Mario Kart Tour Tips and Tricks for a Better Start

Mario Kart Tour is a world exploring tour game by Nintendo and Dena and was released on 25th September 2019. This is all about racing to real-life locations and completing a series of courses while achieving cups. The one who gets the highest points can win the game. In this game, you cannot play with your friends directly. But you can add your friends and challenge their scores, and not only that; you can race against the global friends too. We’ll share some useful Mario Kart Tour tips for playing this game.

After you are done with a tour, they will give you the chance to unlock new drivers, karts, sets, etc. you can purchase them with in-game currencies, or you can receive them as rewards for winning the game. This game has a point-based system, and it’s a massive game. Let’s see the best Mario Kart Tour tips that enhance your winning. 

Mario Kart Tour Tips About Pointing for Winning

The winner of this game is decided by the points you achieve. It’s not only about finishing the race. Because it has a system based on points, and collecting many points is a must. The final points will be counted with your racing points + bonus points for the combos your driver did throughout the race + points for making special moves, + position points, which means the number of points that you receive for the position of your race(for being first, second or third).

These position points depend on which level or class you are in. The more you level up, the more position points you get. So if you need to win the game, just focus on earning more points through performing different skills. Once you finish a game, you will receive experience points (XP)

Upgrading Skill Levels of Everything

This is as important as other Mario Kart Tour tips. The divers, karts, and gliders have skill levels for each item you have. Upgrading these skill levels affects your race-winning. You can boost these skill levels by pulling, buying duplicate items, or using skill-level tickets. You can gain these skill level-up tickets by playing the game, or if you have a gold pass, you will have additional tickets than the regular users

Accessing the Gold Pass

This game is based on a pay-to-win system. Being a free player doesn’t help you much in winning the game. All the best items here are for dollars. It has a summoning system of things you ever need through pulling a pipe. You can get whatever you want if you can pay for the game with many more dollars. But if you are not interested in purchasing every item through real money, you can purchase the Gold Pass. 

Gold Pass charges you $6.98 per month. It’s more beneficial than putting your money on all the items. The gold pass has a 2-week free trial. You can try it out and decide about purchasing it. Through this gold pass, you can achieve lots of rewards than normal users. Not only that, you will unlock 200 CC, which is highly recommended for the games to win. 


Drifting is everything in this game. It is one of the best Mario Kart Tour tips. Drifting helps you to change combos. Performing a drift is, holding a turn long enough until the blue sparks appear. Drifts can be performed in 2 types. 

  • Automatic Drifting: Holding the finger on the screen until blue sparks appear when you turn left or right.
  • Manual Drifting: Turn left or right. Release the finger and tap and hold the finger. Then the driver will start drifting. 

Focus On Ranked Cups: Mario Kart Tour Tips for Better Play

In this game, tours have two weeks. You will have to complete two ranked cups in these two weeks. Rare drivers and spotlight drivers are advantageous in ranked cups. The more character you unlock, the more chances to win. 

You have to race against the players who are in higher tiers than you. That’s a fact here. If you can get into the top three or top five in these ranked cups, you will gain lots of rewards like rubies, coins, moving up your tier, etc. you can get lots of rubies without real money by winning these ranked cups. 

Mario Kart Tour Tips: Upgrade Your Base Points

Upgrading your base points for the drivers and gliders when you have to is essential for winning the game because this is a point-based system. Base points are the points you get to start the game

Base points are divided into two starting base points and max base points. The normal tier has 600 max base points, while the high-end drivers have 800 max base points. You can use red point boost tickets to increase your base points, and those are boosting tickets which can be applied for any category driver, kart, or glider. Instead of these tickets, you can max up these items by the daily XP.

XP Level

XP means Experience Points is what you need to upgrade your base points. If you are racing in a 150 CC and be the first in a race, you get 2 to 4% of XP. If you come for the 2nd or the 3rd, you will need a significantly less amount of XP. But if you come for the 4th, the XP you will receive is zero. If you are the 5th one or lower, you will lose some of the XP you’ve collected already. If you quit a race before it ends, this will also cause you to reduce the XP amount. 

Pulling Your Pipes Out

Rubies are the main currency in the game because that is what needs to pull a pipe. You get ten pulls for 45 rubies and one pull for five rubies. Doing ten pulls gives you another extra pull. It’s better than doing single pulls. There are two pipes for a tour as 1 for each week. Pipes are guaranteed to have spotlight drivers, karts, and gliders. But you have 1/100 to get each of the items.

There are pipe types such as gold pipe and green pipe. The gold pipe is full of exclusive things such as high-end drivers. But green pipes are filled with some common items. Pulling a pipe is one of the best Mario Kart Tour tips. one more thing about pipes is that they do not pull pipes often. Pull only when you have to pull for a ranked cup. Save your rubies for ranked cup pulls.


For better optimizations for this gameplay, try LDPlayer. You will surely be amazed at everything it has to offer as its features. 


Through this guide, we have already given you lots of Mario Kart Tour tips to help you level up and get exclusive items. While playing the game, use these tips to get massive hits.

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