Mojo Melee – Beginner Guide with Tips for the Best Gameplay Time

Mojo Melee is a strategy game like a well-developed auto chess game. You will be a Mojo in this game, and you can collect different kinds of Mojos when you go through the game. You can take part and have fun in different battle modes. When playing any game mode, you just need to be a better strategist, sometimes a better player with advanced knowledge about the game. So, read this Mojo Melee beginner guide with tips for perfect gameplay. 

Mojo Melee

In this beginner guide, we will explain everything a beginner like you should know about this Mojo Melee game. After having a good idea about each essential aspect of the game, you can be a better player with many attractive gameplay achievements. Since you have chosen this guide as your helper to have the best playtime in this game, read this guide until you reach the end. So let us dive deeper into this Mojo Melee gameplay guide and learn everything about it. 

Choose a Mojo to Lead the Team

After you are done signing up for the game, the game gives you four Mojos and tells you to choose a Moo to lead your team. Even though you choose a Mojo at the beginning of the game, you can collect many other unique Mojos as you play. The four kinds of initial Mojos are the Flower Mojo, the Leaf Mojo, the Vine Mojo, and the Moss Mojo. 

Each Mojo has different skills and a set of attributes with different values to show you how unique they are. To choose a perfect Mojo to lead your team at the beginning of the gameplay, you should have a good idea about them. So let this beginner guide let you explain about each Mojo. 

Choose a Mojo to Lead the Team
  • Flower Mojo – this Mojo has a skill called Petal Dance that can make the enemies in range dazed and increase the attack speed of allies within range by 33%. 
  • Leaf Mojo – healing sunlight is the name of the special skill that the Leaf Mojo has. With this skill, Leaf Mojo will heal itself and all the other allies within the range. 
  • Moss Mojo – this Mojo has a specific skill called Swamp Trap which stuns the enemies for a specific time and reduces their max energy by 50% while boosting the max energy of the allies within the range. 
  • Vine Mojo – Thorn armor is the skill name of Vine Mojo, which provides armor to all the allies within the range and then damages the enemies 50% of their armor.  

Mojo Melee Battle Modes

The game has prepared you with several game modes you can enjoy, and in this section of the guide, we will explain the game modes you can enjoy here. The three game modes here are practice to hone your skills, duel to play against one-on-one, and melee mode, where 8v8 players all-out brawl. In the practice game mode, you have no rewards as it is only to hone your skills, making you a much better player. 

Mojo Melee Battle Modes

The duel is the game mode in which two players fight against each other. In these duel matches, you get three trophies and ten battle points if you win a match. If you lose a match in duel game mode, you lose two trophies but, again, two battle points. But if your player rank is below the bronze, then no trophies are lost. 

In the melee battle option, if you win matches being the first, you get forteen battle points, but if you get eliminated during the battle, you get only two. Therefore try your best in battling and winning against enemies to rank yourself higher in the gameplay. 

Place Units

Whatever mode you choose in this Mojo Melee game, remember there is a battle preparation time where you can add units to your battlefield. When placing units, it costs you gold which also can be earned through battle. In the battle preparation time, you can place the units spawned in your deck to add to them on the battleground consuming gold. 

And remember, the units that you have already assigned to the battle team are the ones that will spawn in your deck during the battles. When placing units, understand their positioning and skills and place them in the best places, letting them unleash their full powers as you wish. 

Upgrade Units with Duplicates

Upgrading or powering up units in this Mojo Melee game can be done while you are playing this game. Wanna know how? Let us explain it now. 

Initially, we said that the units, which are the Mojos, Champions, and Spellstones, which you have added to your team, will be respawned in your deck to add them to your battleground. When you see a duplicate unit you have already added to the battleground spawned in the battle deck, you can use it to upgrade the same unit in the battlefield by dragging the duplicate unit into the unit on the battleground. When you do this to your units to upgrade them, their powers will be increased. 

Upgrade Units with Duplicates

Mojo Melee Spellstones

When you create your battle team, you can equip up to two spellstones for your team. These spellstones unleash powerful abilities which are advantageous for your gameplay giving your champions specific abilities. This Mojo Melee game has three types of spellstones: team, attachment, and offensive spellstones. 

The team spellstones will benefit all the units in your team or within range at the start of combat. The attachment spellstones attach to the units in your team, providing special abilities to the units they are attached to. Offensive spellstones will be positioned on the enemy’s side of the arena. When the battle begins, the enemies within the range will be affected by these spellstones. 


Even though the game is super challenging and hard to handle as you battle against real players, now that we have explained the essential features and elements in your gameplay, nothing will be powerful enough to defeat you. Use these tips and guidelines mentioned here and succeed in your gameplay. Good luck, beginners who are trying the game for the first time!

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