N INNOCENCE Tier List and Reroll Guide – Pick Your Best Hero Today

N INNOCENCE is finally here, and just like all other gacha games, you will need some better heroes to carry on with the best skills, best performance, and best output. There are both PVE as well as PVP modes available in this game that make you face the hardest throughout the N INNOCENCE gameplay, and if you really need to come up with the best strength, then you better have the best heroes taken from the N INNOCENCE tier list.

N INNOCENCE tier list

So, we are presenting this guide to let you know about all the N INNOCENCE tier list heroes based on some strength levels, and we will let you know the exact method to earn them by providing you with the N INNOCENCE reroll steps as well. So, join the gameplay and start having your best performance.

N INNOCENCE Tier List – Strength Levels

Strength levels mean that we divide all the heroes in the N INNOCENCE based on a certain rank. This defines who is going to be the best as well as the worst as follows.

  • S Tier – we have the most powerful here to be added to a team, and the ones featured here will be holding the best strength.
  • A Tier – if you didn’t manage to gain an S-tier hero, the next option could be to go to an A-tier ranked hero, as they are the second-best heroes. They don’t have the same powers as S but they are still the best.
  • B Tier – Compared to the other two ranks we defined here, these are not going to be as powerful as you want, and they are more like solid heroes.

N INNOCENCE Tier List Heroes

And following is the list of heroes from the tier list based on their ranks and roles.

RankRoleHero Name
ACrowd Controlling


After learning about all the N INNOCENCE characters, it is time to learn how you can earn them. And that will be done by the N INNOCENCE reroll, and the steps for it are as follows.

  • Start the game
  • Finish up the tutorial. This is not mandatory, and the stories here can be skipped if you want
  • Visit the home screen
  • Claim all the rewards, if any
  • Go to the gacha and make a reroll. You can use Quartz Stones here so that a drawing can be done 36 times
  • Take the ticket that has already been confirmed and summon a hero as you wish
  • If it doesn’t earn your aimed hero, then delete the data and repeat the N INNOCENCE reroll again

Now it is possible to have the speediest rerolls done by using an emulator because it generally allows users to create copies, and those all can be used to reroll. So no more repeating and reset rerolls. The recommended emulator here is the LDPlayer 9.


This will end up on our N INNOCENCE character tier list and its separate N INNOCENCE reroll steps. If you want to make your gameplay way better as a N INNOCENCE beginner or as a pro player, please be careful enough to aim for an S-tier hero.

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