Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List – New Updates in January 2024

Roblox is a platform filled with many games, and out of thousands of games available, Anime Adventure takes a special place with its popularity among players. This is like a tower defense game with many different games. Here you need to summon your favorite anime heroes on stage and let them lead the battles and fight waves of enemies in the tower defense theme. A beginner like you needs some help to choose the best heroes, so let this tier list guide help you to be the player with the best anime squad to battle against enemies. 

Anime Adventure

Here you can find the best heroes and least powerful heroes for your gameplay through this Roblox Anime Adventures tier list. With this list of heroes, you will know who you want to pick and who you want to avoid as a Roblox Anime Adventures beginner. So keeping that in your mind, let us jump onto this guide and check on the tier list, including the best to worst heroes. 

Roblox Anime Adventures Tier List

Here in this Roblox Anime Adventures tier list, you can see the heroes are categorized into S, A, and B. The S tier includes the best heroes, the A tier includes the heroes who are powerful but less powerful than the S tier, and the B tier includes the least potent heroes. So let us see the tier list, including the heroes for each tier. Once you understand the heroes and the tiers they belong to through this Roblox Anime Adventures tier list, you will know which heroes you should choose for your game. 

Anime Adventures tier listName of the UnitDescription
Tier SHomuruA limited secret unit and a meta support unit with the best supporting skills. 
AizoA mythical unit with a good range and ultimate damage-dealing skills.
RaylayA mythical unit with good range and a good Area of Effect circle. 
MamyA mythical unit with a great range with godly damage dealing skills. 
FlamingoA secret unit with a great range and a huge Area of Effect circle to deal mass damage to more enemies at once. 
DezuA mythical unit that can be selected as the ultimate DPS in the team. 
MelioA mythical unit with the best skills of causing damage to the enemies, and this unit has a decent range but is not too good for Area of Effect attacks.  
TodorroA mythical unit with good supporting skills with a decent range. Has the skills to slow down the opponents. 
OshyA mythical unit that acts as a supporter in the battle squad. This unit has passive abilities where they don’t need your supervision when activating. 
Tier ALord BoronA secret character acts as a top damage dealer in the whole squad. Also, this character has an excellent range with a big circle of Area of Effect attacks. 
BakugoA mythical unit that is an ultimate attacker that deals mass damage per second for all the enemies. A hybrid unit that deals a considerable amount of explosive damage. 
HawkA mythical unit with the best skills to act as the greatest attacker with a great range to launch Area of Effect attacks. 
ChainsawA mythical unit that the players can use as the DPS in the battle squad. Has a wide Area of Effect shaped cone. 
AkinA mythical unit that is also a great damage dealer or an attacker. The Area of Effect depends on the ability to use this unit.
ShisuA secret character that acts as the ultimate attacker in the team with a cone-shaped Area of Effect attack. 
VegitaA mythical character with low SPA and good range but acts as the ultimate damage dealer in the team. 
Tier BTatsumo A mythical character that becomes helpful in hitting flying units after performing a certain level of upgrades. 
IchiA mythical character which becomes an awesome attacker. But needs some more upgrades to make this unit much better. 
RiaA mythical unit acts as a moderate DPS with a moderate range.
Yuto A mythical character with an Area of Effect as a massive and wide line. 
YamoA mythical unit with a very long Area of Effect attack range. Better to be used at long straight lanes to unleash the full potential of this character. 
ThorA mythical character with the best DPS skills, but with an average Area of Effect skills. 
CrushA mythical character with less attributes in damage, range and attacks. But this is the best unit to break shields. 
GrayA mythical unit with freezing skills and the ability to hit on flying units. 
Emperor WhitehairA mythical unit with considerable skills of DPS and knockback. 

Out of the best of the best units in the tier S, let us see some little explanations about the best of the best units you can use in this gameplay. Here are the best units beneficial for you in this game. Remember the higher the tier, the more powerful the heroes become. Let us see the best heroes in this gameplay that you can use. 

  • Raylay – this is a meta support character in this game with the skill of Unconscious that can put the enemies for a short sleep of four seconds. With this passive skill and his insane damage dealt, Raylay becomes a solid and a perfect unit for your gameplay. 
  • Homuru – this ultimate attacker has the skill to stop the time when necessary as it has no such a long cooldown time. 
  • Aizo – this is one of the most powerful characters available in this Roblox game right now according to this Roblox Anime Adventures tier list. This unit is extremely hard to obtain, but once you obtain it somehow, your gameplay becomes much better with this unit. 


Here is the Anime Adventures tier list of the best and the worst heroes you can have in your gameplay. Out of all these units in this tier list, try to get the highest tier heroes as they are the most powerful ones. But besides that learning some of the active codes in this game are very important for the beginner players like you. With these Anime Adventures codes, you can earn some valuable stuff for your game for free.

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