Pokemon Unite Best Pokemon on Beginners?

Pokemon Unite is a game that TiMI Studio has developed as a free playing game. This belongs to the genre of MOBA video games. With the exciting anime characters, the game has loved by many players. You will encounter different challenges and battles during the game where you have to be more strategic.

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If you are a newbie to Pokemon Unite, there are some particular guidelines that you have to be careful of. When you make the proper selection at the right time, you can move forward in the game. When you play the early stages of the game, you have to select the best Pokemon. Then you can face many challenges. So, here we will be discussing the best Pokemon that you can select as a beginner.

Best Pokemon on beginners

When you enter the game, you have to complete the tutorial. After the successful completion, you will be given five Unite Licenses. The player has to choose from that. There you will find Pikachu, Talonflame, Eldegoss, Charizard, and Snorlax. Although there are five, you can select only one. So, as a newbie, it is recommended to choose Pikachu due to some particular reasons.

It is advised to choose Pikachu because he can attack enemies from far away distance as a Pokemon. He uses electricity for this. Through these attacks, he can paralyze the enemies. Pikachu is from the tier of S. his primary role is to act as an attacker with the attack ranged. As a Pokemon of novice difficulty, he will do an excellent justification for your selection.

Pikachu can make long-range attacks with disables. So, among all the other beginner Pokemon, Pikachu can name as the best starter. The main cause for this is his high-end range of attacking. The moves of Pikachu can paralyze the targets through this paralyzing; your team can obtain enough chances and opportunities to attack enemies.

Best starter Pokemon for beginners

Best attackers for beginners

If your primary target is to do more damage in the game, you must select a particular Pokemon type. For this, you have to choose an Attacker Pokemon. This will be the best choice to accomplish your target. Attack Pokemon have high movements of damaging. They will rack up the damages with high speed. They will mainly aim at working as an offensive Pokemon.

For attacking at the beginning level, Alolan Ninetales will be the best Pokemon. His movements will freeze the enemies in ice. Then they cannot move or attack. Alolan Ninetales is from the tier of S. his primary role is to act as an attacker with the attack ranged. As a Pokemon of intermediate difficulty, he will serve an excellent justification for your selection.

Alolan Ninetales is a potential attacker to begin the battle. He possesses an excellent attacking range and high damage-making abilities. Alolan Ninetales also disable enemies, and he will force them to be reckoned with. So, using Alolan Ninetales as a beginner attacker will be a good choice that you can make at the beginning of the game.

If you think of an alternative attacker to use at the game’s starting stages, you can also use Cinderace. Apart from the high attacking powers, Cinderace has a high speed. This speed will make the opponents crazy. So, you can get a great job from him. Cinderace is from the tier of A. his primary role is to act as an attacker with the attack ranged. As a Pokemon of novice difficulty, he will do the best he can.

Cinderace has moved from an extensive range, and he has high mobility. This will be an excellent choice to do from novice attackers, and he will do unimaginable damages during the upcoming stages of the game. These will be on high scales. Cinderace has high mobility than Pikachu as he will treat inside a small range of attacking.

Best attackers for beginners

Best speedster for beginners

If you want to get the risk that runs throughout the map and make a difficult time to enemies and support your allies whenever they need, you have to change your priority. For this, you have to choose a speedster Pokemon at the startup. They can accomplish all the mentioned goals that you want. Speedster Pokemon has high mobility. So they can move top or bottom in a flash. Then it will attack the enemy Pokemon.

For this, you can effectively use Absol. As a speedster Pokemon, he can close the distance immediately and create massive attacks. Absol is from the tier of A. his prominent role is to act as a speedster with the attack type of melee. As a Pokemon of expert difficulty, he will create an excellent justification for your selection.

Absol has significant damage to burst and mobility. This is the best beginner because you can easily pick Absol compared to other speedsters on the roster. Using the high mobility and damage bursting will be excellent fights and situations which will be highly advantageous to your team.

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Best speedster for beginners

Best all-rounders to commence the game

If you want to do more damage, you need to be more durable as an all-rounder. They can dish the damage and take the damage. Use Lucario in here. He is from the tier of SS. his leading role is to act as an all-rounder with the attack type of melee. As a Pokemon of expert difficulty, he will do an excellent justification for your selection.

Lucario has maintained a good balance of speed and damage, and he is a great dealer of them. He has good mobility along with flexible moves. So, Lucario can go for huge damages or find another way to fight in another day. So, Lucario will be the best all-rounder Pokemon to begin the battle.

Best all-rounders to commence the game

Best defenders for beginners

These Pokemon will be the best if your main aim is on durability. So, defender Pokemon will last long for a great time. The main thing is not the hardness to knock out. But, defender Pokemon has some moves which will disturb the team of enemies. They will not ignore you.

As a defender of Pokemon, you can use Snorlax at the beginning. He can take many hits. Snorlax can secure allies from harm, but it will depend on the type of Pokemon. Snorlax is from the tier of SS. his leading role is to act as a defender with the attack type of melee. As a Pokemon of novice difficulty, he will do the best he can in his category.

Snorlax can make a good amount of health, and it will disable the initiating. As an excellent defender Pokemon has good skills to act as a defender. The most important note on Snorlax is his high health value. It will allow him to get more damage. With that, he can make disabling movements which will be a disturbance to the enemy team. Then he will create an exciting and more helpful environment that is favorable to you.

Best defenders for beginners

Best supporter for beginners

If you are a newbie, you need a supporter in your team. During the initial stage of the game, there will be a massive advantage to your team as a supporter. They will ensure that you have a helping hand to use during the fights. You can get different types of uses from a supporter. Their supports range from the healing of buffing team members and will also debuff the enemies. All the things that they do will be a support to your team to achieve victory.

As a supporter of Pokemon at the beginning, you can use Eldegoss. He can identify as a master supporter. With his support, you can restore the HP level of the allies. This is the booster for the movement speed of the teammates. Eldegoss is from the tier of A. his prominent role is to support the attack ranged. As a Pokemon of novice difficulty, he will do the best job for your selection.

Eldegoss is the best helping healer, and he will act as a shield to the entire team. He has long-ranged and highly beneficial uses. It will emerge as the best beginning supporter of Pokemon if you are looking for help from your team. Eldegoss can support the allies with his healing capabilities and acting as a barrier when the enemies are chipping away. So, Eldegoss will make a decent grade of damage.

Best supporter for beginners


Pokemon unite the best game where you will see several categories of battles. As a newbie, you will face some questions when you are selecting Pokemon. After reading this guide, you have now understood that we need to choose different types of Pokemon according to our intention. So, you have to keep a good idea of what you need to do from the Pokemon that you are selecting, and then you have to find the best doer of that.

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