Path to Nowhere Newbie Guide with Best Tips for a Real Challenge

Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of Path to Nowhere, where strategy and role-playing game elements come together to make a unique tower defense game. This game will take you on a journey through the twisted lives of the sinners and the dark story of the game. You’ll realize that all of your sinners’ pasts have made them your last line of defense against waves of enemies.

Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere is similar to games like Arknights in terms of how it’s played, but it has its own style. Instead of getting to know your characters, you’ll dig into their scary pasts and find stories of heartbreak and terror. Each sinner has their own story to tell. Some have heartbreaking pasts, while others have a dark side that will make you feel uneasy.

The story of Path to Nowhere is mysterious, like a tapestry made of tangled threads of corruption and plots. The story’s twists and turns will keep you guessing and make you wonder what will come next. If you want to really get into the game, it’s best to pay close attention to the story, as each character’s story is an important part of the overall experience. So, if you’re ready for a challenge, let’s get started with the beginner’s guide.

Path to Nowhere Gameplay

This game differs from other games because of a few reasons. At the start of the battle, you have a grid platform on which to place your Path to Nowhere characters. You can only place six characters on the battlefield. 

Path to Nowhere Gameplay

Once placed, you can move them around the battlefield depending on which lane needs more attention, but once they die, you will not be able to redeploy them. So, you have to play more cautiously. This makes having characters that can heal other characters on the battlefield so much more important.

As we said earlier, you can move your characters around the map during battles. Other than moving your characters during your turns, you can also move them as a reaction. This option is most useful when you are facing a boss. When the boss is going to do an attack that affects a larger area, you can move your characters to other places to avoid damage. 

But moving your characters has a limit per stage. You can see the top of the screen, and you have to use them when it is absolutely necessary because when you get to the last wave of the stage, you will need them more to defend various locations at once. 

What is Core Break

One of the important mechanics you have to know if you want to win battles in Path to Nowhere is the core-breaking mechanic. In the game, you will meet certain enemies that have a brownish dot under their hitpoint bar. This indicates that this enemy has a core protecting it. If you want to deal damage to these types of enemies, you have to first break their core.

Other than the class each character falls into, your characters can be divided into two groups: characters with core-breaking abilities and characters without those abilities. Just as including a tank and healer in your group, you have to select at least two characters with core-breaking abilities. 

However, once you break the shield, there is no need to use core-breaking abilities to take down the enemies, but once you break the core, characters that do not have core-breaking abilities will do much more damage to these types of enemies than characters with core-breaking abilities.

Path to Nowhere Characters

Like the combat mechanics, the next crucial aspect of the game is its characters. The characters in Path to Nowhere are divided into grades: S, A, and B. While there are only a few S-grade characters in the game, characters in A and B tiers can still perform well compared to other games. 

Path to Nowhere Characters

In this guide, we will not be examining the characters and their tiers, but if you are interested in knowing more, we recommend searching for the “Path to Nowhere tier list” on a search engine.

Path to Nowhere Classes

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned that your sinners fall into a certain class based on their role on the battlefield. There are six Path to Nowhere classes: Endura, Fury, Umbra, Reticle, Arcane, and Catalyst.

Path to Nowhere Classes
  • Enduras: Enduras are the tank class in the game. They can handle two enemies simultaneously and are useful for creating a strategic bottleneck when facing multiple enemies.
  • Fury: Fury is a class that can deal a decent amount of damage and withstand several heavy hits before falling. They are effective at holding lanes and are popular among players over the Endura class.
Path to Nowhere classes
  • Umbra: Umbra excels in quickly reaching enemies, dealing damage, and escaping, similar to assassins in other games. With their core-breaking abilities, they are a crucial component of any team. They are particularly valuable in boss battles where breaking cores is necessary.
  • Reticle: Reticle is the range class in the game. They can deal damage to enemies located far away on the map. They mainly deal physical damage, and some Reticles have abilities that increase their damage.
  • Arcane: Arcane is the mage class. They deal high explosive damage that affects a large area and deal magic-type damage. They are useful against bosses and enemies with low magic resistance and can be a valuable asset with their exceptional damage when used strategically.
  • Catalyst: Catalysts are the healer/support class in the game. They can heal your team and provide various buffs, not just through Healing.
Path to Nowhere classes

Path to Nowhere Characters and Skills Upgrade

The next topic we will cover is your sinners’ skills. All characters have several types of attacks: basic attack, ultimate attack, two passive skills, and a special skill that can be unlocked upon ascension. Just like with the characters, you will have to level up their skills to increase their power. 

You will need a lot of resources to upgrade your characters. Since there is no way to retrieve materials used for upgrades, it’s important to understand which characters are best and invest in them accordingly. Following are the most powerful sinners, in our opinion, that you can invest in. 

  • Fury – Nox
  • Umber-Labyrinth
  • Reticle – EMP
  • Arcane – Hecate 
  • Catalyst – Ariel, Anne, Macchiato


Through the gacha system in the game, you will acquire new characters and copies of characters you already have. In the shackle section of the character information, you can use these copies to unlock shackles. Each character has five shackles that enhance their skills by extending the active time, increasing the chance of applying debuffs or dots.



These are similar to artifacts in other games and provide various stat boosts such as an attack, HP, and normal attack damage. Crimebrands belong to sets, and when you wear a certain number of Crimebrands from the same set, you receive a significant set bonus that enhances your sinner’s attributes more than wearing individual Crimebrands. 

In addition to normal Crimebrands, character-exclusive Crimebrands can be unlocked when you reach phase three of a character. These character-exclusive Crimebrands significantly change how you use the sinner, providing large stat boosts, a new ultimate ability, and new passive abilities that can easily decimate most of your enemies.

Do the Newbie Quest

If you do not look around the game, you will miss this; there is a set of quests for beginners to do with a deadline. If you do these quests, you get to have one of the best characters in the game, and these quests also will help you to keep a healthy balance between things that you should do as a beginner. 

Do the Newbie Quest

Some will be reaching a certain level with singers, upgrades, unlocks, and other things that directly contribute to your progress, so make sure to do at least a few quests every day to not miss this opportunity. 

Operation Summary

Operation Summary

Operation Summary missions are the next important set of quests you should pay attention to. These quests give you various rewards, but the real prize is the Rein Cores that can increase your Chief Skill’s power. You can upgrade a few skills, but you should first upgrade the Skill Empower. This Skill restores energy to your Sinners. Then, you can upgrade the Healing Ability and Last Stand for a damage boost.

Guilds and Friends Points

Guilds and Friends Points

The Secret Society is the name they call Guilds in Path to Nowhere. When you join a Guild, you can earn Command Points by donating to society. Then, you can use this currency in the shop to buy rare materials you need to upgrade your Sinners. You can also request donations to obtain leveling materials besides the Command Points. Moreover, you will also get to participate in clan-specific game modes.

The next hidden currency of the game is Friendship Coins, which you acquire by sending gifts back and forth. Using Friendship Points, you can buy items, and there is a whole section of things you can purchase through them.

The Economy of Path to Nowhere

In addition to Friend Points and Command Points, the game has a few other forms of currency that you can use in the shop. Hypercubes are the game’s primary currency and can be purchased through the shop or through missions, rewards, and events in small amounts. DisCoins are the most common form of currency in the game and are necessary for many activities. 

To acquire free stamina and DisCoins, head to the shop’s Featured Pack section and go to the end of the list. If you plan on spending money, you can purchase packs from this tab, which contain arrest warrants that can be used to summon sinners. 

If you are a light spender, your best option is buying Black Key VIP cards. The Exchange section is also important, where you can spend your Command and Friend Points. You can also exchange Varus badges earned through duplicates and other game modes.


With this Path to Nowhere beginners guide, we have shown you the most basic things that you should know to play the game. We hope the information we provided was helpful; now it is time to end this guide, and thanks for reading.

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