Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tips 2024

Are you excited about CPRG, the Computer Role-Playing Games?. Assuming that, we will let you know about the exciting news. The upcoming game to CPRG world, the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, is planned to release on 30th June 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC. And this was developed by Capcom. But, its content won’t be free to play the game. This guide will let you know Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak tips for a better start.

The DLC ( Downloadable Content) of this game, the Subreak expansion, starts from $40, and the preorders are available now. There won’t be a cross-player feature here. The massive development of this game is full of the latest content. All the players waiting for this game hope that this will come with great content. 

New monsters, new maps, new locations, new weapons, and new craftings make this upcoming game the latest and most modernized game. And the developer team of this game has prepared lots of very hard challenges and new quests to ensure you won’t pass a stage or level at one time. So, it’s vital to know Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak tips for a better start. 

Let’s go further. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tips for New Locations

The game’s developer team has planned to provide us with new locations, not just one, but many. Before you begin to play, you need to know about these new locations they will provide us. 

The Jungle

One of the new regions the Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has prepared for us. The first mission you have to do on the Jungle map is to reach the secret island. To access this secret island, you will deal with many activities. 

You have to climb up walls and blast boulders using bombs, and after doing many things like this, you will arrive at the secret land not indicated on the map. And another mission is finding secret routes. And there are lots of jungle materials you have to collect. You will find different kinds of monsters waiting for you when you explore. You need to hunt down them, collect their eggs, etc. 

Forlorn Arena

Forlorn Arena consists of two parts; the base camp and the Arena. T Here, they have promised their finger-counting player fandoms that they will add new monster species to this location, and there will be many new challenges for you to face. More updates will be given to you after the release. 

The Citadel

Another new region that comes with Sunbreak expansion. This territory is at the heart of a ruined castle. You need to explore these ruins. While you explore, you will find an icy landscape and ruined cliffs. The things you need to do here are collect materials, hunt many monsters that are so scary, and many quests will be added soon, my fellows. 

The Elgado Outpost

This Elgado Outpost is the newly added operational base for all the hunters. This is the headquarters of the kingdom research team, and you will have lots of things to do. And there will be many new characters like Master Arlow, Minayle, Bahari, Oboro, etc. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tips for Follower Quests

This is a new single-player quest series. You must hunt down monsters with the characters or followers you will find in this story. These story characters can assist you in hunting by laying traps for monsters, help you by healing, and also they can ride monsters. By completing these quests, you can earn many rewards. 

What will be the rewards you can earn here? You should know it by yourself while playing this after release. These followers are NPCs (Non-Player Characters) who aren’t controlled by any player but the game itself. Each NCP has its own playstyle, and every character wields a weapon that helps their playstyle, like a greatsword, charge blade, shield, etc. 

New Monsters

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will feature numerous types of monsters in their gameplay. They already have 39 monsters in the game. Still, with the new Sunbreak expansion, they have added other monsters, also known as new subspecies, such as Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, Aurora Somnacanth, Magma Almudron, Garangolm, Blood Orange Bishaten, Lunagaron, and Malzeno. Let’s look closely at all these monsters added to this game.

Pyre Rakna-Kadaki

Updated and newest version of Rakna-Kadaki. This one will be scarier. 

Aurora Somnacanth 

This monster wields the ability to blast icy air to freeze everything surrounding him.

Magma Almudron

The monster that can live in Lava is Magma Almudron and the fiery version of Almadron.


This fanged beast is newly added to the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak game. It resides in the woodlands of Citadel. It uses his big body to attack with both fire and water elements.

Blood Orange Bishaten

Another new monster you face here is this. It uses pinecones that are exploding to attack. 


This is a werewolf, the new version of the old Odogaron. It’s powerful and can deal damage using ice with its front claws.


Malzeno is draining the life of its foes. The new elder dragon comes to this game. 

This is just a tiny amount of information we expose to you because we won’t spoil your interest. You can learn about many other new species of monsters and their abilities and disabilities while playing this game. 

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak – A Guide for the Master Rank Quest

The Master Rank quest will be very difficult here. The monsters in Master Rank will be more challenging to hunt than the other bases in-game. You will see different new attacks from those monsters. Before getting into the Master Rank Quest, you must complete the base’s final quest: Serpent Goddess of Thunder. 

And another special thing added to the game is special armor and weapons for the Master Rank. Master Rank armor and weapons have more stats, defense skills, and gem slots with delightful skins than other weapons.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Tips for Silkbind and Switch Skills

Fourteen types of weapons will get new Silkbind attacks and Switch skills. Let’s see each one of these Fourteen weapons and their silk bind attacks and switch skills. 

WeaponSilkbind AttackSwitch Skill
Great Sword Strongarm StanceSurge Slash Combo
Dual BladesSpiral SlashSlide Slash Combo
HammerImpact BurstSpinning Bludgeon: Charge
Hunting HornSilkbind ShockwaveSwing Combo
GunlanceBullet BarrageErupting Cannon
LanceSkyward ThrustShield Tackle
BowButcher’s BindStake Thrust
Light BowgunWyvern CounterCritical Firepower
Long SwordHarvest MoonSacred Sheathe Combo

Each of the above silk bind and switch skills has improved the performance of weapons in different ways, such as; Bow gains the ability to cause severe damage and additional hits, etc. 

And there’s a new switch skill feature called Switch Skill Swap. The most significant advantage of this is the switch skill swap allows the hunters to change the silk bind attack and switch skills during the hunts. And the swap evades, mainly a mobility skill can be used after a Skill Swap.

All these skills and the skill binds can be enhanced when you have the right support with you. What is it then? It is LDPlayer, and try it on your own to see how well you can optimize your gameplay.


In this guide, we have shared Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak tips for a better start to make sure you won’t fail in any stage once it is released. Get ready for an enormous CPRG experience.

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