N-Innocence Beginner Guide with Best Tips for the Gameplay

N-Innocence is a creative take on Norse and Japanese mythology set in a fantasy world with legendary gods and stories from both cultures mixed together. This action RPG by ASOBIMO has a cast of big names from Hollywood who lend their voices to the game’s dramatic presentation. The controls of the game can be seen as the most interesting feature. It is so simple that you can use a flurry of quick strikes and powerful special moves with just a tap of your finger.


You can choose up to three characters to fight with you in this game. Each playable character has its own strengths and weaknesses, which gives you a lot of ways to approach its battles. Overall N-Innocence has something for everyone, whether they like fast-paced action or want to plan out their moves. 

Before you start your journey, knowing a few basics of character selection and how the power-up system works would be helpful. Through this N-Innocence beginner guide, we will introduce you to the game’s basics and offer some tips for playing the game. Let’s start

How to Progress in N-Innocence

In N-Innocence, players can choose from a number of different game modes and main quest lines as they work to improve their characters. It might be hard to find your way and make the most of the time you have to play. From here on out, we’ll show you how to do that easily.

Unlocking New Modes in N-Innocence

Unlocking New Modes in N-Innocence

When you play N-INNOCENCE, one of the most important things you’ll want to do is unlock more game modes. To get into any mode, you have to first do the following:

  • Training School: Clear the main quest, chapter one, level 6.
  • Abyss: Clear the main quest, chapter one.
  • Investigating: Clear chapter two of the main quest.

Once you’ve unlocked these modes, you’ll have plenty of new content to play and explore.

N-Innocence Character Strengthening 

If you get stuck in the story, the first thing you can do to get out of it is to level up your character. The training center is a great place to start, as you can use it to complete challenges and level up your character. Here’s what you need to know about leveling up your character.

  • Complete the challenges in the training center. This will give you access to “constant factor” materials that you can use to strengthen your character level.
  • Choose a training that matches the color of the character you are going to level up. This will double the experience you gain and make it easier to level up that character.
  • Feed low-grade gear to your character armor to raise their armor stats. This will increase their HP and attack power, making it easier to defeat enemies.
  • Awaken your gear. You’ll need to feed your character gear with the same grade gear in order to do this.

Raising Character Skill Level

Once you have increased your character’s overall power through awakening gear and feeding low-grade gear, the next step is to focus on raising your character’s skill level. To do this, go to each character’s skill description and raise their skill power. Increasing the skill level will result in a multiplier increase of the skill’s effect and damage dealt to the enemy. This will greatly improve your character’s performance in battles, making it easier for you to defeat enemies and progress through the game.

Picking the Best Character

Picking the Best Character

In N-Innocence, the game features a gacha system that allows players to collect heroes. However, not all heroes will have the same power, and some may be better suited for certain situations than others. This is why rerolling is a common strategy among players to get the best characters from the start. 

To reroll, you will need to go to the menu, select the option to go back to the loading screen, and from there go to the menu and then alter/delete your account. This will delete your account, and you will have to log in and do the tutorial again. After collecting all rewards from your mail, you can do the summons again and see if you have gotten the desired characters.

Fafnir and Apollo are considered the best characters to reroll for, as they have unique abilities that can greatly benefit players. Fafnir has the ability to recover HP while attacking, making him a valuable asset in boss battles where you need to last longer. Apollo, on the other hand, has a skill that increases his combat power when fighting multiple enemies at once, making him ideal for fights with small enemies.

Acquiring Copies for Ascension

In N-Innocence, character ascension raises the star level of the characters, allowing you to unlock new skills, activate new combos, and expand their range of fighting styles. To ascend characters, you will need copies of the current heroes. 

The easiest way to acquire gems, which are used to summon, is by completing all main missions, which will award you with 2700 gems. Other ways to acquire gems include:

  • Leveling up your avatar.
  • Strengthening the goddess.
  • Setting divine attire.
  • Adding friends.
  • Setting support members.
  • Clearing the training center.
  • Combo switching.
  • Using friend points to exchange items at the supply shop.

N-Innocence Combat Tips

N-Innocence Combat Tips

So far, we have talked about how to progress in the game and what you can do to increase your success. In boss battles, if you manage to get the Fafnir, you can greatly increase your survivability, but sometimes staying alive longer is not enough. 

So you have to add characters with burst damage skills into your formation if you want to succeed. For example, characters like Schwertleite have a Follow-up attack for each hit, and you can easily build up their combos. Having characters like this in your formation will make the fight so much simpler than having a character that requires you to build up 35 combo points to deal the full damage. 

Pick the Right Character

Pick the Right Character

Same as most games, the character of N-Innocence also has a job and element they belong to. According to their job, they mainly fall into two categories: attackers and supporters. Attack and support characters both have the ability to provide damage, but the difference is some skills of support characters provide benefits like HP recovery or shield to increase your team’s survivability. 

When it comes to elements, there are five elements of the game; fire, water, nature, light, and dark. Each of these elements has an element they are strong against or weak against, as follows:

  • Water element characters have an advantage over fire element characters.
  • Fire element characters have an advantage over nature element characters.
  • Nature element characters have an advantage over Water element characters.
  • Light and dark remain neutral against other elements; they only oppose each other.

You have to consider both of these aspects when making your character selection. This means if a boss has an elemental weakness against one of your strengthened heroes, you should pick them over others and including one of each class will also help you increase your success. 

Using Skills Correctly

Once you have gone through all the things we have provided, the next thing you can do is practice how to fight. In combat, most of the attacks that come your way can be easily avoided; all you have to do is use your fingers to move your character to the left or right, but when you need to attack, make sure you are in close range. 

In the beginning, when there aren’t many characters to level up, it’s best to switch between two characters with the most power and the fewest combos during the burst. Through this method, you can switch characters in a relatively short amount of time, and you can attack the primary character for a considerable amount of time, allowing you to rack up damage in an effective manner.

During battles, you have to make sure to use your divine powers and assist skills to quickly burst enemies; this is because it is easier and faster to put the enemy in a stunned state than deal damage with a combo. This way, you can efficiently reduce the enemy’s HP while suppressing the incoming damage. One other thing you have to know about assist skills is that when you use them, they give you an invincibility period. If you use them at the right time, you can get out of tight spots without taking damage. 


In conclusion, there are many ways to progress and improve your character in N-Innocence. Whether you’re looking to increase your character’s overall power, pick the best character, or ascend them to unlock new skills, there are a variety of strategies that you can use to achieve your goals. If you follow these guidelines, you’ll soon be an expert player.

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