Mobile Party Tips & Tricks – Everything to Know as a Newbie

Would you like to participate in competitive races to have the best challenging experience? Get ready to start the Mobile Party game to participate in different races, face new challenges, and reach victory. Don’t worry if you have no experience or idea about this game. Take it easy and follow this beginner guide. We’ll explore many more tricks and tips to enhance your gaming experience correctly.

Mobile Party

This is a type of multiplayer game with various obstacles, and you must control and guide your character properly to win every match. More than two players take part in each and every match. So, employ every tip we will provide you here and be well prepared to have more matches with highly competitive players. Let’s start the race.

Follow the Guide

When you participate in different Mobile Party matches, you have to face different obstacles so you will not gain the same challenges throughout the game. You must always be well prepared to face challenging obstacles, as the races are tough. 

Mobile Party Follow the Guide

But, since you are a beginner to this gameplay, you have yet to learn about the gaming process, how you face new challenges, and what barriers will come to you during the races. So the best thing is the game provides you with guidance at the beginning of the game, be careful and follow it.

Let us explain it in this way, during some races, you will be guided to dash forward but pay attention to the padded obstacles, and sometimes you’ll be told to hop onto the springy sling and jet off. 

You receive different types of instructions according to the barrier course and the gaming path you should go through. So as newbies to the Mobile Party, you can follow every guidance which will be offered to you at the beginning of this game. New players who have many problems with choosing the right path can make the best use of these instructions, which are provided by gameplay.

Check for Season Pass Rewards

You will unlock the season pass after you upgrade your rank and participate in more races. You can have more extra rewards and more bonuses by using this season pass. Premium and free paths are the two paths of the simple pass, and premium rewards are very valuable and higher in quantity.

Since you are a beginner to Mobile Party, you should be aware of other free rewards in gameplay. Let’s see the process of making rewards from these two paths. After you participate in races, you will receive race points, and after you collect more points, the season pass will be upgraded. 

Remember that you only receive rewards according to the season pass level you achieve. So give your effort to obtain more race points by taking part in different types of races and leveling up your season pass to receive more rewards.

Log Into the Game Daily

Daily logging into Mobile Party is an essential tip for beginner players to master the game. Because you will receive rewards daily, you can earn them by logging into this game daily. You can enhance your free rewards level by logging into the game and playing more races daily. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Log Into the Game Daily

You can make this a habit, and after you reach seven days, you will receive different rewards. So this is a very important tip for any player, regardless of whether they are a veteran or a beginner. It will be more advantageous if you log into the game every day to claim your daily rewards.

Practicing More and Ensure to Reach the Finish Line

This game is designed with various obstacles, and they change according to the game you selected. So it will be more difficult to reach the finish line without getting more practice. You can log into the game whenever you are free and have to run the matches to practice well to be the winner of the race. You will receive three rounds in the gameplay, so you have to finish all those three rounds to obtain a championship.

Practicing More and Ensure to Reach the Finish Line

The game starts with thirty-two players, and to that team you also included, when you finish your first round, only sixteen players will be able to continue the gameplay to the second round. Other players will be removed from the Mobile Party. 

So the second round started with sixteen players, and in the end, only eight players could continue to the third round. This is a very competitive round of gameplay, so if you are new to this game, you should participate in more races to improve your experience of running races by overcoming the obstacles you encounter during the game and surviving until you cross the finish line as the champion. So the main tip of Excel the game is to continue practicing; you will gain the knowledge of using the game options properly in the gameplay.

After you finish the three rounds of this game, you are nominated as the champion of the matches. Then your rank will be increased and receive more rewards. So the game will be tough, and you will not be able to get the idea of facing some of the obstacles during the races of Mobile Party in the beginning, but after you practice more from the beginning by paying attention to the instructions provided by the game, by control your character you can continue until the end, and you will maintain good progress throughout every race. 

The game has a flow, the first round will be easier than the second round, and the second round will be easier than the third round, but the last round will be filled with more tough challenges. Give your best in the gameplay to win the matches. 

Remember, the most important thing is the way of controlling your character while you are running the races. It will decide your winning times, so invest time to practice every day. 

Open Treasure Chest to Earn Best Characters

This beginner tip is essential to excel in the Mobile Party. After you win races, you will be given a treasure chest to open. As well as every time, you will offer new characters whenever you open treasure chests. You will receive characters with different rarities, and characters included in the best rarity level will be beneficial to get the victory. There is nothing special in these characters, but they enhance your gaming experience.

Open Treasure Chest to Earn Best Characters

At the beginning of the Mobile Party game, you will offer only uncommon and common characters, but when you continue the game, you can earn the best characters. Either you must win more races to get treasure chests or use gold coins to buy treasure chests.


The Mobile Party is a delightful game with different types of challenges. The newbies will find it difficult to get a better start, and they will have no idea how to overcome the challenging obstacles from the beginning of this gameplay. So, this beginner guide is the best to understand the proper techniques to be a champion in all match series.

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