Master of Knights Guide and Beginner Tips to Become a Pro

All new players are welcome to the new game Master of Knights. Today we’ll explore the tips and tricks for beginners who like this game. Since you are a beginner, before you start playing this game, you should have knowledge about the basics of the game and essential tricks that you can use to master the game from the beginning; in this guide, we provide you important tips to take a good startup as a beginner, and these tips and tricks will help you to maintain the success throughout the game.

Master of Knights

First of all, let’s see what this game is, so we’ll give a small introduction to the game. This game is a role-playing game with battle mode, and you’ll have to gather a powerful team to achieve your every goal by defeating foes. Being a Master of Knights is not an individual prowess but also about protecting innocents and upholding justice. So if you follow successful game tricks during your game, it is not a difficult task to get the victory. In this beginner guide, we’ll go through several tricks, tips, and strategies that you can use to be a master player. Let’s start your amazing gaming journey.

Understand the Knight Classes

Understanding the Knight classes is very important to gain success in the Master of Knights. You can identify three primary Knight classes: Swordmaster, Archer Knight, and Cavalier. Each Knight class has specific strengths and abilities. Swordmaster is a mini warrior with high damage output and also close combat expertise, and Archer Knight is an expert in ranged attacks and able to shoot from a distance. Lastly, Cavalier specializes in combat and offers speed on the battlefield.

Understand the Knight Classes

As each class has special weaknesses and strengths, you have to familiarize yourself with all those since you’re a beginner. Then you will be able to choose the right class which suits your play style.

Understanding Resources

In this game, understanding resources is very crucial to gain successful progress. You’ll see three kinds of resources: gold, gems, and energy. You can use gold to train troops and upgrade buildings. Gems are very beneficial, and you can use them to speed up the constructions, train troops and remember to use them for needed time only. Energy is essential for taking part in battles and events, and you can plan your activities to make the best use of your energy.

Another way of earning resources is to complete daily events and quests as well as you can join guilds to obtain bonus resources. Since you are a newbie to Master of Knights, you should balance your resource usage, invest in them wisely, and avoid wasting resources to get more advantages during the game process.

Mastering Knight Combats

If you are a newbie to this game, mastering Knight combats is a must. First, you have to familiarize yourself with game mechanics and controls as well as it will be easy to identify Knight’s abilities to understand the performance of Knights like basic attacks, blocks, and dodges. Then you can observe the attacking patterns, movements, and ways of blocking during the attacks. After that, you can experiment with new attack movements to defeat your enemies; for those, you can watch gaming videos on youtube or on websites, Facebook, etc.

Mastering Knight Combats

So keep your mind when you master combat patterns; timing is essential because you have to practice your attack patterns by paying attention to the timing to get more benefits. And also, you can practice maximizing your damage output to be a legend throughout Master of Knights. Finally, If you want to try out new combat methods, you need powerful weapons, armor, and accessories, so use them and upgrade them because it helps to enhance your Knight’s combat capabilities.

Developing Your Skills

Newbies to Master of Knights should develop the skills for a successful gaming Journey. Earlier, we mentioned that familiarizing yourself with game mechanics is crucial; after that, you can have good knowledge about the process of the game, So it’s easy to improve your skills by using that basic knowledge. First, you can complete quests and missions to get good experiences, valuable items, and rewards. These will help to enhance your progress and grow stronger. 

Developing Your Skills

Spending time on training sessions is crucial as it improves your Knights’ combat skills, special moves, and tactics because regular practice automatically improves your performance on the battlefield. And another very special tip is to join a guild to gain support and access exclusive features. After you join a guild, you can learn from experienced players and can enhance your experience with the game by taking part in group activities. 

As a newbie of Master of Knights, you can use weapons, armor, and accessories to develop your skills. You can collect this equipment to increase your Knight’s power. Another very special way of developing your skills is engaging in both PvP and PvE modes because you can get good experience, improve your knowledge, and try out new skills. Finally, as newbies to the game, you can review your performance and understand your weakness, so it helps to grow as a player by learning from your every mistake.

Upgrading Gear

Beginners must upgrade gear to improve the character’s strength. It is a successful trick to be a successful player of Master of Knights. Before doing upgrades, You can understand the gear system of the game as it comes in various rarities, And higher rarities offer better stats. Each gear piece has its own upgrade level to enhance its effectiveness, So it is essential to upgrade your gear system to play successful battles.

You can start to obtain gear from in-game shops and quest rewards. Remember to select the best gear which suits your character’s class and playstyle. As well as you can focus on gathering upgrading materials such as enhancement scrolls and enhancement stones, and through quests and events, you will be able to earn more of these stones and scrolls.

At higher levels, you are able to reforge gear to increase its rarity, and additional upgrade levels and also some gear have sockets to insert gems, providing extra bonuses so you can match gem type with gear to increase effectiveness.


This is a guide for all beginners of Master of Knights. In this guide, we will provide you with very crucial tricks and tips to become a pro in this game. So read this article and get a good understanding of the game basics and the advanced tips to give a good battle during your playing time and to improve your knowledge to become a legend.

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