Mythic Heroes Beginner Guide and Tips

Mythic Heroes is a Casual RPG game brought to you by the same developers who developed the Lords Mobile. This is a game where players get to battle the dark forces with a unique team of powerful heroes to save the world; with this Mythic Heroes beginner guide, we will cover everything you need to know before starting your journey to save the world. 

As the game continues, you must increase your hero’s powers with new talents and famous weapons. The game includes both  PvE and PvP combat systems and large-scale guild wars. The game has a quick Character Leveling system, so players who start late don’t have to be discouraged by other players who start the game early.

As a player, Mythic Heroes allowed players to be involved in every battle in the game, or players could select a team and let the game AI auto-battle feature take care of the battles for them. The auto-battle feature will put your heroes in the Battle until they are defeated. Then, the player can change the strategy to fit the phase.

Everything You Want to Know About Heroes in Mythic Heroes

Like in every gacha RPG game, characters which players get to control are Called heroes. These heroes are different by Rank, Type, and faction. In the current game, Rank R is the lowest rank, Next is SR, SSR, and Ultra Rare are called UR. This is the highest rank. The higher the rank, the more powerful abilities heroes will have.

Mythic Heroes Beginner Guide

Hero status shows the ranking of your heroes; you can use ascension to upgrade your SR or higher rank heroes. With every ascension, you can change the level limitation of your hero. You can consume SR heroes of the same faction for enhancement. You should never ascend SR heroes unless you have no choice and need help to progress because they can be reset. Let’s take a look at them with our Mythic Heroes beginner guide.

 Four Types of Heroes

  • Fighter: used to deal damage, they can deal a lot of damage with rapid attacks or burst damage. Their damage is physical.
  • Tankers: They can endure damage and taunt the enemy to attack them instead of others. Tankers have crowd control skills. But they have the lowest damage output compared to other classes.
  • Mage: Like the fighter, mages can be melee or ranged damage, but their speciality is in the area of effect damage and burst damage through magic.
  • Support:  these heroes are equipped with skills to stop their enemies from dealing damage or healing spells and buff spells to help other heroes.

When you start to play Mythic Heroes, having a few good heroes will help you progress faster in the Mythic Heroes campaign, so try rerolling. Although it may take time to get a good hero, you must do this if you want to take on the challenging content of the Mythic heroes. With this Mythic heroes beginner guide, we will try to teach you some tips to progress with what you get, so keep reading.

What Are the Battle Modes?

Mythic Heroes have several battle modes for their players.

  • The Story Campaign: – This is what you should try to complete when you start playing the campaign; it is pretty easy, and through the auto-battle feature, you can pass through this without any hassle;

  • Hade’s Hell: – it is just like the campaign. In hades, as you progress, the difficulty increases in each chapter. There is a stage hazard in every stage; it makes the battle much more difficult even though the difficulty is more serious; here, you can get the rewards like runes, equipment and other things you will need to upgrade your heroes.

  • Trials of Ascension: – This is where you have to fight with three bosses who guard valuable resources. The reward will depend on the damage you dealt with the Boss. Every Boss has a weakness that players can use to their advantage.

  • Mythology Games: – As for all the mythology games, Mythic heroes also have a mode called Zodiac Caverns, where players get to fight mythological creatures. Fighting these monsters, you can earn soul seals that you can use to upgrade weapons.

  • Divine chronicles: – If you are interested in knowing the game’s lore, you should pay attention to Divine chronicles. Also, it will award you with hero tokens, resources, and some more things while you understand the world around you. Unlike other battles in the game, this mode requires players to have reached specific goals or unique events before proceeding to the next chapter.

Does Formation Matter?

Keeping your heroes upgraded and geared is not enough Mythic Heroes. You have to choose the best slot that fits the role of the heroes. For some heroes, you can decide this more easily, but, on some occasions, you will have to change your strategy; with changing hero slots,

You can activate different formations like defensive and offensive. Using the offensive formation will help you pass certain stages faster since your heroes can deal damage faster, while the defensive formation helps you to survive longer in battle.

What Is Elemental Matchup?

Just like with formation, elemental matchups are an essential mechanic of the Mythic Heroes. To take advantage of this mechanic, you have to have multiple characters of the same faction in your squad; this triggers a bonus called “factional Auras”. If you have two characters in the same faction, These auras may grant your heroes an extra 4% to attack and defense. Having all five heroes in the same faction will grant a 16% increase to attack and defense.

You can also activate two bonuses by adding two different factions to your build. This matchup system is similar to elemental matchup in other similar games. One element is weak against another or stronger, which means if you have strong heroes against other teams, you will do more damage to those heroes. For example, UR Heroes can have two factions meaning they can deal damage strongly to two factions and remember they may take increased damage from two factions.

What Is Astrolabe?

This is where you can get resources and power even when you are not playing; every 15 minutes, you will get gears of time. You can spend these on the astrolabe feature. When you spin the wheels, you will be granted resources, hero shards and materials. Remember to spin the daily 100 spins you get for free. 

Don’t Be Discouraged by Pantheons

You can play pantheon for two days but wait for the second day since you may acquire a new hero or may be able to upgrade your heroes. It’s a random chance game and tactics. You have to try different strategies over and over to complete it. Some players may take hours to clear one stage, so don’t be discouraged by this. Try using heroes like Zeus, Artemis, Hades, Idun or Nagakayna.

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You can use Keyboard Macro Commands to trigger combos or accurate clicks, which will help you control the gameplay of Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG much easier. Play multiple accounts on one computer with our Multi-Instance Sync features.

What Should You Buy From the MarketPlace

Your main priority should be dust, EXP, SS/UR hero shards, and don’t forget to collect your daily free refreshment. Also, buy 6-coin cubes from the Tribute section that also refresh daily. Try to save your gold as much as possible since you will need more gold for your upgrade.

Join a Guild

Joining a guild has many benefits among them is a guild market to purchase high-level artefacts and runes. You can get a free wish in the wishing fountain, and you can buy more wishes later. Get access to the guild research Center, that holds the best scholars. These intellectuals improve the performance of the guild members during guild events.

Also, you get to fight the Boss as a guild, giving you some excellent rewards. Players get to compete against other guilds to show who is the best in the realms while earning rewards at the end of the battle.


That is all we have to present you with our Mythic Heroes beginner guide. We hope our Mythic heroes beginner guide helps you to get some overall idea of the Mythic heroes. Explore some more brave summoners and experiment with different heroes while keeping this information in mind.

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