail for adventure in the Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure game? If not, this is your best chance to learn about this game as a beginner. Although you are a beginner, you may need some help understanding the game when you first enter it because it will prevent you from getting confused about the game. So here comes our ultimate guide for this game, including everything you need to know as a starter player. 

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure

The goal in this Build a Boat for Treasure game is to build a boat and reach the other side of the river by crossing it through many more obstacles that you may get yourself into. At the end of the next side of the river, there is a lot of treasure for you. If only you can build a stronger boat that is tough enough to face anything, is the key point in winning this game. So, in this guide, you will learn the most important basic factors you should know as a Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure beginner. 

Quests to Complete

Going through the Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure menu, you can see a quest tab represented by a scroll icon, and tapping on it will show you quests available in this game. There are various types of quests in this game, and each quest has different rewards that you can obtain. Most of these quests give you gold and other items essential for your gameplay. 

Quests to Complete

Some of these quests have rules to follow, while some don’t. Even though there are many quests you can complete in this game, make sure to start from the lowest without starting from the highest. Since you need more gold to purchase items, completing quests will be one of the best methods to earn the gold you need. 

PvP Challenges

PvP challenges are good for players who love to take part in challenges. In these PvP modes, you will join a team, compete against other teams in a special challenge, and earn exclusive trophy blocks as rewards for your hard work. 

One of the PvP challenges you can participate in here is the Best Boater Challenge. In this challenge, all the competing teams must build a boat within a time frame, and this challenge begins with the building phase. Once the given time frame ends, the goal of all teams is to travel to the end. 

The first team to reach the end of the team that makes it the farthest wins. Remember, each player has only one life. If you host this challenge on behalf of all other teams in this gameplay, you can set the build time, sail time, block limit, whether you allow car parts or plane parts, etc. And remember, you need at least two teams to participate in this challenge. 

Shop to Purchase Items You Need

There is an in-game shop where you can purchase various items you need. You can purchase any item you need to build a boat using gold in the shop. As we said, you can get the gold you need by completing quests. 

Another way to earn gold is by buying them using Robux, the Roblox platform’s universal currency. You can purchase things through the in-game shop if you have enough gold through any of these methods. 

Shop to Purchase Items You Need

Treasure Chests

Treasure chests are one of the things you can purchase through the shop, and these treasure chests come with various rarities such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. You need more gold when you purchase legendary treasure chests which are the highest rarity. 

Even though all these chests include some items you need, the best ones can be found in the legendary treasure chests. Therefore save gold and get legendary boxes that give you more valuable items for your gameplay. 


There are various tools in the shop that you can purchase, and each tool provides you with a specific ability. Painting, binding, property, scaling, and trowels are the tools you can purchase in this shop.

  • The painting tool gives you the ability to paint blocks, and its cost is 1500 gold. 
  • The binding tool allows you to set key binding to special blocks, costing 2000 gold. 
  • A property tool is suitable for editing special properties of blocks, and you need 2500 gold to purchase this tool. 
  • The scaling tool lets you stretch the sizes of the blocks, and you need 5000 gold to buy it. 
  • The trowel tool costs you 7500 gold, allowing you to move, rotate, and clone blocks. 


Besides the tools and treasure chests, there are blocks you can purchase through this shop, and there are different kinds of blocks with different textures you can buy using gold. According to what should be the texture of the boat you build, you can purchase blocks using gold. 

Other than all these things, there are specific other items you can purchase from this in-game shop, such as chairs, dome cameras, cannons, boat motors, etc., to make your boat awesome. 

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure River Challenge

Once you build your boat in this game, you can now launch your boat and start the river challenge. You will face various challenges when you cross the river from one end to another to get the treasure there. You will encounter eleven river challenges when you start crossing the river, and each challenge gets harder level by level. What determines your winning here is the way you control your boat. 

Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure River Challenge

You will cross the river safely if you control it with the given controls perfectly. If you get hit on an obstacle you can see in the river when you cross it, the parts of your boat will be ruined, leading you to lose the challenge. So be patient and handle the boat perfectly while sailing through many obstacle courses when you surpass various stages in the river challenge. 

And also, make sure to build your boat using the strongest blocks to increase the boat’s durability during the challenges. You can try to Build a Boat for Treasure auto build scripts for Build a Boat for Treasure auto build and Build a Boat for Treasure auto farm.


This is what you need to know when you play this game. As you can see what you can do here, do your best using these tips. And also, while using these tips in your gameplay, you should learn the active Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes which give you free stuff that makes your game awesome. So use these tips, get updated with the active Roblox Build a Boat for Treasure codes, and have more fun.

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