Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure Guide and Tips for All New Players

In short, this is a very interesting puzzle game where players should create their own amazing Wonderland. To create this, you should help the girl called Ally, and Wonderland is totally destroyed by the Queen of Hearts. Because of that, you are the person who can help White Queen by merging identical items as the first step to protecting Wonderland.

Since you are a newbie to Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure, you must master new tips and tricks and have good knowledge to play this game. So, today, we will give good guidance with new successful tips to be a pro. First, you have to understand the game’s basics, and then you can have a unique experience. Being supportive of Ally will be great to get the victory. Let’s see what the top tips are.

Understand the Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure

Since you are a newbie, you must understand and learn about this game because it is the best way to get an easier start. What makes the gameplay more special is matching pieces or items is not done on a flat board; instead, you must drag the item or pieces together into the environment where Ally is with her friends.

Understand the Mergeland-Alice's Adventure

At the start of Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure, you may have no idea about the game’s progression. So you have the White Queen to get help; she will guide you to drag and drop works from the game. In this game, what you have to do is match and merge three identical items together. After you continue the process, you can advance to different stages with each merge you go with.

Engage With Different Characters

At the beginning of the game, you can see various types of animals; remember, each animal comes with unique abilities and skills. Understanding the stats in the gameplay is vital to make the path to success. Doing this will be a good help to perform well in Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure gameplay.

For example, you just take Tweedledum and Tweedledee, and they are known as the best types of choppers in the gameplay. So, you must always select a character by considering your needs and options that will help you go through the game without issues. In addition, you can pick different characters, such as Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and many more play under White Queen.

Collecting Keys in Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure

Whether you are a veteran player or a newbie, you must be aware of collecting keys as they play a crucial role in the gameplay. This is the primary way you can use to level up new stages on the world map. 

Collecting Keys in Mergeland-Alice's Adventure

Those keys are heart-shaped, and you must try to collect these keys as quickly as possible because it is very advantageous. If you collect more keys, you will have the opportunity to solve more puzzles in Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure gameplay.

How can you obtain these keys in this game? It is very easy to collect keys to enhance your game progression. You can collect more keys by completing more challenges you receive in the gameplay. You must complete a challenge to receive one set of keys. Then, if you want more keys, you can complete more challenges, and it will allow you to level up your stages.

House Construction

You can build houses to take care of Ally’s friends, but in the beginning, you will not be given a chance to build the best house. But you will take the best one with the success you gain through Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure. Then, you will be given the chance to build a beautiful home with a safe environment and in addition, you can enhance new features and unlock new areas with your gaming progress.

House Construction

You will be given the opportunity to unlock new characters in each area with different capabilities, and they will help you earn more offers and rewards throughout the game. Use tree mines to build your houses and garden of rabbits in the game.

Participate in Multiple Events

This game has been designed with different types of events; since you are a newbie, you can take this opportunity to excel in the game. You can participate in events to have a superior experience and earn rewards. 

Since you are a newbie, you must always stay in touch with game-developing community ads, as it helps to update your knowledge daily. So, make a habit of visiting gaming sites daily to receive new updates. 

As there are different types of events, you can check whether there are any events to take part in as a new player. The crucial thing is you can have fun with these events, and you can also earn more free offers by participating in these events.

Countdown Timer in Mergland

Newbies should have an idea about another very special thing: the countdown timer, which runs continuously. Remember to redo the stage whenever the countdown timer reaches the 0 level. It is easy to complete multiple quests before times up because beating a quest won’t be more difficult at the early stages. 

Countdown Timer in Mergland

Another very vital trick is you should make your speed high to collect more pieces and merge them together. Because it will help you to beat more quests in later stages, time is very important, so make the best use of it to have more rewards and success.


This is a comprehensive beginner guide to Mergeland-Alice’s Adventure, and this is a type of puzzle game where you should merge and match items together. By collecting more keys and completing more quests, you can receive offers, rewards and many more. Get the help of White Queen to level up your stages and employ these tips to advance through the game.

Pavi Grandorsan
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