Roblox AU Reborn Beginner’s Guide & Tips – All You Need to Know

Roblox AU Reborn

If you are into anime as well as you are into games, then let us suggest you play the Roblox AU Reborn game, which is gameplay that allows players to use the most popular characters in the famous anime series worldwide. If you truly are a weeb, you will enjoy playing this game as it has top-tier anime characters. The game has many amazing features, and in this guide, we will help beginner players understand the top tricks and tips useful in this game while describing its amazing features. 

When it comes to winning the gameplay challenges and claiming victories all the time, Roblox AU Reborn codes will help you. With these all Roblox AU Reborn codes, you can freely get the most exclusive resources. Besides these codes, tips and tricks and some details about this game even help you level up faster. The game is really challenging and you need more help in dealing with these challenges. So, let us go ahead and read the following details and use them to help you claim victory in all your challenges. 

Kill Players and Win Matches to Level Up

When you level up in the game, you can get various titles according to your level. Having a higher title for your character shows that you are an experienced player in the gameplay. Therefore, make sure to level up faster and obtain higher titles in this game. The titles in this game are rookie, novice, experienced, adept, master, legend, god, etc. But how do you earn these titles while leveling up in the game? 

You need to gather enough EXP to level up faster here. To gather more EXP, you can kill players when you take part in PvP matches or earn more EXP by winning the matches you take part in. Therefore, as mentioned in this guide, make sure to level up in the game and earn higher titles by killing players and winning matches you participate in. 

Equip Skins to Appear Uniquely

During this Roblox AU Reborn gameplay, you get to equip various skins for your character. These skins add a unique appearance to your character but nothing else. There are many skins of Roblox AU Reborn all characters which you can equip for your character. Do you know the specialty of all these character skins? They are all very powerful and famous characters from various popular anime series worldwide. 

Here, you can obtain character skins in different ways. One way is through the battle pass. Once you purchase the battle pass and level up by acquiring various tiers, you get the chance to obtain skins of various characters in this gameplay. And you can buy skins for some characters using tokens, a primary currency type in this game. 

Different skins cost different token amounts. When you have tokens, you can purchase those skins. Roblox AU Reborn how to get tokens? If you do not have tokens, you can buy them using Robux, the standard currency in the Roblox platform. 

Another way to obtain skins is by gacha. When you have enough bucks, which is another in-game currency, you can draw skins in the gacha section. Through gacha, you can obtain skins of various rarities such as common. Using any of the methods above, you can obtain skins for all the characters available in the gameplay. And then you can give a cool appearance when you enter the PvP matches. 

Training Mode is Better for All Beginners

Training mode is one of the best modes you can participate in as a beginner. In this game mode, you will be able to test the skills of your character that you have, and also you can have good training before you enter a real match with real-world players. In the training mode, you will enter a training ground filled with training dummies. You can practice the skills of the characters you want to play in this game with the help of the test dummies on the training grounds. 

The training ground gives you endless possibilities that are helpful for you during your gameplay, such as testing the skills of the characters, getting used to the characters, identifying the best ways to use the characters, and how to use the skills of the characters perfectly. You can do more with the test dummies on the training grounds. So take maximum benefits of these test grounds to test the skills of Roblox AU Reborn all characters available for you. 

Win Ranked Matches to Get Higher Ranks

Winning ranked matches is the best way to earn higher ranks in this gameplay. There are ranked matches that you can take part in, such as 1v1 and 2v2. In 1v1, you will play against another real player, and you need to reduce the life of the opponent to zero to win this match. 

And in the 2v2, you can enter the gameplay with one other player as a duo and battle against another duo. When you win these ranked matches, you earn Elo, which helps you to achieve higher ranks. The ranks you can get here are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, etc. To achieve these ranks for your character in this gameplay, you should participate in ranked matches, win them, and earn more Elo. 


As you have learned the best tips and tricks along your way to the end of this guide, you can start playing this game perfectly using everything you have learned here. The game is challenging because it is mostly about taking part in PvP battles in various modes. So be tactful and earn victories while using the Roblox AU Reborn new codes to claim freebies. And remember, you can dress up your character with the most beautiful skins of all the iconic anime characters you may have encountered in different anime series.

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