Project Bloodstrike Beginner’s Guide – Best Gameplay Tips

Project Bloodstrike is a highly promising game that features a diverse roster of Legends, each with its own unique abilities. Players are able to experiment with a variety of play styles and continually adjust to the changing landscape of the battlefield thanks to these skills, which provide a strategic dimension to the action. In this beginner’s guide, we will dive right into the game and provide you with the best tips to enhance your gameplay.  

Project Bloodstrike

This Project Bloodstrike guide will help you whether you are just starting out in the game or are an experienced player trying to enhance your skills. We’ll delve into the basic settings, HUD setup, sensitivity adjustments, sniping tactics, and more. So buckle up and get ready to dominate the battlefield! 

Project Bloodstrike Legends and Gameplay

Playing Project Bloodstrike is a pleasant and rewarding experience. The controls are intuitive, ensuring that your actions seamlessly translate on the screen. The time it takes to switch weapons, however, is something that could be sped up. In the heat of battle, every second counts, and a quicker weapon switch would enhance the overall gameplay experience. 

Despite this, one standout feature we really enjoyed is the respawn mechanic. If you get taken down in battle, you have a chance to come back. You’ll keep respawning until all of your teammates are defeated, allowing you to stay in action and keep the team’s spirit alive.

The impressive lineup of Legends is one of the most notable aspects of Project Bloodstrike. These Legends come with their own set of unique abilities, ranging from powerful attacks to tactical support skills. It is important to try out and learn about different Legends to find a Legend that fits best for your play style. This strategic aspect adds depth to the gameplay, keeping you engaged and constantly adapting to the challenges on the battlefield.

To unlock the ranked mode in Project Bloodstrike, you need to reach level 5 by grinding and progressing through the game. Once you’ve reached this level, you will gain access to intense battles where every decision counts. In the ranked mode, you must choose whether to fight for survival or go all out for big victories. The competitive nature of the ranked mode adds excitement and challenges players to showcase their skills.

Project Bloodstrike Basic Settings

Let’s take a look at the basic settings that can greatly impact your gameplay experience. Adjusting these settings to your preference is crucial for better control and accuracy.

Hip FireSet Hip Fire to “Open.” This setting allows you to fire from the hip without aiming down sights (ADS). It provides faster reaction times in close-quarters combat.
Left Fire ModeChoose Hip Fire as the left fire mode. This setting ensures that your left fire button functions for hip firing, maintaining consistency with the Hip Fire setting mentioned earlier.
ADSTurn ADS (Aim Down Sights) to “On Tap.” This setting enables you to aim down sights by tapping the screen, giving you better precision when engaging targets at medium to long distances.
AutofireDisable Autofire. While using Autofire may seem tempting, it hinders your control and accuracy. It’s better to manually control your shots for more effective gameplay.
Aim AssistSelect the Beginner level for Aim Assist. Aim Assist provides assistance in targeting opponents, and Beginner level strikes a balance between support and skill.
ADS Rotate ViewKeep ADS Rotate View turned on. This setting allows you to rotate your view while aiming down sights, providing better situational awareness.
Hip Fire Rotate ViewEnable Hip Fire Rotate View. Similar to ADS Rotate View, this setting lets you rotate your view while firing from the hip.
Left Fire ButtonAssign the View function to the left fire button. This configuration allows you to easily toggle your view without compromising control.
Right Fire ButtonSet the Reload function to interrupt ADS when using the right fire button. This ensures that reloading won’t hinder your ability to aim down sights.
Advanced ModeTurn on Advanced Mode. Advanced Mode provides additional customization options and advanced settings for a more tailored gameplay experience.
Joystick Auto RunKeep Joystick Auto Run activated. This setting allows your character to run automatically when you push the joystick forward, saving you from continuously holding the joystick.
CrouchSet Crouch to “Tap.” Tapping the crouch button enables quick and responsive crouching, providing you with a tactical advantage in various situations.
Running Interrupt CrouchEnable Running Interrupt Crouch. This setting allows you to interrupt your crouch by running, enabling seamless transitions between crouching and running.
ShapeChoose to enable Shape. This setting provides visual feedback when you’re being shot at, alerting you to potential danger.
Sprinting Interruption ReloadDisable Sprinting Interruption Reload. This prevents your character from automatically reloading when sprinting, avoiding interruptions during critical moments.
Auto Open DoorsTurn off Auto Open Doors. Auto-opening doors can sometimes expose your position inadvertently. Manually opening doors grants you more control over your movements.
Auto JumpKeep Auto Jump disabled. Manual jumping ensures that you have full control over your character’s movement, allowing you to make precise jumps.
Jumping ModeSet Jumping Mode to “Tap.” This setting allows you to jump by tapping the screen, making it easier to perform quick and accurate jumps.
Battle InfoEnable Auto Mark Enemy and Automark Items. These settings provide valuable information about enemy locations and marked items, enhancing your overall awareness during battles.
Right MinimapAdjust the zoom level of the right minimap based on your preference. Setting it to a comfortable level ensures better visibility and navigation on the map.
Low Reserve WarningChoose the Sound Notification option for Low Reserve Warning. This setting alerts you audibly when your ammunition reserves are running low, preventing unexpected ammunition shortages.
2D FeedbackTurn on 2D Feedback. This setting provides visual cues and indicators to give you additional information during gameplay, improving your situational awareness.
Blue ItemsDisable Magic Recommendations on Consecutive Use of Meds. Disabling this setting prevents the game from automatically suggesting the use of healing items in quick succession.
Quick ThrowConfigure Quick Throw based on personal preference. Choose the option that aligns with your playstyle and provides the most convenience for you.
MinesDisable Mines. This setting prevents the automatic placement of mines when approaching an enemy or a specific area.
Pick UpConfigure Pick Up settings according to your preference. Adjust them to ensure a smooth and efficient looting experience.

Project Bloodstrike HUD Setup

Now that we have covered the basic settings let’s focus on configuring your Heads-Up Display (HUD). Having an optimized HUD layout can significantly improve your performance during gameplay.

Mobile HUD Setup

If you’re playing on an iPhone, follow these recommendations for an effective HUD setup:

  • Put the button that shoots the gun at the upper left corner of the screen so that it’s easy to reach.
  • Position the operator skill button just below the shoot button to facilitate seamless activation of your special abilities.
  • Utilize the four-finger claw technique for better control. This involves using your index fingers to tap the shoot button while using your thumbs for other actions such as ADS, jumping, crouching, prone, and reloading.
  • Include buttons for switching weapons and accessing the map in easily accessible locations.
  • It’s advisable to replicate the recommended iPhone setup for optimal performance and familiarity.

Tablet HUD Setup

If you’re playing on a Tablet, the HUD setup is slightly different due to the larger screen size. Consider the following guidelines:

  • Since you have more screen space, you can adopt a six-finger claw technique for improved control. Configure your HUD to accommodate this technique.
  • Place the shoot button, operator skill button, and other necessary buttons within comfortable reach of your fingers.
  • Adjust the layout based on personal preference and ensure it provides a seamless and efficient gaming experience.

Project Bloodstrike Sensitivity Settings

Project Bloodstrike Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity settings play a vital role in your aim and overall control. Here are the recommended sensitivity settings:

  • Set ADS sensitivity to a higher value to improve your accuracy while aiming down sights.
  • Try out a variety of settings until you discover the sweet spot between control and responsiveness.
  • Adjust the sensitivity based on your play style and comfort level.
  • Don’t be afraid to fine-tune the settings until you find the sensitivity that works best for you.

Project Bloodstrike Graphics Settings

Graphics settings have a significant impact on Project Bloodstrike gameplay smoothness and visual clarity. Here are the recommended graphics settings:

Project Bloodstrike Graphics Settings
  • Keep the graphics quality on Standard for a balance between performance and visual quality.
  • Set the FPS (Frames Per Second) to Ultra if your device can handle it. A higher FPS ensures smoother gameplay and quicker reactions.
  • If your device is getting too hot, try lowering the resolution to Average.
  • You may want to play around with the FOV (Field of View) to get the optimal experience for your device and viewing preferences. A wider FOV allows you to see enemies far away but might affect visibility on smaller screens.

Sniping Tips to Dominate the Battlefield

Sniping can be a highly effective playstyle in Project Bloodstrike. If you want to improve your sniping skills, you can do so by following these suggestions.

Creating Your Sniper Class Loadout

You can optimize your sniper loadout with the following attachments:

  • Muzzle: Precision Suppressor. This attachment minimizes muzzle flash and improves overall stealth.
  • Barrel: Keep it original. Other barrel attachments may slow down your ADS speed.
  • Optic: Default sniping scope at eight times zoom. Make the necessary adjustments here according to the level of zoom that best suits your needs.
  • Stock: Lightweight Stock. This attachment increases ADS speed while maintaining damage output. Recoil is less of a concern for snipers.
  • Magazine: Seven-round mag. This option provides more ammunition without significantly impacting movement speed.

Project Bloodstrike Promotion Settings

In the settings menu, navigate to the Promotion section and set the single-shot sniper fire mode to Hip Fire for both options. This ensures quicker no-scoping and quick-scoping capabilities.

Slide Canceling

You can keep your mobility while canceling the animation of your slides using the method known as “slide canceling.” If you want to do this, you have to double-tap the slide button while running at high speed or the crouch button to cancel the slide animation. You will see that slide canceling enables faster movement and quick repositioning when you are acting in the role of the sniper.

Jump Sniping

Don’t hesitate to incorporate jump sniping into your gameplay. Snipers in Project Bloodstrike have high accuracy even while in mid-air. First, you have to jump while aiming down sights to catch opponents off guard and shoot. 

Naturally, this is not something you will be able to accomplish on your very first attempt.. You should try to practice your timing and accuracy to land precise shots while jumping. Jump sniping can provide you with a significant advantage in combat, especially in medium to long-range encounters.

Project Bloodstrike Promotion Settings

The Project Bloodstrike is now available on many platforms, expanding its reach to a wider audience. The addition of multiple platforms opens up new possibilities for gameplay and provides few ways for players to enjoy the action-packed experience. 

Even though it has not been officially announced just yet, there have been rumors and hints that a cross-play feature would be implemented. This would make it possible for gamers on different platforms to compete against one another. This feature would enhance competition and create a dynamic gaming environment. To download Project Bloodstrike, follow the instructions below based on your device:

  • For iOS users: Download the game via Test Flight as soon as possible. Limited slots are available, so it’s important not to delay. 
  • For Android and PC users: Download Project Bloodstrike directly from the Play Store, or if you want to enjoy the game on PC, you can use emulators like LDPlayer or BlueStacks and download the game through the Google app store.

Patch Notes and New Additions

The developers of Project Bloodstrike regularly update the game with new content and optimizations. Let’s take a look at some important information from the latest patch notes:

  • Permanent rewards unlocked during the closed beta testing (CBT) phase will remain valid for the same account through the official launch. Make sure to put the rewards onto your main account.
  • Social media accounts, such as Facebook, Apple, or Google Play, must be bound during the CBT to retain permanent rewards.
  • Permanent rewards do not include currency and items like reputation and XP cards.
  • New additions to the game include the katana, a melee weapon, and the Hot Zone mode, which features random hot zones on the map.
  • Weapon camos and skins have been introduced, allowing players to combine different skins and create unique weapon looks.
  • Customization options now include the ability to personalize your player name and avatar, providing a more engaging social experience.
  • The game’s interface, interaction, graphics, and overall performance have been optimized for a better gameplay experience.
  • It’s important to note that all content in the test server, including weapon skills and art, represents test versions and may not reflect the final quality of the game.


Project Bloodstrike is an exciting first-person shooter game with a diverse roster of Legends and strategic gameplay elements. By experimenting with different Legends and their unique abilities, you can immerse yourself in thrilling battles and constantly adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. The game offers a smooth and responsive experience, although the weapon switch speed could be improved. The respawn mechanic keeps the team spirit alive and allows players to remain engaged in the action. With the upcoming Project Bloodstrike global launch, you can look forward to experiencing the game on multiple platforms. Be sure to follow the download instructions provided to get in on the action. 

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