Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex Completing Guide

Pokemon Unite came up with several categories of Pokemon games, and one of them can be identified as Pokemon Sword and Shield. Most of the players in this game are the ultimate goal for completing one thing, so our guide today goes for it as Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex Completing Guide.

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield versions show no difference to other Pokemon game variations since all these games are required you to complete this Pokedex. After a player becomes a champion for a Galar Region, fans sometimes look for the Pokedex of over half-emptied, and they think that the tasks are so much significant to be filled within the base 400 rest.

Completing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex is not as complicated as you assume, and the game is making Pokedex be easier on filling out. But what tasks should a player has to be performed on finding all the 400. Don’t be scared since this is a guide for it.

Loading up on Quick Balls for Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

This is the very first task for a player before he is set to complete their Pokedex is. They have to load up on their Quick Balls. This makes it easier to catch Wild Pokemon six times better with your first run on each battle. And also, it is making players obtain Pokemon so much easier. Quick balls are there to purchase from the Wyndon in bulk.

Most of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex is added with many Pokemon players, and they can be obtained from a catch rather than trading or breeding. This means that a player has to stock up with a minimum of 100 Quick Balls at one time. Trainers are also required to stock with Ultra Balls if the pesky Pokemon escaped the first throw.

Loading up on Quick Balls for Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Never Ignore Surprise Trades on completing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

When players have access to online play, they have to start using the feature id surprise trade. This is allowing players on putting up any Pokemon for the trade. And also, it makes players receive a random Pokemon in return. Most of the frustrating players are sending the route 1 and 2 Pokemon, and the trainers are being caught. And the others are sending breeding rejects from the powerful Pokemon like rare goodies with starters.

Players who are from the start, using this surprise with an active state will definitely receive a minimum of one good Pokemon after he is given few tries.

Surprise Trades on completing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Use the Pokedex for Real

In most Pokemon games, you don’t see many reasons to look on Pokedex than checking what you already have and don’t have. This Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex guide the game players to reach the next Pokemon that they need to catch on filling up the Pokedex.

Pokedex tells players where they have to go, and those are advantageous for them if they don’t know how to start. So this is an excellent place for the trainers to begin on the wild area and catch whatever they got nearby.

Exploring the Wild Area to Complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Many hard or rare types of Pokemon are seen within the wild area, and they seem like spawns. They are available at several time periods of a day and within many weather conditions. Suppose we are concerned with trade evolutions that cause many issues and Pokemon who requires certain evolution items. In that case, there are so many strongest Pokemon who can chase down the sudden trainers.

Players are not necessarily required to run from the encounters, some of the Pokemon like Lucario. Gengar, Gallade and Machamp are the ones who are capable of roaming around the wild area.

Wild Area to Complete Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex

Joining with Max Raid battles

This is also another thing you can do to Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex complete. If you are a player using the surprise trades and constantly being online, it will be better for you to join with any max raid battle. These are great to catch some version exclusives, difficult evolutions or rare base forms and the earn watts since they are very helpful for a player.

Watts are there to pay digging duos, and it is the only method for players to take some fossil pieces from the Galar region. Trainers are most likely to farm fossils, and they need a huge supply from the watts on those framing.

Joining with Max Raid battles

Change the Game Weather

Most of the Pokemon who are within the Galar region available in some weather conditions only. If you wait for perfect weather in perfect conditions, that is a massive chance for you. This is something that most players don’t know, and every 1st day of every month, this entire wild area has some kind of set weather conditions. Those are as follows.

  • St of May – Normal
  • 1st of June – Fog
  • 1st of July – Sunny
  • St of October – Rainy
  • 1st of November – thunderstorm
  • 1st of December – Snowy
  • 1st of February – Hail;
  • 1st of March – Cloudy
  • 1st of April – Sandstorm

When players change the time and date from the switch system, they can change the game date, which will transform your weather.

Change the Game Weather


Some of the base or baby forms are so difficult to gain than fully evolved forms. For those kinds of Pokemon, it will be better on catching a wild Ditto from the Wild area from the Lake of Outrage so you can use it for breeding.

When you place a Ditto with a non-legendary Pokemon along in the daycare centre, the player will be rewarded with an egg. When he hatches this egg through biking or hiking, it results in a base form on the evolutionary line of Pokemon.

Easiest Items on Evolution

Most of the Pokemon require specific items for their evolvement. Players who are willing to explore the wild area and if they discover Lake of Outrage will see stone pillars out from the ground in a circle.

There will be an evolutions stone behind these stones, and the players can use them to evolve their Eevees or any other Pokemon. Other Pokemon may require some evolutions items, which will be found on various Galar Routes. Or you can purchase them with the use of BP on a Battle Tower.

Best Eevee Solutions can be viewed from here.

Friends or the Communities

If none of these mentioned methods is working for you on completing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, you can turn towards communities and your friends as a trainer. It can be a version exclusive like Darumaka or Shiftry or a starter. No matter what you have missed, you can ask for help from a friend so that you can take that Pokemon towards Pokedex.

Players hold the ability on turning online communities, and without concerning the state of a trainer, there will be a lot of help.

Friends or the Communities

Heading to the Isle of Armor

This is the main thing that you can do on completing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, and you can do it over and over. So now that our dedicated trainers are competing with their Pokedex, there is another thing to do. They can start over and do these all over and over. But not all.

The Isle of Armor DLC owns another 100 amounts of Pokedex for the Galar Region. And there will be a new Pokedex to go with them all. With a vast new wild area and a new overworld spawns batch, all these listed strategies will work effectively for the players on completing Island-specific Pokedex.

Heading to the Isle of Armor


So that’s it for competing Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, and these all strategies will help you from best to have a massive success of completion. For more advanced gameplay with Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokedex, you can use LDPlayer since it gives you all the advanced features to increase the amazement of the game.

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