Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Tips & Tricks – A Complete Walkthrough Guide

Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator is one of the top games where you will create your bee hive, hatch eggs, obtain various kinds of bees, and then create honey with the pollen you gathered with your bees. There are a lot of fun things to do in this game, which is quite gratifying. Even if it is about managing your bee hive, you have to face many thrilling and adventurous battles as you encounter giant bugs and monsters in different flower fields. As you are new here, you can read this guide and learn the best tips and tricks for the Bee Swarm Simulator game. 

Bee Swarm Simulator

We know you have questions on how to get drives in Bee Swarm Simulator or how to get cogs in Bee Swarm Simulator? Then this is the best guide, which includes the best tips and tricks for this gameplay. Get ready to hatch the best bees and expand your bee hive to make it bigger, explore more maps, and unlock exclusive features. 

Claim Hives and Hatch Bees

The first thing you should know when you start playing the game is how to claim your hive. To hatch bees, you should have a hive for that. So approach an unclaimed honeycomb and select “Claim Hive” first. After that, bees can hatch there. As bees are the significant features in this game, it is essential to learn how to hatch bees as a beginner. For that, you should open the egg menu and then tap and drag an egg onto one of the cells in the honeycomb. 

Claim Hives and Hatch Bees

And then, you will be able to hatch bees within the hive you claimed in this game. There are many types of bee eggs in this game which you can use to hatch bees: gold, basic, diamond, silver, royal jelly, mythic, specific and star eggs. According to the type of egg, you can hatch bees of various rarities. And also, each bee egg has various strengths and abilities. Some increase the amount of pollen you get from flowers that have a particular hue, while some gathers pollen from numerous blooms at once. 

Bee Swarm Simulator All Bees

As we said above, bees are very special in this game as they are the main role. Bees come with various rarities, and there are over forty-six bees belonging to different rarities in this game. The types of rarities of Bee Swarm Simulator all bees are as follows. 

Bee Swarm Simulator All Bees
  • Common
  • Rare 
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythic

Of all the above rarities, the best and the most effective and powerful bees belong to the mythic rarity, while the least powerful bees belong to the common rarity. As all the bees have their speciality, the higher the rarity of the bees, the better their specialities are. So make sure to fill up your bee hive with the bees belonging to the higher rarities, which is one of the best tips you should follow. 

Collect Pollen and Make Honey

Collecting pollen and making honey are some of the major tasks that your bees do for you. Once you hatch bees, you should find a flower path and walk there. And then, your bees will start to collect the pollen from the nearby flowers automatically. When the bees collect pollen continually, they get tired. So they return to your hive to have some rest. And after they rest enough, they will find you again. 

Collect Pollen and Make Honey

As you have collected enough pollen, your backpack will be full of pollen; then, you should return to your hive and tap Make Honey to start making honey. Then your bees will begin making honey using the pollen collected already. 

When you have honey made in your hive, you can go to the shop and then use the honey you made to buy various items you need in your gameplay, such as bee eggs to hatch bees, a more spacious backpack with many storage slots etc. 

Be Careful of the Bugs

Above, we stated that you should go to the flower fields to collect pollen to make honey in this game. But in some flower fields, you will see giant bugs and monsters. If you encounter that kind of bug and get killed, you will lose all the pollen you collected already. For you, this is a tremendous loss. Therefore be careful of the bugs when you explore flower fields to collect pollen. 

Be Careful of the Bugs

Here, when you encounter a bug or a monster, you cannot fight back or attack enemies all by yourself. But do not be afraid, as your bees will defend you. By gathering the tokens your bees create, you can activate their specific powers. With all the skills and combo abilities, fight back the monsters. And also, with the help of the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator amulets, you can add buffs to your bees to add extra effects. 

How to Get Cogs in Bee Swarm Simulator

What are cogs and what are their uses? They are used to purchase upgrades and even reroll bees in this game. And if you are curious about how to get drives in Bee Swarm Simulator, you can use cogs to purchase them too. But how to obtain cogs in this game? Let us show you the ways to obtain them quickly. 

By completing the Robo Bear challenge quests, you can get cogs here. When you start this challenge, you will receive ten cogs for that. And remember, the harder the quest, the more cogs you receive. Additionally, if you finish the quests during the first two minutes of the Robo Bear challenge, you will receive additional cogs. 

Bears Have Many Quests for You

Wherever you go through the gameplay map, sometimes you will see bears in some places. These are the NPCs in this game who have quests for you. But how can you tell whether a bear has quests for you to complete? You can tell a bear has a special quest for you when you see a proclamation mark appearing before the bear. 

Bears Have Many Quests for You

If you see it, you can approach the bear, have a little conversation with them and see the quest you have to complete. If you think you can complete the quest, you can accept it. However, we must point you that in this game, fulfilling quests is a terrific method to gain honey, eggs, and other items. 


The above are the details you should learn for this amazing Roblox game as a beginner. With the help of these details, you can now try your best to build the best bee hive in this game, obtaining the bees from the top rarities. Do you think finding the best rarity eggs to hatch the best rarity bees is very difficult for you? But do not worry because with the help of the Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator codes, you can easily acquire the top things all the time, such as eggs, but for free. 

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