PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

Here comes your most awaited PUBG Mobile redeem code which is available for you on November 16 2021. If we are true to ourselves, no one is there who doesn’t show interest in the free loots in games, and these are the best approach for you to get all those gifts before they expire.

If you are a more familiar one around games for a while, you may have seen so many battle royals, and you may have already played them. So this PUBG is also another one like that, and it has a system implemented on it to redeem codes to earn extra loots. These are consisting of some cosmetics along with premium items that don’t ask you to pay for.  

Before we get into the PUBG Mobile redeem code to activate, let’s know how you can redeem those codes as a first-time player.

How to Redeem a PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

This process doesn’t take too long for you, and there are simple steps as follows.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

These are the working codes for now

PUBG Mobile – Rename Card Coded (Free)

These are the codes that players can use on Renaming their Cards. They are available for only 1000 people who will claim first. So you have to be very quick. Some of these codes may show an error since the maximum number of codes has already been redeemed.

Download your PUBG Mobile from here

How to Earn a New Redeem Code?

Always make sure to be stay tuned with the official sites and the discord of PUBG mobile to get in touch with new codes. You can also check their official Twitter or the Facebook to know the new goodies to claim.

How to earn PUBG Mobile M416 Skins?

If you follow unsystematically through these active codes, chances are rare to take one, but you will take two codes on M416. You can redeem one and then will take a brand new skin. Remember that these all are not working for all the regions.


For better gameplay, try LDPlayer since it gives you the best features for your PUBG mobile. And here we end your PUBG Mobile active code to use and make sure to take these for your best results before they expire.

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