Need for Speed Mobile Beginner Guide – Best Tips for Your Gameplay

If you are a diehard fan of car games, you must have heard of and even played the Need for Speed series games. The series has different kinds of car games with dissimilarities giving the best car gaming experience. And now, there will be another gameplay of that series called the Need for Speed Mobile, but it is still in development. Since it is expected to release in late 2023, we have prepared this Need for Speed Mobile beginner guide providing you with the best tips for your gameplay. 

Need for Speed Mobile

The game is filled with amazing drifting, different kinds of tracks, and some thrilling game modes to test your speed racing skills. And one of the best things you will experience in this game is the cars manufactured by world-class manufacturers. There are many different cars that you can use to race while the cops chase after you. Would you think the cops will be able to match your speed? If you follow the best tips mentioned in this Need for Speed Mobile guide, no one can catch up to you, realizing that you are the best. 

Perfect Drifting

Drifting is one of the essential techniques to be used in almost all racing games. So in this Need for Speed Mobile game, too, you need to drift perfectly because you can benefit from performing drifts. One of the benefits you can earn by performing drifts is you can steer your car quickly, and the next is you can accumulate more nitro which you need to boost the speed of your car. 

Perfect Drifting

So how to perform a drift in this game? It is simple; you just need to tap on the handbrake option while taking a turn and then tap on the opposite arrow to straighten up the car again. If you take a turn to the left, tap on the left arrow option with the handbrake option and tap on the right arrow option to straighten up the car, or if you take a turn to the right, tap on the right arrow option with the handbrake option and again tap on the left arrow option to perform a perfect drift. This is how you will drift according to the direction of the bend you will perform a drift. 

Use Nitro When the Tank is Full

Nitro is the best component that you can use to boost the speed of your car. When you use nitro in your gameplay, it will increase the speed of your car until the nitro tank becomes empty. You can gather nitro very quickly by performing drifts. Even though there is little nitro in the nitro tank, you can still use them for your gameplay. 

Use Nitro When the Tank is Full

But it is better to wait until the nitro tank is full of nitro so that you can boost the speed of your car for much longer than the boosting time with a little amount of nitro. To perform more drifts and get more nitro to your gameplay, use them by double tapping on the nitro tank and boosting the speed of your car to become the first to keep the best records. 

Play Different Game Modes

As we said above, you can engage in different game modes that give you different racing vibes. Some may be challenging, and some may be fun and enjoyable for you, etc. Since the Need for Speed Mobile game gives you many chances to play different modes, you can have a variety of racing vibes that are different from each other. Let us see some details about these game modes. 

  • Races – in the option of the race, you can see the races that can be taken part in by six players, such as casual races and ranked races, etc. In each racing, the track you will race will be selected randomly. 
  • Hot Pursuits – in this game mode, you can enjoy the races such as thirty-person Heat Bay mode, racers vs. police, ranked races and reputation races, etc. This game mode will be unlocked until you reach the player level seven. 
  • Heat Bay – this is another game mode that you can unlock once you reach player level four. In this mode, you will see multiplayer challenges, story mode challenges, free-roaming chances in the Heat Bay city, etc. 

Complete Dailies

Dailies are the missions you should complete within the relevant day to earn rewards for each mission. These dailies are easy to complete as they tell you some simple tasks. Whenever you complete dailies, you can earn EXP to level up faster in Need for Speed Mobile gameplay and some currencies helpful to proceed in the gameplay. 

Complete Dailies

When you complete daily tasks, you receive active points, which you can get extra rewards by acquiring different amounts of activity points. Complete daily tasks will motivate you to play the game using different elements and features. You can use the daily tasks to get along with the gameplay. So complete them, earn prizes, and accumulate more activity points for bonus prizes. 

Skill Training in the Skill Class

When you reach a certain level in the game, you unlock the skill class, which is one of the best ways to learn the skills helpful in the game. In the Need for Speed Mobile skill class, skills are categorized into different ranks, such as basic, beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc. 

According to the rank you achieve in your gameplay, you will unlock skill classes to learn and improve the skills which are very helpful to proceed in the Need for Speed Mobile gameplay. When you enter the training sessions to improve different skills, you can earn additional rewards for your gameplay. Therefore, make sure to train your skills through the skill class according to the rank you are in and be better. 


So, that is all for today about Need for Speed Mobile gameplay. Since you have read this guide, now you know the tips useful for gameplay, so you just prepare yourself with those tips in your mind. Right after the game is released for you to play, you can use all the tips mentioned above. As the game will be released soon, get ready to race even faster so no cop can chase after you without being exhausted and unable to catch up with you. 

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