Pokemon Unite Beginner Guide and Best Tips to Play

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play game where you can enjoy the multiplayer online battle arena strategies. You can play Pokemon Unite with two teams and each team needs to have five players. To get score points, you need to defeat a non-player character. So, you can see exciting anime characters, and this can name as a game where you all should try to play. You will find limited time in every match, and the team with the highest total score will win the game at the end.

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When you start to play Pokemon Unite, you have to adhere to the guidelines to win the battle. As a beginner, this will be important. In this guide, we will be discussing the procedures that you have to follow for a better play of Pokemon Unite and the tips that you can use for better gameplay. So, wait with us till the end of the article and use the entire article to win the match of Pokemon Unite.

Startup guide | Rules

When you are beginning the game, it is important to get an idea about the rules of Pokemon Unite. In these battles, there will be two teams including five players in each team. This will be out in the Remote Stadium. There will be a primary goal in every team. That is to get access to the Aeos Energy. Then deposit it in the  Goal Zones of enmey. Finally, the team that has collected more scores than the other team will consider the winning team.

Study the controls

As a beginner, you need to have a good idea about the controls you can use while playing the game. You will see extensive customization of the control scheme. You can tailor it as you prefer.

Understand the role of Pokemon

When you are playing the game as a newbie, you need to get a clear idea about the roles of Pokemon. This is the key to better performance in the game. So, Pokemon will have several functions as follows,

  • As an attacker, Pokemon will do heavy ranged damages to the opponents.
  • Pokemon will have high mobility as a speedster, making him make instant attacks and get more points.
  • As an all-rounder, Pokemon will act as a strong fighter with balanced offense and endurance.
  • As a defender, Pokemon will protect its allies while obstructing enemies.
  • As a supporter, Pokemon will help the team imposing status conditions on enemies and by healing allies.

So, there will be exceptional levels of stats and moveset in each Pokemon. Like all the other MOBS games, the general playstyle will have based on the assigned role of the character. When you have a clear idea about the position, plus and points of Pokemon, it can contribute to the overall synergy of your team.

Best Pokemon for a beginner

As a beginner, there are some recommended Pokemon that can serve the best for you. Namely, the is Pikachu, Cinderace, Alolan Ninetales, Eldegoss, and Slowbro. You can make moves during the first few matches. You can safely pull these types of Ranges Pokemon even when they have a low HP level. So, there will be fewer deaths at the beginning, and you can enjoy the game.

Take the advantage of Novice difficulty

When you get the chance for the next Pokemon, it is highly recommended to select the Pokemon who have a Novice difficulty. Using this Pokemon does not necessarily mean that they are weaker than the intermediate or other expert problems. Rather than that, it will be the more direct style of play. So, it will give an excellent beginning to that particular role also.

Note of the challenges

As a beginner, there are some defined challenges. Before you begin the Unite battles, you have to get a clear idea about the beginner challenges you must meet. By completing those, you can be eligible for some additional rewards. These will offer upon your completion of the in-game tasks. You have to obtain the goal zones of defending, or win a match. When you finish the beginner challenge, you can also earn rewards like fashion items, free Pokemon, and currency.

pokemon unite challenges

Tips for playing the game | Getting ready for the battle

Once you join the lobby, you have to select the Pokemon that you are willing to use. For that, you can press the icon. With that, there will be some preparations before the battle. This will happen when you are waiting till the beginning of the match.

With that, your entire team can get a clear idea of their movements with the commencement of the match. Imagine you have the inventory of your team. Then you can set the items of battle and held as you like.

pokemon unite battle

Placements and composition of the team

Each team will have their specific route to move when the game began. Usually, it is good to have a minimum of two Pokemon on every lane and one Pokemon in the jungle. As a beginner, it is good to select the Top Lane. If not you can go to the Bottom Lane in the jungle are. Through that, you can get enough expertise.

Balance lanes for the efficiency

By balancing the lanes for efficiency, you can guarantee the Goal Zone is under protection. Apart from that, it will open the door to get enough EXP to the team members. That will happen through farming wild Pokemon in their particular lanes. So, it is best to take different routes to maintain the balance. Sometimes this will get complicated. But you can use the feature named Quick Chat and ask to backup if you are alone in the lane.

Defeat wild Pokemon

Defeating the Pokemon is the best way to collect EXP and Aeos Energy. The wild Pokemon will find in the map. The power of the wild Pokemon that you have beat will determine the amount of Aeos Energy you will receive. The bonus effects of wild Pokemon are as follows.

  • For the wild Pokemon named Bouffalant, you can earn 4-7 points. The Spawn Timer is 9, 45 and Respawn Timer is 1:00. Bouffalant will create a reduction of the speed of the attack movements of the enemy.
  • For the wild Pokemon named Ludicolo, you can earn 4-7 points. The Spawn Timer is 9, 45 and Respawn Timer is 1:00. Through the buff of Ludicolo, there will be an increase in the attack power of Pokemon against the low HP wild Pokemon.

You can get bonus effects from some wild Pokemon apart from the experience and Aeos Energy. So, it is best to look at wild Pokemon in the arena and get the best from them.

defeat wild pokemon

Embellishing and evolve your Pokemon

When you defeat wild Pokemon, you can get experience rather than the Aeos Energy. Although it is persuaded to focus more on defeating the player-controlled opponents, there is a big chance of gaining experience with the defeat of the wild Pokemon. So, it will be essential to farm as much as you can and to level up speedy. Then you can evolve your Pokemon with a boost of the stats of Pokemon, and then with time, you can get into their Unite Move.

Score your points within the enemy Goal Zones

Once you collect a specific amount of Aeos Energy, you have to deposit within the enemy Goal Zone. Then then you take the ability to score some points. Keep in mind; the undeposited Aeos Energy will not take into account when calculating the team’s overall score. So, to score more points, you have to go to the Goal Zone of enemies and deposit the Aeos Energy you are taking with you. These are the tips you can follow,

  • If you see an enemy who deals damages to you when you are depositing your Aeos Energy, there will be some interruptions in the process of scoring. So, you need to re-try.
  • There is a maximum limit of Aeos Energy that you can carry at one time. So, do not forget to deposit your Aeos Energy regularly.
  • When you have more Aeos energy, you can take longer to score.
goal zones pokemon

Never fight alone

When you become strong enough with the gaining of EXP, you can clash with the enemy Pokemon in any method. So, you have an excellent possibility to win easily with the support of your teammates.

Retreat to the low HP

When you have to deal with more clashes and find it challenging to handle, you can recall to the base. For that, you have to press the icon on the D-Pad. Then you can get support to recover the lost HP. You have to get a better retreat and go to the fight in the upcoming day rather than be knocked down in the battle. It will drop your valuable Aeos Energy also.

Use jump pads

When you see the notice of the 5-minute mark, you have to do something immediately. When you make the Super Jump Pad at the entering point of your base, it will unlock. Then you have to go back to the fight after knocking down or recalling. As for the mini jump pad, you can select upper left or upper right, lower left or lower right.

Other than the super jump pads, which are located at the base, you can also find some mini jump pads. They will identify some areas of the battle arena. Then you have to stand on the top of these pads. Then it will move for a specific direction. Through that, you can traverse the arena with fewer efforts.

Strategies and tips for an advanced gameplay

When we are looking at the advanced gameplay of Pokemon Unite, there are some strategies and tips that you can make use of. They are as follows.

Allied Goal Zone gives heal and shield 

This is named as the Goal Zone buff allies. When a player gets into the Goal Zone of their friend, they will get a shield. Apart from that, they will receive a movement speed buff, and there will be a heal slowly throughout the time. This is the best method to heal and protect you and the teammate whenever you do not appear in the lane.

If you sense that your team is dropping a clash, you can push the fight again to your Goal Zone. Then you can get a regular buff when you are fighting the enemy team. But, it would help if you were careful about taking the fights when the enemy is close by the Goal Zone. Because, in such a situation, it will be challenging to fight.

Using grass

You can identify the tall grass on the map as strategic areas. When your Pokemon is standing on them, he will turn invisible to the opponent till you attack them. So, you can use grass to cover yourself, when they chase you. When you are trapping the enemies, you can move for a target beyond their reach. In this way, they will turn busy while running away.

Then there will be enough chances that will allow you to deliver more strikes. Then you can take them down. But keep in mind not to take an unsuccessful gank because it can make enemies more cautious.

pokemon unite grass

Steal Aeos Energy from the enemy

Defeating wild Pokemon is not the only way of obtaining Aeos Energy. You can see the amount of Aeos Energy carried by the opposing Pokemon. To get that, you can have a look at the number on their health bar.

When a player is defeated, a drop of the Aeos Energy will be carried by him on the ground. Then any player can take that dropped Aeos Energy back for free.

Capture boss Pokemon

When you fight with the opponents and defend the goals, you will see some additional objectives appear in the match. It will take you in formidable Pokemon named Boss Pokemon. When you capture such a strong Pokemon, you can get valuable buffs and additional points on behalf of the advantage of your team. Boss Pokemon will appear in the strategic areas of the arena, and you have to effort more on defeating him. So, it will be essential to discuss with your teammates, and then you can beat them efficiently. Other Pokemon and rewards that you can obtain are as follow.

  • From the Pokemon Zapdos, you can obtain more than 20 points to the team, making the enemy goal zone a more vulnerable place to capture.
  • From the Pokemon Drednaw, you can get EXP points and shields from the allied team.
  • From the Pokemon Rotom, there will be a faster charging time, and it will aid the allied team in capturing the enemy.
pokemon unite capture boss

Equip battle items

When you proceed through the game, you can be expertise on the battles and the roster. Then your trainer’s level will also increase. When you come to a certain level, you will see an unlock of some valuable rewards. These are unique items that will offer different effects when you use them in a match. So, do not forget to include Battle Items in your arsenal. It will provide beneficial effects during the battle. Some Battle Items and the trainer level unlocked are as follows.

  • The Battle Item named Potion will unlock the trainer level four.
  • The Battle Item named X Attack will unlock the trainer level seven.
  • The Battle Item named X Speed will unlock the trainer level eight.
  • The Battle Item named Fluffy Tail will unlock the trainer level ten.
  • The Battle Item named Eject Button will unlock the trainer level eleven.
  • The Battle Item named Slow Smoke will unlock the trainer level thirteen.
  • The Battle Item named Goal-Getter will unlock the trainer level sixteen.
  • The Battle Item named Full Heal will unlock the trainer level sixteen.
pokemon unite  battle items


Pokemon Unite is a fantastic game where you can play many anime characters. As a beginner, when you are playing the game, you have to consider the gameplay tips and other game rules. So, in this article, we have discussed the beginner gameplay guide and information that you can use and some advanced tips to use when you become an expert in Pokemon Unite. So, follow these tips and guidelines properly to play the game.

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