Pokemon Unite Best Team Compositions

Pokemon Unite is a MOBA game that comes from the genre of RPG games. During the game, you will see how the powerful energy of Aeos land converts the Pokemon more strong. With time, the Pokemon will enhance their skills. During that, your team has to collect more marks than the other team. Finally, the team that has managed the highest scores will be rewarded as the winning team.

Team Compositions

This is a game based on team collaboration; it is essential to arrange your team with the best compositions. So, in this guide, we will be reviving the roles you need to be in touch with when choosing the team. You have to get a clear idea about the best Pokemon to keep in touch for better gameplay.

Team compositions basics  

When finding more details about the basics of the team composition of the teams in Pokemon Unite, there are two main compositions that you can deal with. Namely, they are Current Meta: Jungle Greninja and Max 2 Late-Game Pokemon. Now let us find more details about them.

Current Meta: Jungle Greninja

According to this, you will see Greninja and either a tank or support with an attacker. Other than dealing as an attacker in the game, Greninja will do some beautiful things in the Jungle. Using Greninja, you can protect the ganks in the other lanes with fewer efforts. Now you might be thinking about the teams in the Top and bottom of the bottom.

For them, you can use pair of Melee Range Attackers. They need to be empowered with the Melee Range Supports. There will be long Range Attackers also. They have a shield or high crowd control, which will do great support.

Team compositions basics  

Max 2 Late-Game Pokemon

In this composition, you will see three Pokemon. They will take time to gain momentum. Namely, they are Charizard, Cinderace, and Garchomp. You will see three evolution stages of these Pokemon also. But, there is a specialty. They have tended to consume more time for the evolution stages than others. So, they need more time to come to their full potentials.

Suppose you have three or more of these kinds of Pokemon in your team. You will face many difficulties in getting team traction. This will mainly happen when you are in the start of the game. So, you have to be conscious about the types of Pokemon that your teammates have already picked. Then you can avoid getting many late bloomers in your team. So, keep in mind to get only the maximum of two late-game Pokemon in your group.

Avoid a Melee-only team

As the Melee attacking Pokemon, you will see Machamp, Zeraora, and Lucario. Practically, it will be hard to maintain a regular source of damage creation. This will be evident because, through such team composition, your team gets a chance only to attack more closely. If not, they will be more personal.

So, you have to attempt to make a well-balanced team using only one Pokemon who has the potential to deal and male more realistic damages. He should be skillful with the creation of injuries from a ranged distance.

Best team comp

Here you will see good composition selections for your team, and there are some choices that you can use. The players have the chance of going for an alternative instead of the leading choice.

Team one

First, let us see the composition of Team one. This will be the Jungle Greninja Meta. Here you will see the uses and the best alternatives to use.

Top Lane

In the lane of Top, you will find Snorlax and Alolan Ninetales. You can use Snorlax for the tank and team battles at the beginning. He will be the body slam to begin fights, and he can block and shut down the goals. Snorlax will do the same for attacks and escapes also. He can steal more wild Pokemon with fewer efforts.

Alolan Ninetales is the best damage maker and controller. You can use him for the safe attacks which will take place behind the tank. His all moves are crowd control. Alolan Ninetales have Aurora Veil to get extra support in any need.

Mid Lane

In the lane of Mide, you will see Greninja. You can make use of him for the assassin and heavy hitters. Greninja will be in the Jungle till the fifth level in Pokemon Unite. Then you can see him in the pressure bot lane. He is mainly focusing on the enemies who have low health. Through a short activity, he can do damages to the level of HP. This applies even to the tanks.

Bot Lane

In the lane of Bot, you will find Wigglytuff and Lucario. Wigglytuff can use as the tank and the initiate for the team fights. You can pick Sing when you are in the fourth level. Using Sing to make the enemy Pokemon sleep is an excellent use from Wigglytuff. Then you can steal their farm also.

You can use Lucario as an attacker in the beginning stages of the game. To pressure the enemies more, you can use the standard attacks during the game’s early stages. As an aggressive damage dealer who is available in earlier games, he will do a great job. But he will be there till the Charizard gains steam.

There will be good results when you use the mentioned compositions and make the present meta’s most potent attacker, Greninja. Because in the Jungle, you can maximize their exp gain and the ability to produce more damages. When comparing Snorlax and Ninetales, both of them can dominate the top lane. It is recommended to use Snorlax as the tank and Ninetales to protect the scores and the Kos. If not, it will stall the entire thing.

The reason for that is the oppressive crowd controlling abilities. There will be a solid help to Lucario from Wigglytuff. With the service, there will be more effective battles during the early stages of the game. This will mainly depict in the farming until Lucario can take the role of Dreadnaw with the rest of your team.

Alternative picks

As we discussed earlier, you will see some alternative picks where you can use instead of the leading choice. We can summarize it as follows.

  • For the primary choice of Snorlax, you can use Mr. Mine or Slowbro as alternatives.
  • For the foremost choice of Alolan Ninetales, you can use Cinderace, Venusaur, or Charizard as alternatives.
  • For the leading choice of Greninja, you can use the current best jungler as alternatives.
  • For the leading choice of Wigglytuff, you can use Blissey or Eldegoss as alternatives.
  • For the primary choice of Pikachu, you can use Alolan Ninetales or Cramorant as alternatives.

Team two 

Like Team one, you will also see the Pokemon that you can use in the Top, mid, and mot lanes. Here also you will find alternative Pokemon to use.

Top lane

In the top lane, you will see Wigglytuff and Charizard. You can use Wigglytuff as the tank, and the team fight initiates. You can use Sing to set up more kills. It will make a Double Slap when dealing with the damages. You can use Wigglytuff Starlight Recital to secure the allies. He will run over the enemy during the team fights.

Charizard will rush to the fifth level during the first evolution. His primary focus is on the charing the Unite move, and he will do this by framing and scoring more goals. Using Seismic Slam, he is breaking or ignoring the CC. This will happen against the enemy Wigglytuff.

Mid Lane

In the mid-lane, you will see Machamp, who you can sue for Anit-CC Assassin. He will be in the Jungle until the fifth level. Then in the pressure hot bot lane. He will have a submission to ignore the CC and other attackers with one shot.

Bot Lane

In the bot lane, you will find Blissey and Alolan Ninetales. Blissey can use it as a support as his primary function is healing and offensive buffs. There will be some passive counters enemy sleep of Wigglytuff. Then you will see Alolan Ninetales, who will be the long-range DPS. He will act as the regular CC pair who will work with the Blissey more defensively. He can attack more safely out of the range of the enemy Wigglytuff.

The team of Wigglytuff meta is a delicate composition of different Pokemon where you can break or ignore CC. It will make the opposing combat of Wigglytuff compositions. It will also balance the team to finish when an enemy team is running Wigglytuff.

Best Pokemons for every instance can be viewed from here.

Alternative picks

As we discussed earlier, you will see some alternative picks where you can use instead of the leading choice. We can summarize it as follows.

  • For the foremost choice of Wigglytuff, you can use Snorlax, Mr. Mime, and SLowbro as alternatives.
  • For the primary choice of Charizard, you can use the core against Wigglytuff as alternatives.
  • For the leading choice of Machamp, you can use the core against Wigglytuff as alternatives.
  • For the foremost choice of Blissey, you can use Mr. Mine, Snorlax, or Slowbro as alternatives.
  • For the leading choice of Alolan Ninetales, you can use Pikachu as alternatives.

How to build the team

When you are creating a team, there are some general facts to consider. When you are arranging the group’s composition of your own, you have to keep an idea about creating a well-balanced team. It must be consistent with a tank, two damage dealers, one jungler, and one support.


In the team, the tank will be the one that faces more damages. So, there will be a high defense. So, you can be alive for a long time during the attacks of the enemies. It needs to accomplish with more skills that can hinder or disable enemies. The tank will help during the team fights.

Another advantage of a tank is the ability to initiate. So, there will be more skills when they are creating. That would be a problematic requirement, but it is perfect to have it. You can use a defender Pokemon to this role but, some All-rounders will be the best tanks.

Damage dealers

the primary use from the damage dealers is to burst or deal with more damages. They need to have skills to take out an enemy in a short time. So, they will be the primary source of blocking the power. This is the reason for recommending two damage dealers. The damaged dealers have no necessity of being tanky.

The damage dealers do not need stunning. They will be the main supports job. So, what they need to have is damage dealing skills. When you are in the planning phase, there will be a split of damage dealers. There will be on the Top and at the bottom. So, they have two roles to perform where each lookout for them. They will support to accomplish their skills.

For the role of damage dealers, you can effectively use attackers. But, generally, you can use All-rounders and Speedsters to perform this role.


These characters will mainly engage in disabling the skills, debuffing the enemies, and buffs of the other teams. They will effectively perform this role as they have to be with others. Supporters have the opening to take the enemy Pokemon out. But, there will be challenging incidents where they use support on their own. Their primary focus is on the damage dealers who come from the enemy team. Support Pokemon are the best for this role.


This is a specific and unique role that you find in Pokemon Unite, as it can make or break the game. Junglers will not follow the lanes. They are different from the other four. Moving into the center on the map is better. Generally, this is known as the Jungle. as they have no sharing with other players, Junglers are the best experiencers. The main reason is their specific location.

They have the possibilities of affecting with both lanes with a ganking. That means they can sneak into the lanes and attack the enemy. Junglers will dictate all the lane. It is aimed that the goals can take. The reason for having high movement speed is this. So they can help. With that ability, they can travel between the lanes and clear the Jungle in a short time. Junglers can get buffs. They will defeat Ludicolo and Bouffalant, and they will do this through their determined jungle areas. If you use Speedsters, you will make great junglers. You can use All-rounders as the junglers. Do this only if they are mobile.

What makes a good team composition?

To make a good team composition, you have to consider several factors. There needs to be a well-balanced team. That means the team members need to be capable of covering the weaknesses of other members. Their skills need to complement each other. So, it will make it more effective rather than acting as five separate or individual units.


Pokemon Unite is a game where you have to consider more about the composition of your team. Here we have discussed the two best team compositions with the alternatives that you can use. There is also a note about the tips on creating a well-balanced team and the requirements you need to consider.

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