Murders on Budapest

Murders on Budapest is a detective game that is based on the style of the novel. When you begin the game, you get to know that Doyle had lost among a mountain range when he was in the blizzard. He has confronted a troop of fellow hikers. That group of abandoned hikers offers some food and a place to sleep. That was in the grand estate. But, when they try to get away the area, one member of the troop has dead.


Now, the heated puzzle is to find the murder. You may have some assumptions now, but in the end, you will get surprised by the real murderer. If you are tired of predicting the mysteries, the option is here. You can think about some comic murder mystery. That is Murders in Budapest. Although this is a detective game, the plotline of the story is based on a fun adventure. There you get freedom of selecting the mystery as your preference. Although you have guessed on the killer, you will get shock at the end.

With the investigations, you will move to an estate that has overloaded with suspects. There will be a group who has abandoned in the blizzard. They have come from the grand estate. But. You will find something strange. Because every time, a doll will go a miss. Then there will be a corpse. Can you guess the killer during this time?

Murders on Budapest Game Features

  • It will be easy to go through the story as a newbie because several images will guide you.
  • You can pay homage to the great mystery writers. You can do this to the writers from Agatha Christine to Higashino Keigo.
  • Although this is a mysterious story, there will be several outbreaks of humor throughout the game.
  • Here, the players have suitable space to make more choices. You can select the adventure type of the game as you want.
  • While playing the game, you can explore new ways to play the game. That will be more interesting to play the game.
  • This is an RPG arcade-type game; the story will move among different genres while playing the game.
  • When you play the game in the messenger format, you will encounter something like a visual mystery novel throughout the game. That will be interesting.

If you love to play this kind of story-driven and messenger-based game, this will be the best opportunity for you. in Murders on Budapest, you have the freedom to choose by dealing with the visual novel effects. In this free-playing adventurous game, you will encounter the mysterious detective plotline. The ending of the story will change according to your choices. As there are a lot of things to communicate, visual novels will play a huge role.

If you are a player who is passionate about adventurous visual novel games which are based on messenger style, this will be the best game as you can create more active connections with other players. So, if you are waiting deal with a free game with mysterious elements, this is your chance. There is one more specialty in Murders in Budapest. The game is the best alternative if you find the old-styled games are boring. Because in Murders on Budapest, you will find comic elements with mind-blowing detective activities.

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