Pokemon Unite Pikachu Guide | How to Build and Best Items

Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle game that you can play for free. The cute anime and the harsh battles have become the main reason many people love the game. TiMi Studio Group developed this video game, and the game is based on the real-time strategy. You can play the team by matching two teams with five participants in each section. So, this is an enjoyable game which you can play without any doubt.

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This article is about the method of playing Pokemon Unite with the best builds and Battle items.  Apart from that, we will be going through an introductory info tour of Pikachu and many other details about Pokemon Unite. Pikachu is the main character in the game, where you have a lot to study. So, let us see how you can play Pokemon Unite well and the process of creating the best items in the game.

Who is Pikachu?

Pikachu has the S tier rating, and his primary role is attacking. He creates special damage, and he has ranged attacks. Pikachu belongs to the Novice difficulty. To get Pikachu, you need 6000 Aeos coins, and he can excel attacks to the opponent with electricity. Sometimes, the attacks will paralyze the opponent. Pikachu has the three best lanes. Namely, the top lane with four stars, the jungle lane with five stars, and the Bottom lane with three stars.

Pikachu has some strengths and weaknesses. He can do substantial, sustainable damages and has a wide attacking range also. He has AoE stun for crowd control which will be helpful in the game. As the weaknesses, you will notice low AoE burst and no escape. Pikachu is very squished, which will be a disadvantage for him.

pokemon unite pikachu

Best builds for Pikachu

You will notice three builds of Pikachu, namely Control, Burst, and Stun Support. As the three builds, you will see three main categories and subcategories inside them. We can identify it as follows,

This is named the Control build. This will be the best build where you can use Pikachu with the assigned priority to attack. That will be the best use of its moves which will inflict the stun. This is recommended as the best combination for the Pikachu Unite move, which will perform devastating attack strategies.

  • In the Moveset, there will be Electro Ball and Thunderbolt.
  • In the Held Items, there will be Buddy Barrier, and Shell ball and Wise Glasses also.
  • In the Battle Item, there will be Eject Button.

The Burst build, which includes the following, will be a more strategic offensive. This will consider the well-timed individual attacks, which will help to congest the lane and avoid the damage by escaping. It includes the following.

  • In the Move set, there will be Electro Ball and Volt Tackle.
  • In the Held Items, there will be Buddy Barrier, and Shell Bell. There will be Wise glasses also.
  • In the Battle Item, there will be Eject Button.

The Stun Support build is a defensive build that aims to support the attacking. Although they don’t have a viability like the ones we mentioned before, this can work on filling the attackers and speedsters. So, Pikachu will take to the back and let others take the kills. It includes the following.

  • In the Moveset, you will see Electro Ball and Thunderbolt.
  • In the Held Items, you will see Shell Bell, Buddy Barrier and Wise Glasses.
  • In the team of Battle, there is Eject Button.
pokemon unite pikachu build

The best items and move set of Pikachu

Pikachu has four main items, and there is a specific function for each. We can describe them as follows.

  • Exp. Share – Pokemon has less amount of EXP. There will be gains of 2/3/4 Exp points in the team. The teammate can get relatively high Exp points when a nearby teammate defeats the wild Pokemon.
  • Buddy Barrier – when a Pokemon takes the Unite move, there will be a nearby Pokemon with low HP. Each of them will have shields equal to 20/30/40% of their maximum HP.
  • Wise glasses – this will increase the SP attack by 3/5/7%
  • Shell Bell – this will recover the minimum of 45/60/75 HP with a move hit of an enemy. If you have a high SP attack stat, you can get good HP recovery.
ppkemon unite items

Best battle items

The best serving battle item of Pikachu is Eject Button. This will move the Pokeman immediately in the determined direction.  Using the Eject Button, there will be a quick getaway when the situation gets dicey. So, you can catch a low-health enemy easily.

The best move set

As the best moveset, you will see Thunderbolt and Electro Ball. The basic details of these two are as follows.

  • Thunderbolt can make a strong blast of lightning. This will happen after the charge or damage and stunning of the enemy Pokemon in that area. So, it is compulsory to have him in the team to catch enemies using the AoE. If they are stunned and can’t use the skills, stop the enemies will be a top priority.
  • Electro Ball is a hurl of an electric orb that can damage the enemy Pokemon in that area. There is an update of Electro Ball as it has increased the damage dealers. When the opponent has less level of health, this can do relatively significant damage.

How to play Pikachu

In the game, Pikachu is a character of glass cannon. That will not be easily breakable, but it will be deadly when you use it. So, there is no need to play away from the enemies and team defenders. Pikachu has some strong capabilities which can use to defeat the enemies in place.

how to play pikachu

Single target or AoE

At the fourth level, you have to select one from Thunder or Electro Ball. That will be essential if you need AoE damage to your team fights or relatively significant damage through a single target. At the sixth level, you have to select from Volt Tackle and Thunderbolt. The decision will base on the requirement of AoE and crowd control.

Attack safely from range

As Pikachu has a wide attacking range, you can easily kite and pole enemies. He can do it safely by being at the attack range edge. That will happen before the end of Electro Ball or Thunder. To get an immediate retreat or attack, you can use the battle items like the Eject button and X speed.

Farm wild pokemon with ease

You already know Pikachu has a reasonable rate of AoE damage and stun. So, he can clear Vespiquen and Combee campus for XP and Aeos points. It will also help to get Rotom. If you are engaging with the Bottom lane or Drednaw, you can solo it with broad-range attacks of Pikachu. The stuns will support reducing the knock-up abilities of Drednaw.

Collect thunderstorms for team fights

Generally, the struggles of big teams are essential for the map objectives like Rotom, Drednaw, and Zapdos. You have to keep Thunderstorm till that. Although there is no significant damage, there will be a high, affecting the area, and you can use this by finishing the enemy at the low health condition.

Collect thunderstorms for team fights pokemon unite

Pikachu combos

Control damage combo consists of Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, and Thunderstorm can control enemies using the AoE. There will be more uses from them when they are fully charged. So, you can clear all the enemies through that. In the Burst combo, you will find Electro Ball, Volt Tackle, and Standard Attack. These combinations will launch the standard attacks when you want with a quick move.

Counters and the Matchups on Pikachu

As Pikachu has no escape moves, there will be an increased chance of winning during a fight when you close the distance. When you chase a Pikachu, you will have a stun or a try to use UNITE move with an effort. You have to push Pikachu accordingly if you have survived the battle. The best counters of Pikachu can illustrate as follows.

  • The Pokemon named Zeraora has Spark, which can proceed three times, making the gap closer. The Discharge can deal with severe damage and offer a shield to Zeraora. It will reduce the bursting chances.
  • The Pokemon named Gengar has Hex which can close the gap immediately, and it will imprison Pikachu, and he has no chance of reacting. Phantom Ambush can be successfully combined with the TP wombo combo.
  • The Pokemon named Machamp has Bulk up, which will offer CC debuff. It will provide immunity to stun at the initial stages of the game. The combination of Barrage blow with the submission is creating an unstoppable anti-crowd Controlling abilities.

Even matchups  

There will be either a match of the amount in the damage. If not, that will survive the damage burst through even matchups. In the Mexican stand-off, there will be severe damage and crowd control. In the Halt, Citizen, there will be a high-powered defense with crowd control.

The best matchups for Pikachu

When the Pokemon has low damage output during the initial stages of the game, there will be no chance as there is a difficult time of catching you in the damage. So, it will be challenging about the damage output as there will be a mild nuisance. There you will see Alolan Ninetales, who will add stun to the mix and emerge as a free kill, Edegoss, who has high damage-making abilities, and Greninja, who can follow up the combos quickly and offer counters to the movements of Pikachu.

pikachu matchup chart

The best teammates for Pikachu

The best complexation of teammates to Pikachu includes Zeraora, Snorlax, and Eldegoss. There will be a high melee help to the rushing attacking methods of Zeraora, and Snorlx will act as a powerful shield to Pikachu with the switch on of his defensive mode. Eldegoss will offer more surviving chances to Pikachu because he has problems staying due to his fragility. So, Eldegoss will protect him from that and create more opportunities to attack.

The moves and abilities of Pikachu

Pikachu has three main sets of abilities with some specifications. Through the power of Static, Pikachu can unleash electricity whenever she takes damage. It will stun the close-by enemies. After the usage, that will be inactive for ten seconds till the end of the cooldown.

Move slot 1 (R)

Here, you will see Thundershock at level one or three. You will see sure hit as the move type and special damage here with a cooldown of five seconds. This can fire electricity to a determined area and stun the enemy. You will see Thunder at the fourth level, and it has upgraded to the 11th level. You will also find place move type and special damage with an eight-second cooldown; this can summon a barrage of lightning strikes to a determined area. With the upgrade, there will be a series of lightning strikes.

There will be an Electro ball at the 11th level with a Sure Hit move type and special damage. It will take five seconds to cool down. You will find hurls of electric orb there, which will damage the enemy inside that affected area. With the upgrade, you will see an enhancement of the damage creation of Electro Ball.

Move slot 2 (ZR)

Here, you will see Elecroweb during the first or third level. There will be a Hindrance move type and special damage with a nine seconds cooldown. It will throw an electric net which will stun the enemy Pokemon. In the Thunderbolt of level six, you will see Hindrance move type with special damage. It will spend eight seconds to cool down, and it has upgraded to the 13th level. You will see a strong blast of lightning after a quick charge and damage the enemy in that area. The upgrade has widened their damaging capacities.

There will be Voly Tackle in the sixth level, and it has upgraded to the 13th level. You will find Hindrance move type and special damage with 10 seconds cooldown. This will engulf electricity and leaps by creating considerable damages to the enemies..

ZL Unite Moves

The Thunderstorm will appear at the ninth level, and there will be an Area move type. You will find special damage with 139 seconds of cooldown, and this will summon lightning throughout the user and speed up it. All the nearby enemies will be struck by lightning.

pokemon unite moves

Stats and evolutions of Pikachu

We don’t see any specific evolution of Pikachu up to now. With the level up, there will be an increase in her stats like HP, Defense, special defense, and attack damage. So, you can see a better performance of Pikachu with the level up.

Pikachu skins (Holowear)

You will find two main types of Pikachu’s Holowear like Hip-hop style Pikachu as the season one battle pass reward and fashionable style Pikachu, which you can get for 400 Aeos currency.

pokemon unite pikachu skin


Pokemon Unite is a game that many players have loved due to its excellent gaming strategies. When you are beginning to play the game, it is essential and good to have an overall idea about the main character in Pokemon Unite: Pikachu. So, throughout the article, we have discussed several factors necessary for you to when you are playing the game. So, go through every single piece of information and have incredible gameplay.

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