Roblox Anime Story – All You Need to Know with Tips to Play

Roblox Anime Story

You are an anime lover; we guessed it right, it? Since you admit it, we would love to recommend you play this Roblox Anime Story, a game where you can see a collection of a lot of powers available in different anime series in this ultimate universe. The game is about gradually building your character to be the best fighter in this universe. Even if it is a hard task for beginners, as you have this guide with you now, things will be much better for you. So read and find the best tips for fighting your way to being the best fighter in this Roblox Anime Story

Roblox Anime Story

Summoning abilities or powers and crafting gears are essential things you should know when you start playing this game. Once you know everything necessary for beginners, you will quickly get used to the game without wasting much time. Therefore get ready to dive into this ultimate guide about the Anime Story Roblox gameplay and start playing the game as a pro fighter. 

Summon Powers in Roblox Anime Story

Summoning abilities or powers is one of the best tips you should do in your gameplay. These powers grant your character some special skills that are functional during your Anime Story gameplay. With the help of these special powers, you can make your gaming experience much better and victorious. The powers come with different rarities, and they have special effects provided for your character. You should go to the summoning altar in the Adventurer’s Settlement to summon powers for your character. 

Summon Powers in Roblox Anime Story

You can summon ten abilities or one ability per draw, and all you need is gems to draw abilities. When you have enough gems, you should go to the summoning altar and summon some powers for your character. And also, once you summon these powers, you should equip them in the empty slots to be used when it is a crucial instance. You also can upgrade these powers using enough fragments of the same power to make the powers more powerful. 

Talk to NPCs

NPCs or the Non Playable Characters are everywhere in this game, and they are the ones that you need to reach in doing anything. For example, if you want to accept a quest, you should do it through the available NPCs. On the map, you can see NPCs with different titles, such as main quests, side quests, Ranked PvPs, etc. 

Talk to NPCs

So you need to reach out to them and do things here. Talking to NPCs is essential in this game; if not, you won’t get any progress in this Roblox Anime Story gameplay. Make sure to reach out to the NPCs standing in different places on the map you choose to spawn and get yourself some things to do here. 

Go to Blacksmith

Finding the blacksmith in the Adventurer’s Settlement map in Roblox Anime Story is something you can do easily if you explore each area. Through the blacksmith, you can craft weapons for you. When you craft weapons through the blacksmith, you have to spend some coins, and also you have to have the required materials to craft them. With enough materials and coins, you can start crafting weapons you need in your gameplay using the blacksmith. 

Go to Blacksmith

When crafting weapons, choose the weapons with a higher rarity that deal mass damage as they come with higher power statistics. But when the rarity increases, the coins and the materials required will also increase. The rarities of the weapons you can have here are common, rare, cursed, and blessed. 

The highest-rarity weapons belong to the blessed category, and the common weapons are in the lowest-rarity category. Make sure to go to the blacksmith and try to craft higher rarity weapons that deal a decent amount of damage to the enemies. 

Farm XP to Level Up in Roblox Anime Story

XP or experience points are some of the essential things you need to level up your character in this game. If there is not enough XP, your character will remain at the same level, and you won’t be able to unlock more other spawn locations to enter other than the Adventurer’s Settlement. Therefore you need to farm XP to level up fast in this game. There are many ways to level up your character in this game. 

One way is through the training grounds. When you go to the training grounds, you can see training dummies. You can hit on those dummies and get XP. But every time you hit a dummy, you get a few XP. Though this is a method to follow to get XP, it is not an efficient or fast method to level up faster. Therefore you can start completing main and side quests to level up faster in the game, as the quests give you more XP at once. 

More Ways to Collect Gems

We have discovered that the games are very important in this Anime Story game. As we said above, you need gems to summon abilities. So having enough gems for our gameplay will be very helpful for you. Therefore let us tell you how to collect gems. There are many ways to collect gems. 

The first way is to explore the areas and pick up gems. You can locate gems lying on the ground when you explore various locations on the map that you choose to spawn. Once you go near a gem, you can pick them up. But this is not a successful method to collect the gems as you only can get a few gems if you follow this method. 

While following this method, you can check your rewards menu to earn more gems. In the rewards option, you can see a set of achievements you must complete. Once you complete these achievements, you can get gems as rewards. The higher the achievement you complete, the higher the number of gems you get as the reward. So check on the rewards and complete achievements, and claim more gems for your game. 

And the next method to get more gems for your gameplay is by completing the side quests. Besides the main quests, there are side quests to complete. When you complete the side quests by accepting them, you can earn a good amount of gems for yourself. As you already know, there are NPCs with the title of side quests, so go and meet them and accept the side quests, complete them, and earn gems. Every side quest has a specific entry-level; if you have reached it, you will be eligible to complete those quests. 


How far do you think you can progress in this game? Will you be able to unlock higher-level maps, or will you stay at the same level from the beginning? Even if you are a beginner, you have learned the best tips and tricks useful for you through this Roblox Anime Story beginner guide. Therefore becoming the best fighter in this ultimate universe is still not only a dream for you. But it is soon a reality with these tips.

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