Reverse 1999 – Ultimate Guide and Tips for Beginners

Are you ready to let yourself be immersed in the top-notch role-playing card-battling game called Reverse 1999? This comes with a mysterious storyline, great card battles proceeding with the turns for each party to attack each other, and many more fascinating features you can dig up when you start playing the game. Since this is a strange but unique game that gives you thrilling vibes, let this Reverse 1999 global beginner guide help you by introducing the best tips and tricks that can be used in this game. 

Reverse 1999

This guide is specially made for beginners, so you can trust this guide and start reading, and then you will encounter many amazing tips and tricks you should use to succeed in this game. There are different Reverse 1999 characters that you can use in the game, and also, there is a story mode to complete; besides all of them, there are other amazing things that you can do here. So let us start reading this guide, which will teach you how to be good at this game, even if you are just a beginner. 

Merge Spells Together

You are going to use spells throughout the fights to battle against enemies. Having more powerful spells is an advantage for you to defeat enemies quickly. So, let us tell you a trick to power up your skills: merging two of the same type of spells together. 

Merge Spells Together

When you merge two spells of the same type, the spell cards will be enhanced, turning them into a more powerful version. So, remember to merge the same type’s spells for greater gameplay benefits. This is one of the best tips you can use in your gameplay. 

Activate the Ultimate Skills with Max Passion Points

Besides the spells and normal attacks, ultimate skills are the best ones you can activate in your gameplay. All the Reverse 1999 characters have ultimate skills that can be used in battles, which are the strongest skills you may see in the battles. How to activate these ultimate skills? You need passion points of the Reverse 1999 all characters to activate the ultimate skills. 

Activate the Ultimate Skills with Max Passion Points

Passion points will be gathered gradually throughout the battles, and you can see the number of passion points gathered from the passion gauge above the character. When using spells, moving spells, and raising the level of the party will all accumulate passion for the character. 

When the character is full of passion, the next time the spell is guaranteed, you can obtain the ultimate skill of the character. Ultimate skills deal mass damage to the enemies, so it is a good method you can follow to be the best in the gameplay. 

Complete the Story Mode

After completing the tutorial mode that teaches you about the Reverse 1999 global game, you can start completing the story mode chapters. The story mode chapters are the main mode in this game, and you should complete them as soon as possible to unlock other fascinating game features. 

Every chapter consists of different stages, and once you complete all the stages, you can move on to the next chapter. Since this mode is the door to unlocking all the other exclusive features in this Reverse 1999 global game, this is a must for you to complete. Every stage chapter you enter in this game has a recommended entry level. 

If your player level is less than the recommended entry level, we advise you to level up and try to enter the stage; otherwise, things will be out of control for you. And also, you can see the rewards you can earn through these chapters. There are some goals you need to acquire through every stage, make sure to accomplish all the goals when completing stages. 

And also, you can check on the levels of the enemies that you have to battle against in each stage. Once you understand all the details about the stage, you can participate. Taking part in a chapter stage with a good understanding is very important, so first, understand what you should do and what you are recommending, and the enemies you fight. Then you can try to accomplish all the goals while completing the stage to get all the rewards available for that stage. 

Types of Spells

From above, you have learned how valuable the spells are for your battles to take advantage of. So in this section of this guide, we will let you know the types of spells you can use in the battles. 

The first type of spell is the attack, and these spells can inflict direct trauma on the enemies. These are the best kind of spells that you need to use to damage enemies directly. The next spell type is debuffing spells. These spells are good at weakening the enemies and their spells. And not only that, these debuffing spells cause extra damage. 

Types of Spells

The counter is another spell type you can have in this gameplay, and these spells are good for triggering powerful effects. Health is another kind of spell you can use in these battles, and these spells can be used for your allies to heal them in the battles when their health is reduced. 

Buffs are a type of spell that increases various attributes of your Reverse 1999 all characters assigned in the battles to make them much stronger against enemies. Finally, supreme spells, the most powerful ones, can deal with significant damaging effects on the enemies. 


You have done a good job by reading this guide. Because of this, you now have a good knowledge of the game and how things work in this game. And also, you now have a perfect idea about the tips and tricks that must be used in the gameplay. So are you ready to reveal the mysteries while engaging in turn-based card battles in this role-playing game? Yeah, you are more than prepared to do your best, thanks to the help of this guide.

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