PUBG Mobile Game and 7 Guide for Beginners

PUBG is a mobile game developed by PUBG Corporation, and it is first released on 9th February 2018. This game is on both Android and iOS platforms, and the genre is own to the royal battle game. The original publishers of PUBG are Tencent Games and VNG Game publishers. So have you started to play PUBG? Then this article is for you.

PUBG Mobile Game
PUBG Mobile Game

If you are new to PUBG with some lower knowledge of the game, don’t worry. We are here describing you some few points to know what this game is and how to adapt to it. Like in the game, Fortnite PUBG has a massive crowd from its popularity. This popularity came due to its availability on every mobile device.

Not only mass level players but also casual gamers can have access with PUBG. PUBG is very easy to deal and to play.

If you want to know everything about PUBG, the best choice is to play the game. But before you start on everything of PUBG, you need to have a superficial knowledge of PUBG to have a head start. It will be beneficial to have these tips to deal with PUBG as a beginner. So let’s start.

Before anything, start your game.

Before you start to play you initially, have to finish your setup in the right way. In the beginning, there are some pints on the setup as follows.

  • Make sure on your device battery life. If it is not charged, be sure to have enough charging for play or connect it to the power.
  • Some mobile device’s screen is smaller. In PUBG visibility is the main thing you have to concern on. So have a clear vision on your device by setting its brightness to high.
  • It is always good to have a headset or a headphone with you. If you do not have a headphone, don’t be panic. Even a microphone can also do this task. The reason behind for wearing headphones is you should hear your opponent well.
  • As this game is playing online, it will always be recommended to have a good internet connection with you. Otherwise, you can’t play the game.

Starting the Gameplay

There are modes available in PUBG mobile. They are known as Solo, Duos and Squads. As a beginner, you have to select the best mode to learn the game. So the best mode for a beginner is Solo. We are talking about the Solo mode PUBG mobile as we focus on the beginners.

You can choose either to play in a third party so that you will see you avatar form the backside. Or you can select to view the first-person perspective too. When you start the game, you are in a fairground that was not used. This ground can appear if you only play in the default map called Erangel. This ground area is the area you can wait till your other players join with you to play the game.

Starting the Gameplay PUBG

When you wait in the ground for other players, you can only wait for 30 seconds only. Your armed set is consisting of fists and ten apples. You can either attack on your other players too. But it is not a useful thing to do. Also, you can hit on building and structures. But there will be no use.

When you are in the round, you can use this time to learn about the controls, crawling, jumps and sprints. There will be some occasions for you to throw grenades for enemies. You can practice this by throwing apples. And also you are capable of toggle between tosses on high and low. Suppose you want to adjust your aim press and hold the button for a throw. And leave it for some time then release. So you can throw it.

Pick a spot

When you start the game, you were on board a plane. There were no blue battle buses. And this time you are now capable of jumping by a few seconds. In this stage, you are free to mute your chats and also turn off the mic. It depends on your choice.


When you decide to jump, it is always essential to determine when the time you should jump. Some players are jumping so early. Because they can hit on the ground before any other does, and some players willing to jump by waiting. They are deciding their landing spots before they jump very carefully.

You can dive on to the ground by push forward the control stick or by halting your descent. This halting is happening if you open your chute. The chute is automatically opened when its landing. If you open the chute earlier, you will have more control for your landing. But this may take some time for your landing. You can open your chute and use the direction pad.

You can use the direction pad to avoid the landing near to planes path. This method will choose a different land spot for you other than the other players.

Loading Guns

After landing, it’s time to find arms and suppliers for your battles. This finding should have to do in more quickly ad find some guns for you. Otherwise, you are useless for the battle. You can find guns and supplies in buildings and structures like shipping containers. But remember that other players also seeking guns in these places. So you have to be very quick.

As you pick up the very first all items you see, be sure to turn off the functions when you reach the limit. You can carry only one pistol and two primary weapons. So please turn it off once you pick all of them. After this, you can replace guns as per your wish. You have to manual pick the grenades and other items.

PUBG mobile play zone

The play zone is a particular area that is getting smaller when you go through the game. Players who are in outside of the play zone increase the health until they enter on play zone. Play zone stands for players to stand for a final standing off. Once you reach outside of the play zone, you will guide by a dotted line to get back to the play zone.

Red zone

The red zone is shown as a red circle on the map. It is a dangerous area where planes drop bombs in the field. This red zone appears so randomly. So all of the players in their toes. You maybe want to cross water to reach the play zone. Always be sure not to get trapped in the wrong side of the water because this play zone shrinks.


Listening and the sound effects are significant in PUBG mobile. That is why you have to wear a headphone. When you have a right listening media, you can hear rivals food steps. So you will be able to decide on the direction where they come.

Going into directions

The best way to reach a place is by using a vehicle. If you need to escape from the play zone or to go away from a firefight, a vehicle will be the right choice. But remember that all of the vehicles in PUBG are not drivable. There are vehicles like cars, motorbikes, buggies, etc. these are always making some noise. So make that as a point in your mind.

You can be killed in while you are driving. You can’t load your weapons while you are driving. But PUBG mobile gives you the chance to have a medical treatment in stationary vehicles and moving boats.

As a player in PUBG mobile, every little fact in the game can be beneficial to you when you deal with the game. PUBG is a great choice to deal with a super combat system. As the highest playing e-sport in the world, we can assure you that PUBG can be very exciting for every player. So make a start your journey with PUBG mobile.

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