Return to Monkey Island Story Walkthrough Guide for Beginners

Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is a game with many characters, small but challenging puzzles, more cutscenes, dialogues with different characters, etc. Throughout the Return to Monkey Island gameplay chapters, you must work on uncovering the secret hidden in the monkey island. The game consists of five chapters, and in this guide, we will explain to you everything related to these five chapters so that you can understand the gameplay well. 

Return to Monkey Island

You are a new player in this game, thus you have no idea what to do. No need to worry, as this Return to Monkey Island review of the walkthrough guide is with you. With this guide, you will go through all five chapters in this gameplay while learning the basic tasks you should perform to complete a chapter. And finally, at the end of the fifth chapter, you can enter and unveil the hidden secret in the monkey island. So are you ready to see the story walkthrough of this Return to Monkey Island gameplay? Then keep reading!

Story Chapter One: A Friendly Place

This is the first story chapter you have to complete when you play this game, and this story happens in the melee island. The story begins with a small conversation between Guybrush and Lookout. At the end of the story, you just need to head to the docks to speak with the leaders of the pirates on the melee island. 

You can just take the steps down to the dock and proceed right to the Scumm bar to meet the pirate elders. Right after you enter the bar, you can see a big red book on a table called the trivia book you need to pick up to collect Return to Monkey Island trivia cards

Story Chapter One: A Friendly Place

After picking up that book essential for Return to Monkey Island trivia cards, you just need to go to the back of the bar to speak up with the leaders. When you speak up with these pirate leaders using the dialogue options mentioned in the gameplay, you will eventually know that these pirate leaders are not interested in helping you in your expedition. And then, after some meaningless conversation, you will leave the bar. Once Guybrush leaves the bar, a To-Do List will be updated, mentioning what you should do. 

According to the list, you have to find a ship now. When you leave the bar, you will see a ship in the distance and feel the need to rush there. Once you go to see it, you will see that the LeShip is the ship of his enemy. Luckily, there is a job opening for you: the Swabbie job, where you need your own mop to enter. 

But on the contrary, LeChuck has created a blacklist adding Guybrush’s name to it so that you won’t be able to get that job. To get that job, you have first to solve the problem of the quartermaster recognizing Guybrush and won’t hire him, and then after that, you have to get a mob for you. 

You can leave the docks and head over to the Scumm bar. Among all the people who walk past you, you will recognize the Voodoo Lady. Follow the Voodoo Lady, enter the Real Voodoo shop, and talk to the lady. And here, you will receive a hint book which you can use anytime in your Return to Monkey Island gameplay. Take some time to go through the shop, and when you are done, you can exit. 

Then you should go and meet Wally and tell him you want a mop. Then Wally will suggest Guybrush go to the cook in the Scumm bar, and he will tell you how to get a mop. Now that you know how to get the mop, you can proceed with it after having more conversations with Wally by returning to him. 

Story Chapter Two: A Dangerous Journey

Once you complete the above chapter, you have become a part of the crew in the LeShip. And this story of the Return to Monkey Island walkthrough begins when you leave the melee island and sail off to the sea in the LeShip. 

This dangerous journey of the Return to Monkey Island gameplay starts when you are onboard and in the hold in the LeShip. As you are in the hold, you will know eventually, it is harder to get out of it, so you have to be creative for that. As the first objective to complete this chapter, you must get out of the hold. 

First, you have to get the Pamphlet on the barrel and check the crate to see what is inside it. And then, you will find a skull you can question to know more about what Captain Madison wants. After you are done talking to the skull, head to the porthole. But it is shut by several screws that are too tight to use the knife to get rid of. So, you have to use the mop, swab the grease and apply them on the screws using the mob. 

Story Chapter Two: A Dangerous Journey

And after, you can remove all the screws with your knife very quickly. Then you should return your mop after squeezing off all the grease. Finally, you can climb out in the hold and use the ladder to climb up to the deck. When you get there, you see LeChuck and his group talking about a potion they are making, but one last ingredient is missing: Flattened Skull. So your next task is to find that flattened skull. 

For that, you have to go to the hold and pick up the skull you found earlier and take him with you by force and with his will; that doesn’t matter. Again, get out from the porthole and climb the ladder to enter the ship. Before LeChuck’s cabin, you will see a laundry machine. Once you touch it, it will break, but with the screws you have, you can make it up again. And after, pop the skull and flatten it using the laundry machine. Then, go upstairs and put the flattened skull into the cauldron. 

But because of that, the whole potion is ruined, and no ingredients are left to create another potion. When you climb up to the crow’s nest and use the telescope, you will see that other ships try to make potions to catch monkey island but still lack the flattened skull. When you get down from the crow’s neck and talk with the quartermaster, you will be informed that the whole crew is no longer interested in going to the monkey island. So you must convince the whole crew to go to the monkey island. 

There are members in the crew, and you have to talk to all the members to convince them to go to the monkey island. In return, they ask you to do something for them. After convincing all of them, you should ring the bell once, calling everyone to vote, and they will agree to vote to go to monkey island as you convinced them. 

But before ringing the bell once, ring the bell twice to take the LeChuck out of his cabin to steal the map on his deck and return the map you use to find the mop handle in the first chapter. And then you should send the flattened skull from earlier to the other ship so that you can follow them quickly to get into the monkey island. For that, go to the cannon, load it with the flattened skull, and fire it toward the other ship. You must do this in the chapter two Return to Monkey Island walkthrough

Story Chapter Three: Return to Monkey Island

In this Return to Monkey Island review guide, we will explain chapter three, starting when Guybrush is on the seafloor, where there is only a six-minute walk to monkey island. While exploring the seafloor, you can enter monkey island, and this seafloor is sometimes an area that lets you collect Return to Monkey Island trivia cards

Once Guybrush steps onto the island, the first thing to do is pick up the skull lying on the floor. Afterward, head into the jungle and look at the map you have stolen from the LeChuck to unveil the secret. 

Before starting the journey to secret from the Red Berry Bush point, you can explore monkey island. When exploring, you will find skulls from different locations, such as the volcano beach, the top of the cliff in the north, a shipwreck, a giant monkey head, etc. After collecting all the skulls, you can start finding the secret from the red berry bush. 

When you go there, remember to open the map and follow the instructions it gives you to find the path you should take to unveil the secret in this Return to Monkey Island gameplay. After following through a course of tasks, when you get ready to complete the final task, which is to look at the X mark and grab a shovel, you encounter another group of pirates who want to see you find the secret of the LeChuck. 

To find the secret of LeChuck, the first thing you should do is again find a way back to LeChuck’s ship. Go to the giant monkey head and ask the pirates to help you sneak into the LeChuck’s ship back. 

But they will ask you for the secret of a crew member before helping you. So first, you should go to the volcano beach, get into the water, pick up the last skull, and climb up through the anchor. Don’t go over the railings, but try to get to the rudder where the Gullet is trapped. When you meet him, he will be a lot nicer to you and even ask you to help him with his poems. 

Story Chapter Three: Return to Monkey Island

In the middle of helping him, you can ask him to see the poems he has written. But he won’t give you. Therefore you should convince him to get his book of poems by giving him the business card the museum curator gave you. Once you have that collection of poetry, head back to the giant monkey head and offer it to the pirates; they will turn it into a magical book that will change you into Gullet. 

And then you can quickly get into the LeShip. After you get back into the ship, you can start uncovering the secrets of the LeChuck. You must learn about his favorite food, catchphrase, and theme song to find his secrets. OAs soon as you learn more about them, you should go back to the giant monkey head and inform them that you have all the knowledge necessary to discover the secret. The pirates will then direct you as to what to do. 

First, play the theme song and then proceed with the tasks to perform, and then you will move to the ritual table, where you need to recite the catchphrases. After that, eat the favorite food of LeChuck, and then the map will reveal where the secret is hidden in Return to Monkey Island

Story Chapter Four: Things Get Complicated

While engaging in the stories, you can accomplish different Return to Monkey Island achievements by completing various tasks. So make sure to pay attention to the Return to Monkey Island achievements to accomplish them while going through the stories. 

So in this Return to Monkey Island review guide, we will now explain the fourth chapter, Things Get Complicated. When this chapter starts, you can see the Guybrush is again on the melee island. As the first task in this chapter, you are asked to go to the Voodoo shop. After conversing with the Voodoo lady, you have to head over to the International House of Mojo, where you have to meet the person waiting to meet you, whose name is Widey. 

Story Chapter Four: Things Get Complicated

She tells you you need five golden keys to get the secret on the monkey island. When you ask about the keys, she will tell you where to find them. And also don’t forget to meet Wally and ask him to create a sea map for you so you can travel to other islands. After going through so many tasks, assignments, and explorations, you will get all the keys, and then, you must store all five golden keys in the safe of the International House of Mojo. 

Story Chapter Five: Beneath the Monkey Head

In the fifth chapter of the Return to Monkey Island walkthrough gameplay, you will see Guybrush with Elaine on the monkey island again, walking towards the giant monkey head. Enter the giant monkey head as it is open for you. When you enter there, you will meet a friend, but you have to follow the path until you meet the crewmates of the LeChuck. Keep going until you reach the end of the path, and then you have to choose your death to get to the bottom, which is the only way. 

Story Chapter Five: Beneath the Monkey Head

Even though the whole floor is lava, Guybrush will land on the ledge. And then, you will see a door and enter it to encounter a room with different paths. In each room you can access through these paths, you will find monkey statues with incomplete parts. So you need to place matching items on them that are in your inventory. After lots of puzzle-solving, you can just open the door, and what is the secret in this Return to Monkey Island gameplay


This is a perfect Return to Monkey Island walkthrough where you can understand what you must do in each chapter. There are five chapters, each including a series of tasks you should do. And each chapter takes you through tough challenges where you need a good analyzing ability to understand the best things to do. Now that you have understood the Return to Monkey Island gameplay well through this guide, complete all the chapters and unveil the secret.

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