NEO 2045: Open-World MMO

NEO 2045: Open-World MMO is a future-based game. According to the game, you are in the year 2045. In that year, the Earth faces the danger of evil AI. This evil AI power of overload is named Lazertron. You will find that evil AI has been acknowledged in the game, but he will be a significant threat to the entire universe. However, the evil AI overlord has a robot army. Their primary duty is to meet the fixed greed of the overlord to colossal domination. As the player, you are lucky. Now you have crashed into another strange planet. This land has several NEOs. In this undiscovered and unknown land, you have to face a lot of dangers.

NEO 2045: Open-World MMO

In this game, which is based on a fantasy world, you have to enhance your skills. Mainly, you are playing and developing your skills to get the world back from evil Lazrtron. For that mission, you have to gather and build a troop with your besties. Then you have to explore the massive Neoverse. As the saver of the Earth, you have to modify and create the best squad deliberately. Then go to the areas of multiplayer and esports to get the best training.

NEO 2045: Open-World MMO Game Features

NEO 2045: Open-World MMO Game Features
  • When you play NEO 2045: Open-World MMO, you have to build your best avatar. You can deal with this astonishing avatar in the realm of this online multiplayer game. There are many specialties. You have the freedom to customize the facial expressions, attires, and other ornaments. This will be an exciting feature with the level up. Through this, you can earn brand new items.
  • When you modify your world, you can create other things as you want. So you can build a good home pad or even a base. The saver of the world can design useful machines and other supporters of the mission. If you are interested, you can create digital playgrounds to deal with your allies.
  • When you explore your designated role in the open world, you can unlock the latest gears. There will be more quests and missions that you can unlock.
  • When you commence this, you will find endless fun. There will be missions on rescuing and training pets which will be interesting. You will discover helpers between two planets where you have to do an extensive exploration and win the battles’ victory.
  • As we discussed, there will be no pause for the amusement of the fun in NEO Central.  There will be wild dancing battles in the game. They will be linked with several pizza parties.
  • When you are at the battle arena, there are different eSports and multi-playing games to enjoy. This will be the best way for instant enjoyment, and you can battle with a team of more than forty players. This will include numerous arenas and arcades and be empowered with eSport games.
  • As the latest MMO game is based on fantasy elements, you have to dig a big world. There will be sub-zero arctic zones. They will mainly locate in the jungle forests. You will also see numerous deserts and oceans, and you will see unimaginable Neoverse with unlimited moons and planets there.
  • You will see the Parental Dashboard as an alternative point in the game. This will be the best guardian for the newbies, depicting their usage and other attainments. Here you will find some personal control that is specific to each player.
  • You can download the scientific and adventurous game NEO 2045: Open-World MMO and begin your journey.

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