Project Hive Beginner Guide for Starting the Gameplay

Ready to play a game with some exciting parts. It’s called Project Hive, a free-to-play action game with the best gameplay. But nothing is easier when you don’t know how to play Project Hive as a beginner. So, this guide’s goal is to tell you everything you need about this gameplay. This means you don’t need to worry even if you are a new player because this is a great place to raise your game level.

Project Hive

This preparation is to talk about a world within the world. The Project Hive is a free-to-play action game. You will have a unique gaming experience with Project Hive gameplay. But that’s from later this year because the team of gaming experts code-named Project HIVE will bring this new virtual Metaverse to your hands by the end of 2022.

Crypto merchants and gamers created Project Hive to bring a new twist to the ever-present gaming landscape. And also, Project Hive has a vast space for our players to immerse themselves in, and there are must-know gaming secrets for you while playing the game. So keep watching to see what we have brought to you. So, let’s see how we will start our strange journey, and here’s a quick overview of the game. If so, let’s begin our guide for beginners to Project Hive here.

The Basic Concept

As a Project Hive beginner, before running this game, get an idea about the basic concept, and you will benefit significantly from the objective of this game. So, The Hive Tower is the primary landmark of “The Project Hive.” Everyone aspires to climb the Tower; however, only the best players can go to the highest floors. There are routes to hidden places on every floor, including those that gamers haven’t yet discovered. 


Project Hive, a third-person shooter, puts you in the role of Alexi, a survivor trapped inside an exploded mining complex on the planet Proxima. As Alexi, this journey will take you through Talium Industries’ dark dungeons. And also, On Proxima, you will meet IVY of Hive’s artificial intelligence. Since then, she will assist you with the station’s mechanisms and your unique abilities as you go through devastation.


You will use enhanced machines to battle various monsters throughout the thrills and try to survive by supporting Ivy, the station’s AI. For Hive to function, she needs exolith crystals. Moreover, Logs that reveal confidential information can also be found aboard. 

So, this game has nine playable levels where you can explore the effects of the station Hive’s destruction by a solar storm. So fight with your unique styles throughout these levels to give the best battle.

Combat System

You are coming to an exceptional part where we have to guide you. So, the Project Hive combat system will take you differently. Project Hive Combat system consists of two types of battles; the first one is player vs. player, and the second one is player vs. AI. They are PvP and PvE modes.

In the PvP mode, arena fights between players of the same rank who are chosen at random and territorial wars are fought to take control of specific areas. In this game, teams work together to seize the opposing team’s checkpoints (Hive Cells). And also, in PvP mode, game events can be repeated when you play. Next, In the PvE battle, the battles are part of a story with different chapters. There are chapters of PvE content that frequently occur in the game.

Combat System

When we talk about Hive Deck, players can experiment with new strategies in battle thanks to the variety provided by Hive Decks. That way, every fight will be different, and the game will be exciting. 

To be successful in fighting within the Hive, one must have a knowledge of the Hive’s protocols. Some protocols are designed to harm or hinder enemies, while others are designed to safeguard the CyberConstruct and bolster its power. Therefore, the player should gather a full deck of 30 protocols to play. Winning PvE is essential to create new protocols and enhancing old ones.

It’s essential to battle here with extreme caution, as even a single misstep could result in defeat. Never stop playing for the win. Play a fantastic game and always take the lead in the fight.

Project Hive Classes Set up

Project Hive gameplay does not use an usual class-based system. Players can give cyber constructs the basic class skills by giving them the same weapons and armor as the player. At that point, Cyber Construct will be seen as ready to play and take its class.

Project Hive Classes Set up

Pieces of armor and weapons from different sets can’t be worn together unless they belong to the same class. On the other hand, cyber constructions are able to switch classes by employing a distinct collection of tools. If you play the PvE campaign, you will learn more skills. All classes can use all skills except those only available to certain classes. This method will let people keep their individuality and give them various possible builds to try out.

In the game, there are 4 class archetypes: Bladerunner, Bonebreaker, Gunslinger, and Flatliner, and each has 22 classes. Even so, four classes will be available at launch: Joker, Empress, Tower, and Fortune. The archetype describes the character’s broad traits, like “tank,” “damage dealer,” etc., while the class describes the character’s specific gameplay traits. 


So, guys, willingly or unwillingly, we have to stop this guide. Move to this excellent gameplay and use skills to enhance your play style. And we are sure that with the knowledge of Project Hive, you can climb up your gaming targets well.

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