Pokemon Unite Battle Guide

Pokemon Unite is a game that belongs to the multiplayer online battle arena genre, and it is a game that you can play for free. The TiMi Studio Group has published this game for both iOS and Android devices. In the game, you will confront some exciting characters and battles to have an exciting fight. To obtain the victory in the game, the team that you belong has to collect the highest scores than the other team.

ppokemon unite battle

This Pokemon Unite Battle Guide is about the basic rules and regulations that you need to follow when playing the game. Some specific mechanisms consist of the standard battle feature. This guide will be more beneficial to have a good battle play of Pokemon. So, go through the manual and understand the general rules that you need to concern.

Standard basic rules

5v5 team battle

The battles of Unite will happen at the Remoat Stadium. These matches include two teams, and each team has to consist of five group members. If your team has score the highest marks at the end of the game, you will win the battle.

pokemon unite 5v5 team battle

Color and the team positions

Generally, you can see you and your team on the left side. So, the enemies will be there on the right side. You will see the home and Goal Zone of your squad in purple color and the home base and the goal zone of the enemies in orange color.

pokemon unite team position

Map routes

On the map of unite battles, you will see three routes. Namely, they are the top lane, central area the other is the bottom lane. There will be three-goal zones in both lanes, and you will identify this area as the place where many attacks and goals were defending occur. You will find no goal zones in the central area, which will look more like the jungle of other MOBA games. But in that area, you will see a particular Pokemon. When you defeat him, you will obtain helpful buffs.

pokemon unite map routes

Defeat wild Pokemon

This can identify as the best method to get more EXP and Aeos Energy. Then you can study new moves and extra points to the score at the enemy goal zone. There will be a mirroring of Wild Pokemon spawns on every side of the map. It waits for the Boss Pokemon, who will appear only in some significant situations.

defeat wild pokemon

Score points to win  

After collecting some Aeos Energy, you have to go back to the goal zone of enemies. There you have to deposit the accumulated Aeos Energy and the score points. A standard match will end after ten minutes. So, the team which has collected the highest number of marks will win at the end. If there is a draw, the team that has reached the tied score first will victory.

pokemon unite score points

Standard battle guide

Standing in Goal Zone buffs allies

When the players go through the allied goal zones, they can get a shield and get a chance to recover their health slowly with time. This will be a suitable mechanism that you can get. When you are in team fights, there will be an extra advantage.

pokemon unite goal zone buffs allies

Flux zones boost movement speed

These are the areas that you can see in the lane. They are between two active Goal Zones. So, when the players are going through those allies’ Flux zones, they will get a bonus. That is the movement speed. There is another advantage in the Flux zone. That is when you are passing the Flux Zone of an enemy. You can get a strong movement speed buff from the Flux zone of the enemies.

flux zones boost movement speed

Destroy Goal zones

When you score a certain number of points, the Goal zone will destroy. For this, you have to collect scores more than the point limit of the Goal zone. When you score 80 points, the first set of Goal zone will be subject to disappear. When you score 100 points, the second set of Goal zone will disappear. The disappearance of the final stage of the Goal zone, which is close to the team’s base, will happen when you score an infinite number of points.

We can summarize the limit and the Goal zone as follows.

  • The limit of the Front Goal zone is 80.
  • The limit of the Middle Goal zone is 100.
  • There is no limit for the Base Goal zone
destroy goal zones

Score doubled points

You can score double points in the battles final two minutes of the battle. When you spend the last two minutes, all the deposited Aeos Energy up to that time will double. Then you can use this mechanism to catch enemies of you are behind them. If not, you can use it to snowball in the future of the game.

Grab the dropped Aeos Energy

You may already know that if a player gets off from the game, there will be a drop of the Aeos Energy he was carrying. They will drop on the ground. Any other player can pick that Aeos energy freely. Here you have to be more mindful. Never let an opponent collect the Aeos Energy, which your teammates drop.

Defeat boss Pokemon

In the game, you will see three types of Pokemon. Namely, they are Remoat Stadium, Rotom and Dreadnaw, and Zapdos. All of them have unique features. These special Pokemon will add more deep strategies in every battle. Defeating them will be a crucial objective for you. When you conquer them, you will get the key to obtain the upper hands on your opponents. The main features of boss Pokemon are as follow.

  • Remoat Stadium has its unique effects when ha has defeated.
  • Rotom and Drednaw are the initial spawn who will at the mark of seven minutes.
  • Zapdos will appear during the last two minutes of the game.
defeat boss pokemon


Pokemon Unite is a game that you can play in teams. This is an exciting game with anime characters. You will confront different feelings during the battles of the game, and you can also collect more rewards. Through this article, we have discussed the rules that you need to follow and the guide which will be necessary during the standard battles of Pokemon Unite. Hope you all have enjoyed that.

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