Punishing Gray Raven

Punishing Gray Raven is a fast-moving and viral game which has based on the action RPG gaming style. The game is happening in a completely unimaginable setting. Because in Punishing Gray Raven, humankind has almost ended. With the extinction of humankind, the world has been invaded by a robotic army. They are more corrupted than you imagine. The robotic army has twisted and warped with the biomechanical virus. The name of this biomechanical virus is The Punishing. So, the last survivors of the earth have escaped into an orbit. They have gone aboard with the space station. The name of the space station is Babylonia.

Punishing Gray Raven

During this time, they do immense less training. So, after years of getting prepared and doing good exercise, they make a special force unit. The name of this special force unit is the Gray Rave. They led missions to get control of their home-world again from the invaders. So, in Punishing Gray Raven, you are the leader of the special force that will get your world again from the invaders.

So, you will be the commandant of the Gray Raven particular unit, as we already discussed. You will ask to assemble and get ready with the best soldiers of cyborgs. So, you have to find the best soldiers in the world and then lead the battle. Then you have to untangle the dark secrets behind the virus named Punishing. Finally, you have to chase the corrupted robotic army from the world and reclaim the power on the earth. So, this will be a more stylish RPG game which has based on action.

Punishing Gray Raven Game Features  

Punishing Gray Raven Game Features  
  • There will be combat actions that will happen immediately. When you get into this stylish and high-speed combat auctioning game, you can control all the members in your squad directly. That will be more like a real-time 3D battle. So, you can tag members between your details for a mid-fight. If not, you can master every character to perform some special moves. You can evade, dodge, and pin enemies. For that, the rapid combos will do massive support with powerful techniques. That will be a flexible way to tally the three ability systems.
  • You will notice a post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic when you are moving more profound into the destructed earth. You can look at the profound truth inside the cyberpunk setting. This will cover a vast area of chapters in the game with the use of more novelistic storytelling. There you will see a bleak and pretty world with countless wonders. You will see the unlocking of the adventures in the hidden chapters. It will open doors for you to experience the bold and dark side of the aspect.
  • When exploring the ruined earth, you will see an extensive range of beautiful surroundings in the game. You will see dumped cities, roads, and warzones, and there will be towering large scales with the virtual realm. You can battle against these corrupted invaders even more than the gravity of earth. It will provide a more cinematic story for you.
  • You have to remember just flesh and blood will not be enough to win the battle against the Punishing. The soldiers need to compass something more. That is known as Constructs. The human mid enclosed with robust mechanical strength. So, you have to hire more alive weapons to make an effective battle against those enemies. All of them will be enriched with the details and animated with the features of full 3D.
  • When you follow the battlefield in the symphony of the destruction, you will move with a pulsing beat. That is from the stunning soundtrack. With the ambient and the tracks of the atmosphere, you will feel the pounding drum and bass.
  • It is essential to build a home far away from the battlefield. When you are mitigating the cruelness, there will be some cute characters. They will reduce your pressure. So, you can decorate the dorms with an extensive range of themes that they have styled. It will immerse you in the fact that you are fighting for peace. 

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