Never After Classes Guide – The Best Class to Choose

No one avoids fairy tales, do you? Everyone likes fairy tales. Yeah, this Never After the game is a fairy-themed Role-Playing game that has a mixed feeling of adventure and fantasy world. This fantastic game was developed by NetEase Games and was released on 14th June 2022. Even though this is set to release on 14th June, we think it’s still not out. You can pre-register the game to early access the game. This guide will give you the best Never After classes to choose from.


Never After comes with a Multiplayer feature, an online game. This game is free-to-play, and this is never the fairy world you knew from childhood. This is a brand new game with the latest gaming features that catch all the hearts of fairy lovers. You will meet many famous fairies that are so rich in popularity. At the beginning of the game, you cannot access all the characters, but once you go through the game clearing levels, you can access all the famous characters. And you can create your team and craft a beautiful castle for yourself.

You can gain many rewards: a daily login bonus, rewards for completing quests, etc. There are over 500,000 players who have registered for this game’s pre-registration. That’s amazing. Most fairy lovers and adventure lovers are waiting to experience both in one game. In this fictional world, you will meet Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, and many more 100+ princesses and princes. Let’s check the Never After classes you can choose here.

Each of the characters belongs to a class. And there are five Never After classes in this game Hunter, Sorcerer, Musician, Knight, and Assassin. These 5 Never After Classes have their skills, techniques, and levels up to progress. And the characters mentioned above have been divided into three main tiers, S, A, and B, based on their performance. 

Never After Classes: Hunter Class

This is one of the best Never After classes in this game. The characters in this class are compelling. They can deal with a massive DPS (Damage Per Second). These Hunter class characters are the killers of bosses and other opponents in both PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player), respectively. This Hunter class has a flash-like speed even the others cannot dodge or see. 

This Hunter class deals a lot of DPS, but Hunters cannot take massive damage. Because they have poor health and they have poor defense methods. And the Hunters are inferior to knights. They can shoot and kill enemies while keeping a far distance from them. 

Should You Choose Hunter Class?

If you love to play from a long distance from enemies, you should choose the Hunter class. They are not hard to play but not easy to master. But not to be killed by an enemy, they must have good attention to maps. 

Never After Classes: Sorcerer Class

This class can control elements in nature and use them against their opponents. This controlling ability is beneficial to save the Sorcerer class characters from close-ranged, highly damaged dealing enemies. The Damage Per Second of Sorcerer class is lower than Hunter class. But this class is a very efficient type of survival. They have a fragile nature, and their defense base is lower than other classes. This is not a unique class type either. 

Should You Choose Sorcerer Class?

If you like to damage your opponents continually until they die, you should choose this class. As mentioned above, they cannot deal massive damage. But they are helpful for continuous damage in any battle formation. If you have a good understanding of the moves of the Sorcerer class, you can handle this class’s players smoothly. 

Let’s go to the following class explanation, the Musician class.

Never After Classes: Musician Class

This is the best supportive class among all other Never After classes. With their music, they can heal their allies. What a peace, isn’t it? Having this class around makes the battle easy. Because they can heal by themselves.

Another thing is this class doesn’t like to get too much attention. Musicians have the best survival techniques. But, like the Sorcerer class, they cannot deal massive damage to the enemies. The Musician class is the class that controls the whole battle from backstage. 

Should You Choose the Musician Class?

If you are a player who likes to heal and support backstage without getting the spotlight, you should choose this class. No player is willing to choose this class because of their low DPS., but you will soon understand how vital this class is for PvP modes because their healing ability can heal themselves and their allies. 

Never After Classes: Knight Class

This class has the ability to change its role according to the situation you are in. knights can act as a tank (the one who draws enemies far from the allies) or a warrior. This class has a vast health status and reasonable self-defense, but they can deal with more minor damage. If you like to be in the spotlight in the battle, you should try this as the knights play a leading role in every match. They try to lure attackers for the sake of the team, and at the same time, they look for massive damage-dealing enemies to protect their teammates


Should You Choose This Class?

Like Musicians, the Knight class is also not the best choice among the Never After players because of their less damage output. But you must have a Knight in your group because they can defend the teammates. 

Never After Classes: Assassin Class

This is a well-known class among all the players. The Assassin class has much more popularity than any other Never After Classes. They are so fast that they can transport from one location to another quickly without wasting much time. Assassins are like melee, but they can hunt down enemies from a long distance and can deal lots of physical damage. 

Should You Choose This Assassin Class?

They can be invisible for a short period, an advantage on the battlefield. This class is the first choice of all other players because of their sneaky, stealthy assassinating style and invisible ability that makes the gameplay so funny. 

If you have a chance to utilize these heroes in a better way, don’t ignore it. You just have to go with LDPlayer and see how your gameplay can be improved.


Through this guide, now you can have a piece of good knowledge about all the classes in this game. Choose wisely, and have good gameplay. Good luck, fellows

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