Roblox A Hero’s Destiny Guide to the Battles – Top Tips and Tricks

Roblox A Hero’s Destiny is a game where you will take on quests, battle against bosses and level up to be the strongest. During your journey to be the strongest, you may encounter many hardships and battles that put you in a tough position. So in this guide, we will provide you with the best tips and tricks to win all the battles you take part in and have smooth gameplay. 

Roblox A Hero's Destiny

Here, you can see many NPCs that give you quests, and you should complete them to level up fastest in this game. And also you can encounter many bosses who are difficult to deal with. But with the tips and tricks in this Roblox A Hero’s Destiny ultimate guide, you will be victorious in this game as you know what you need to do from the beginning of this amazing Roblox game. 

Spin for Classes

As you will start the gameplay anew, we know you lack knowledge about the game. So here we will now explain to you the classes of this game and their importance. You will see many NPCs with various quests when you enter the gameplay. And among them is a special NPC called Class Changer, which you can reach and spin for classes. 

Spin for Classes

The classes are a set of abilities according to this game. You can spin for classes, and then, according to the class you get, you receive a set of abilities. Every class has four abilities, one awakening, and sometimes there will be a passive skill. This game has many classes, and each class has a specific rarity. The drop rates for each class in the spin menu will differ according to the rarity. The lesser the rarity, the drop rates will be higher. 

But the higher the rarity, the drop rates are lower. It means you must put much effort into obtaining a higher rarity class for your character in this game, as the higher rarity classes supply the best skills. Roblox A Hero’s Destiny all classes and their rarities in this game are as follows. 

  • Unique – Bing Bong, Limitless, Cosmic, Gravity. 
  • Unreal – Hero Hunter, Ultra Human, Blast.
  • Mythical – Thor, God.
  • Legendary – Demon, Toxin, Arcane Knight.
  • Rare Rarity Classes – Phoenix, Metal Beast, Dark Esper, Angel. 
  • Uncommon Rarity Classes – Watchdog, Ninja. 
  • Common Rarity Classes – Esper, Cyborg, Alien, Superhuman.

Roblox A Hero’s Destiny All Relics

If you are curious about relics, let us explain them through this guide. The relics are drops from bosses, meaning you need to defeat bosses to obtain relics. These relics have the power to grant special abilities to your character, but getting them is very hard because you should deal with the bosses to obtain them. Now let us see all the relics available in this game, how to obtain them and which buffs will be provided for your character by them. 

Roblox A Hero's Destiny All Relics
  • Discount Coupon – this relic provides you additional damage. And you need to defeat the Phoenix to obtain this relic, but the drop rate is 5%. 
  • Sea Crown – with this relic equipped for your character, your character will receive additional stamina. You can obtain this relic by defeating the sea monster, and there is a 10% chance to drop this after the battle. 
  • Monster Belt – this provides a dodge chance for your character, but you need to defeat Spike first. And the drop rate is 5%. 
  • Dark Rose – this gives you the life steal buff for your character, and you will have a 3% chance to obtain this relic after defeating Bahiri. 
  • Armored Pauldron – a damage reduction will be applied to your character with this relic, and defeating the armored beetle is the only way to get this relic. This relic has a 50% chance of dropping after the battle. 
  • Shinigami Wings – 50% crit chance will be granted for your character with this relic, but you need to defeat Shinigami to obtain this relic though its drop rate is 3%. 
  • Crab Claw – this provides you additional damage, and you need to defeat Dr Crab to obtain this. The drop rate is only 10%. 
  • Ninja Scarf – this relic provides your character with a dodge chance. But you should defeat Nimble Ninja for that. The drop rate for this relic is 100%. 
  • Stinger – life-steal abilities will be granted to your character through this relic. Once you defeat the bug queen, you can obtain this relic with a 5% drop rate. 
  • Wig – this relic reduces the damage your character receives. But defeat the god of pollution first, and then you can obtain this relic with a 10% drop chance. 
  • Alien Eye – your character will be provided extra crit chance with this relic. Defeat Pogos and obtain this relic with a 5% drop rate for each kill. 
  • Halo – this secret relic provides an extra dodge chance for your character. You can get this by going to a cloud above the volcano using any class with flying or dashing abilities. 
  • Very Cool Hat – this relic gives you extra damage. Defeat Fendstrum; you can obtain this relic with a 2% drop rate. 

Besides these relics, special ones such as the Booster Crown, Panda etc., can be obtained by acquiring specific requirements or participating in events. 

Roblox A Hero’s Destiny Rebirth

In the Roblox A Hero’s Destiny game, rebirth is a special element everyone should know. What is rebirth according to this game? With the Roblox A Hero’s Destiny rebirth, the players can obtain extra luck on spins and relics of their gameplay. And also, this rebirth element helps you to reset all your old game progress while multiplying the old stats by a factor of two. 

Roblox A Hero's Destiny Rebirth

Rebirth cannot be unblocked and obtained very quickly. You need to reach the 20,000th player level in this game for that. The journey to reach player level 20,000 will be hard and filled with many boss fights. But once you reach it, you will unlock the rebirth that lets you reset your old gameplay progress and start a new gameplay while multiplying your character’s stats. 

Train Hard for a Perfect Roblox A Hero’s Destiny Ascension

As a beginner to this game, you start with the lowest level. But it is essential to level up faster in this game for greater achievements and be the best. So the easiest way to level up faster in this game is training. When you enter the game, you will see a Train option; tap on it, and your character will start to train by showing you various exercises. 

Train Hard for a Perfect Roblox A Hero's Destiny Ascension

Once your character is done training, tap on the Train option another time. Every time your character trains, it gathers EXP needed to reach the next level. Therefore continually tap the Train option and level up faster in this game, accumulating more EXP through training to reach the next level. 

When you train and level up, your character’s stats, such as Roblox A Hero’s Destiny agility and strength, will be increased. Therefore, level up through training and increase your character’s Roblox A Hero’s Destiny agility stat. 

Reach NPCs and Accept Quests

Besides training, completing quests is another way to Roblox A Hero’s Destiny ascension much faster here. How to do so? First, you need to reach the NPCs because they are the ones that assign quests for you to complete. The NPCs with quests can be easily identified as they have a big white color question mark above them. Therefore, find NPCs, accept quests, and complete them as quests give you dozens of EXP to reach a higher level at once. 

Reach NPCs and Accept Quests

This is a very efficient way to level up faster compared to the training. When you accept quests, start by accepting the quest number one. Once you complete quest number one, you can go to the next one. Since you are a beginner, complete quests in the order and then you will be able to level up faster in this game without being troubled by the skills of other players. 

And also, remember, here, you can complete the same quests repeatedly to farm EXP more and level up very quickly. When your character levels up, its attribute will strengthen, which benefits you in combat. Therefore grind on quests repeatedly to farm EXP necessary to level up. 


This Roblox A Hero’s Destiny guide contains the best tips and tricks to progress faster during your gameplay. And also, these tips are very useful in winning all the battles you take part in. Now that you have read this guide completely and reached its end, you can start this gameplay and make significant progress. Remember to look for the active Roblox A Hero’s Destiny codes because they give you extra spins to have the best classes during the gameplay. 

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