Pet Simulator X Beginner’s Guide – Everything You Need to Know with Tips

Hey, pet lovers, here we have found another awesome game all you can enjoy with adopting cute pets and raising them under your care. This game is known as Pet Simulator X, a famous game among all Roblox players. Yes, as you guessed, this is a game you can find on Roblox. Roblox has many games, but this game is unique as you can play with cute little pets in different breeds and rarities. This guide will cover some of the best tips you should follow when playing this Pet Simulator X game. 

Pet Simulator X

The Pet Simulator X game is super cute and has many different worlds you can teleport with your pets. You can trade pets or purchase eggs and hatch them to get pets in different breeds and rarities. With all these features and facilities, this game has become one of the most popular Roblox games you can enjoy. So let us get into this guide with the best Pet Simulator X tips you can use during your gameplay. 

Teleport to Different Worlds

This game has different worlds, and each has various locations and areas that add uniqueness to them. Initially, only one world was available for you to wander around, and each other world needed to be unlocked using a certain amount of Robux. After unlocking a world, you need to unlock the sub-areas in them to enter, and you need diamonds and other forms of currencies to unlock these sub-areas in each world. Let us now see the worlds you can teleport within the game. 

Teleport to Different Worlds
  • Spawn World – this is the first world you can enter in this game, and it has various locations you can unlock using Robux and other currencies. 
  • Fantasy World – the next world is the fantasy world with ten biomes or sub-areas. The fantasy world is very beautiful, with different areas in the fantasy theme. 
  • Tech World – this world has ten biomes or sub-areas that you can unlock using different currencies. And when you enter the game, you will see these areas are built using the tech theme, which gives you unique vibes of being in a highly developed tech city. 
  • The Void – this is another world in this game, but technically this is not a real world where you can purchase any eggs or any purchase biomes. 
  • Axolotl Ocean – this world includes three sub-areas that you can enter. When you enter this game, you will feel like you are in a very blue ocean. 
  • Pixel World – a world with four sub-areas is the Pixel world, and everything here has been made with the pixel theme. 
  • Cat World – this is another world with four sub-areas in this game, and this uses the rainbow coin as the main currency. 
  • Limbo – this is similar to the Void, which is not technically a world, although we say this is a world. When you complete the cat world, you can unlock this Limbo, a unique area with unique things. You don’t see any purchasable areas or eggs in this unique area. 
  • Doodle World – when you unlock the Limbo by completing worlds, you can unlock this Doodle world automatically. The currency in this world is Cartoon Coins. 
  • Kawaii World – completing the Doodle world is the reason to unlock this Kawaii world. This has four sub-areas that you can unlock using Cartoon currency. 
  • Dog World – once you complete the previous world, you can unlock this world automatically. 

Pet Simulator X Pets

As we have already described, pets are the main focus of this game. The pets come with different rarities, such as basic, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. And also, there are exclusive pets you can get from the exclusive shop, such as gold pets, rainbow pets, and shiny pets. 

Pet Simulator X Pets

Regarding purchasing pets, you need coins as the main currency according to your world. But even with enough coins, you cannot purchase pets directly. First, you need to purchase an egg to get a pet or trade your pets with other players online. The higher the rarity of the pet is, the more expensive the pet becomes. 

Trading for Faster Gem Earning

Trading is one of the most significant features of this game, and we assume that many people love trading here and getting the pets they need. So here we are about to explain the tradings in this game from this guide. 

Trading for Faster Gem Earning

As we already said, you can trade pets with other players through trading. When trading, you should consider some facts to proceed with the trading. You must proceed with trading always if only the trade benefits you. When trading, besides getting new pets you want, you can earn more gems. If you want to farm gems, there are many methods, such as gem patch farming, throughout the area. But if you use this method, earning a considerable amount of gems takes you more time. 

But you can earn many gems if you trade pets with other players, which is one of the top tricks to earn gems. When trading, always try to make some profit for you. It means you should try to get higher rarity pets through trading, and then you should trade those higher rarity pets for a higher value than you bought them before. Doing this will help you to earn more gems in your gameplay. 

Pet Simulator X Codes for Freebies

When you have more pets, it is easy to progress in this game. But as you are a beginner, it takes some time to expand your pet collection. The best way to do this is to learn the Pet Simulator X codes and earn free stuff for your game through those redeemable codes. You can get the rarest pets and other valuable freebies with active codes. 

Pet Simulator X Codes for Freebies


Here are the top tricks and guidelines you should follow when playing the Pet Simulator X game. As this is such a cute game, we know all of you love to play it. Since you now have the best tips you can use in your Pet Simulator X gameplay, you can do greater things here. So, start the game right now without being late and have more fun expanding your pet collection.

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