Master of Knights Tier List in October 2023 – Who are the Best Heroes

If you have started your journey on embarking on Master of Knights fantastic gameplay and if you have no idea about the Master of Knights tier list, you have come to the right place. We have provided more details about the characters in the tier list, and you can be updated about what characters you should obtain; what are the best characters in the tier list? and more. So this will help you select the best characters that suit your team and your play style.

Master of Knights tier list

You may be a beginner or a veteran player of this gameplay, but you should pay attention to the tier list of this game to choose the most powerful tier characters for your team to maintain a successful game process. Beginners can refer to the Master of Knights beginner’s guide to understand more about game tips and go through this article to the end to understand the characters list with their specific features to make your adventure more successful.

Master of Knights Tier List – Ranking of Heroes

As there are lots of characters in the Master of Knights tier list, it’s better if you have a good understanding of the ranking of heroes. We have categorized and ranked all characters according to their strength, abilities, elements and weaknesses, and also there are five ranks, and you can divide all these heroes among them. Then you can easily understand which characters you should include in your team.

This is a role-playing game, and you have the opportunity to position them according to your desire. So, all players must be very careful to plan their moves by considering both attacks and movements to defeat all enemies. So this ranking system will be helpful as a good guide to optimizing your powerful team. Let’s go through all types of ranks to uncover the ultimate champions.

  • S Tier – S Tier characters are the strongest heroes, and their skills and capabilities are best in all game modes. 
  • A Tier – These heroes are also powerful. When we compare S and A characters, A characters are weaker than S characters, but they are also very skilful characters in the Master of Knights tier list
  • B Tier – B Tier characters also have good skills and features, and these tier characters are neither the best nor the worst.
  • C Tier – You can use these characters if they match your playing style, and they are more potent than D Tier characters, and also, these characters are ok for beginners.
  • D Tier – D Tier characters are the weakest characters in the tier list, so remember not to select them for your team.

This is how we have categorized all heroes to the ranks, so now you will be able to understand which rank of characters should be included in your team.

Master of Knights Tier List – All Heroes Ranked

As you have basic knowledge about the ranks of the characters, we’ll explore who are the characters that you can identify in the Master of Knights tier list 

S TierVivanSoniyaLilithAmdusias
SiaEsperanzaDryasBunny Alonso
A TierValkyrieBartholomewNatashaArtemis
B TierSuzakuLimnoriaMikotoHotaru
C TierVerdandiRavelTeslaRaphael
D TierAliceIfrit

Who Are the Best Characters in Master of Knights?

This game offers five classes such as Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Berserker, and Archer. Also, these characters come under rarities as Common, Rare, Legendary, and Heroic. Now you should be able to identify both the best and non-powerful characters in the Master of Knights tier list. You must always choose heroes for your team with high performance and capabilities so you can use them in both PvP and PvE modes.


Master of Knights tier list

Lilith is the best tier character who is very strong, and also she is a damage dealer in the tier list of Master of Knights. Moreover, she is a very powerful heroine. You should include her in your team because she can be a game-changer during battles. Her nickname is Succubus Queen, And she belongs to legendary rarity, and her role is Thief.


Amdusias is also the most powerful character in this tier list and stuns by doing maximum damage to the opponent players. As well as she is a powerful tier character and can defeat foes easily with her skill. Her nickname is Nightmare Melody, and she is included in the legendary rarity, and also the role of her is a Wizard.


Master of Knights tier list

Sonya stands out as one of the most powerful characters in this tier list, and she has the ability of outstanding buff and debuffs. And also, she’s good at dispelling enemy buffs and increasing the mate’s attack by 50%. So as she has good skills and abilities, it is better if you include her in your team to give a tough battle experience to your enemies. Pure Gypsy is her nickname, and she plays the role of a thief. She belongs to the legendary rarity.


Esperanza is included in the most powerful S Tier characters list. Her nickname is Crimson Sword, and she is included in the legendary rarity, and she’s playing the role of Berserker. If you want to be the best player in this game, you should include Esperanza, as she’s another strong character in the tier list, and She is also a single-attack DPS unit in this game.


Master of Knights tier list

Valkyrie includes the Legendary Archer type, and she is a damage dealer with high performance. She is able to attack enemies from a distance, and she plays the best role in achieving victory during battles.


This is full guidance to the tier list of Master of Knights tier list; since you are a beginner or a veteran player, this article will guide players to select the superior heroes to optimize a strong and powerful team with high performance in all game modes, then winning battles won’t be a difficult task. So, make your team successful champions.

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