MLB 9 Innings Rivals Guide, Tips and Strategies to Become a Master Player

Have you ever dreamed of managing a world-famous baseball team? If you have dreamed it, then your dream will be confirmed with this MLB 9 Innings Rivals gameplay. Here, you can choose a team and manage its players, and then you will climb to the top of the leagues while boosting your players and their performance. In this MLB 9 Innings Rivals beginner guide, we are here to help all the beginner players to become masters within a short time as this guide includes the tips and strategies helpful for you. 

MLB 9 Innings Rivals

There are many game modes for you to play, and each mode gives you a variety of experiences. But before trying any of the MLB 9 Innings Rivals game modes, you should read this beginner guide especially made for you to become a strategic master in this game. Read this guide, find interesting facts and awesome tips useful for this MLB 9 Innings Rivals game and have fun playing this baseball gameplay after. 

Let’s Create a Team First

When you start to play this MLB 9 Innings Rivals game, you need to create a team first. You can create a team: the American League or the national league. When choosing a team to manage from one of the leagues, there are so many options categorized into west, east and central. Selecting any of the teams from any given options will let you move to the next phase of creating a team. 

Let’s Create a Team First

After choosing a team to create, you have to select the players for the main roles of the team. You will be given the players for your team according to the team you choose to manage. First, you have to select a main batter from the players in your team and then choose a main pitcher. 

When choosing a player for any of the roles, you can see the players’ information and select the best one for each role of your team. After you are done with creating your team, you can then confirm it and enter the gameplay. 

How to Batting and Pitching Perfectly

Batting and pitching are the main functions in this MLB 9 Innings Rivals game that you must know to perform well here. If you want to be a better player in this game, you must know more about these two functions. Let us now see how to bat and pitch perfectly, as they are the two significant functions, and then you can make your gameplay experience much better. 



Tap the screen at the right time to hit the ball when the pitcher throws a pitch. This is the main key point to perform a good shot. Before the pitch, you can select a direction which can be top, bottom, left, or right, to guess the pitch location. 

The guess-hitting feature will indicate the pitch location before the pitch is delivered if you correctly guess the direction. When there is a runner, tap the runner button at the bottom to steal. All these actions should be performed while batting the ball because it is the best way. 


As you know how to bat, let us see how to pitch. First, you need to select a pitch type and then drag the desired pitch location, and you can release the hold to pitch. Tapping the cancel button at the bottom of the screen when the pitch type is selected will let you reselect the pitch type again. 

Or else you can tap the Catcher’s lead button to make the AI catcher automatically select the pitch type and location. You can tap on the IBB button to instantly walk the batter, and if there’s a runner on the base, tap the runner button at the bottom of the screen to make a pickoff attempt. The remaining pickoffs are shown by the number of balls at the bottom. 

Enhance the Player Cards

Enhancing the player cards will help you to boost the victories in your MLB 9 Innings Rivals gameplay. So in this section of the guide, we are giving you some tips on enhancing the player cards. Once you understand how to enhance the player cards, you can use them in your gameplay to boost your experience. 



This is the first method we suggest you use to enhance your cards. When you train your players, it will increase the main stats of your players randomly. But you need player cards as training materials for players in use. You will acquire more EXP to the targeted player cards as you train. 

Upgrade and Limit Break

Upgrading is another method to enhance your player cards; to upgrade, you need material cards that increase the targeted players’ main stats. Since upgrading cards boost the players’ functioning, perform it. When you reach the max level cap of a player, then you can perform a limit break and increase the maximum level cap. 

Special Training

The special training is a unique kind of training available for the special cards. These special trainings need special material cards, and you will be given enough EXP to your players according to the card rarities you use to consume during the special training. 

Scout for More Players

The MLB 9 Innings Rivals game has set a scout option for you to recruit more players to your team. With the scout option, you can scout up to ten players once, using stars as the main currency. Every player has different grades; according to the grades and the banners you use to scout, the drop rates will differ. But in any of the banners you use to scout, you can see the higher drop rates are not for the higher rarity players but for the lower rarity players. 

Scout for More Players
  • Normal Scout – you can get live cards with grades B and C and seasonal cards with grades B and C. 
  • Advanced Scout – this scout banner allows you to obtain seasonal and live cards with grades of S to B. 
  • Premium Scout – in this option, you can obtain signature cards, prime cards, live cards and season cards, with grades S to B. 
  • Live Scout – this scout banner lets you obtain impact cards and live cards with the grade of S to B. 
  • Pick up Scout – here, you can get focus player cards, live cards and season cards. 


MLB 9 Innings Rivals beginner guide with tips is now over, but as you can see, we have mentioned all the basic details and tips of the game so then you will be able to become a master player while playing this game. So now start playing the game, but make sure to follow these guidelines and strategies to give a challenge to anyone who challenges you here in this MLB 9 Innings Rivals game. 

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