Project New World Codes for More Free Stuff September 2023

Project New World Codes

Ready to enhance your adventure in the popular anime-based Roblox game ‘Project New World’ using Project New World codes? This bandit beater game invites you on a journey across the seas, battling foes and uncovering new islands. Players can consume devil fruits to gain special abilities that assist them on their journey to reach the max level. Project New World offers an immersive gaming experience, with progression tied to your ability to defeat opponents, discover new islands, and eat the right devil fruits. 

Project New World Codes

Grab your codes, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure. Keep reading till the end for a simplified redemption process, and claim your rewards instantly! Enhance your gaming experience with Project New World active codes.

Project New World Redeem Codes List

All active redeemable codes are shown here. Each promo code has a different set of benefits you can redeem depending on how and when these codes are made public. Any player may redeem them during the term, regardless of the reason. 

  • THANKSFOR70K2023

Attention: These codes depend on the case, so type them exactly as displayed. Even a single letter change will render the code useless. Copy and paste them into the redemption form directly to prevent any mistakes. 

How to Redeem Project New World Active Codes

Please follow the instructions below to quickly redeem these codes if you are having trouble locating where to do so.

  • Start to play Project New World on your favorite device. 
  • Press on the Menu option and go to the Twitter icon. 
  • Enter the code in the popped-up text box and redeem it successfully. 
Project New World Codes

How to Get More Codes?

You might be curious about where the game’s codes can be found. You can follow the game-related social media accounts. You can get hints and hits on new codes by following the game’s developers on their Facebook, Twitter, and Discord channels.

And frequently checking this guide is the most effective technique to easily discover fresh codes. As we always love to keep you informed about new active codes, you can see that this guide has been updated with any newly accessible codes for this game.


When you’re absorbed in the game, Project New World codes can make it even more enjoyable as they offer you plenty of in-game items, costumes, and other things to enrich your experience.

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