Maid Master Beginner Guide and Gameplay Walkthrough

Maid Master is a thrilling world of waifu collection and real-time battles set in a not-too-distant future. Humans and robots coexist in harmony until suddenly, the robots turn rogue, causing chaos and confusion. As the player, it’s up to you to collect powerful maids, uncover the truth behind the runaways, and save the world.

Maid Master beginner

You will get to experience pulse-pounding battles that play out in real-time as your five maids move freely and unleash their skills to defeat your enemies. Although most battles are fast-paced and intense, some may require more strategy, as reinforcements arrive with every enemy you defeat. Fill up your character’s skill gauges, use ultimate skills, and fight to survive.

Though the graphics may not be top-notch, with a few choppy moments, the game shines with its compelling UI, electrifying cut-in effects, and captivating voice acting. The overall quality may not be perfect, but Maid Master provides an exciting and thrilling experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Now that you know a little bit about the game, let’s start the Maid Master beginner guide. 

Maid Master Gameplay

The story of the Maid Master world begins in a world where humankind has been freed from physical labor through the use of robots. And suddenly, all of the nurse robots get infected by a virus and start causing mayhem. As the “master” of the maid-type robots, you have to take command of the battle against the nurse-type robots. 

Maid Master Gameplay

When you progress through the game’s chapters, you will be able to reveal more information about what happened to the world. You have two options when playing a level; you can play the Hard level or the Master level. The hard level is a little bit forgiving, but the master level requires you to bring your best to complete. 

The battle system of the Maid Master uses a semi-automatic approach to battles; it allows you to activate skills and select targets. Sometimes you will have to actively target some enemies to improve the outcome of the battle. 

Setting up a Formation

One aspect you have to focus on mastering is placing your maides into the formation. To do that correctly, first, you must go into each of your maids’ information, read what each of their skills does, and remember which class they belong to. Currently, there are a few classes like sniper, defenders, fighters, and casters. 

Which maid should be used depending on the maids you have? For example, if you have a good tow tank, you can sometimes remove the support unit and fill the back row with just attack units, or if you know a skill that enhances the power of another unit, using them in that order is important. Just like this, if you know what they do exactly, you can combine the skills to make your own unique formation.

One other thing related to this is the star condition; at the start of the campaign, you will have only smaller goals to complete in order to get the three stars. It will be things like keeping your squad alive or ending battles under a certain amount of time. But as you progress, this will be changed to using a certain maid class, so it is also important to check the star condition before choosing maids for your formation.

Should You Use the Auto Mode?

Since it is an idle game, you will not have to control your troops’ movement, but you can target specific enemies to attack throughout the battle. This option is useful when you have a specific enemy that should be removed faster. The next thing you have to do in battles is fill up the skill gauge and use the ultimate abilities. 

Should You Use the Auto Mode

Same as in building formation; unless two ultimate skills have a connection, this can be ignored. So, the question should use auto mode; it depends on the above things we discussed. If you have no special reason not to use it, then it is ok to use it. 

Follow the Quests

Other than the main story in Maid Master, there are quests that you can complete to earn rewards. Some quests have above-average rewards, and you should not forget to do them whenever you can. Then in order to save time, you should know that you can skip the stories since there is no specific task in the game that requires you to use your knowledge of the story. 

Follow the Quests

Going to the settings and removing the check mark from the view stories. The easiest way to keep a healthy progression is by doing the things that the game suggests. You can see the suggestions at the bottom of your screen, and once you complete the task, you can collect the rewards at the same place. 

Maid Master Resources

When you are playing the game, in order to do some tasks, you will be asked for many forms of currency to fulfill them. Let’s get to know what they are and how useful they are.

  • Battle Reports: you can obtain them through the supply section of the game, and when you win battles in the primary campaign, you will also be rewarded with them. They are required to increase the level of your maids.
  • Chips: chips are similar to trinkets or gems that you can equip your maids to increase individual stats; you can earn them through the campaign battles or summon them in the supply section. You will meet a few types of these chips. Major arcane chips usually give high-stat bones, but you have to sacrifice some of your stats in return. The minor arcana chips provide a slight boost to the maid stats. You have to equip them according to the class of the maid. Chips that give defense or hp boost should go to the defenders, dex is useful for fighters, and attack chips can be used by any class. 
Maid Master Resources
  • Supply Tickets: using these tickets is another way of summoning maides and chips. They can be purchased from the supply section, but they are limited stocks, or you can earn them through battles.
  • Arena Tickets: if you want to fight in the arena, you need to have them. Normally you will generate one ticket automatically every hour. you can only keep ten at a time, so make sure to spend them as they generate. 
  • Battle Flags: they are the master maid equivalent of stamina. If you have none, you will not be able to progress in the campaign. Same as the arena tickets, you will generate one ticket every 6 minutes. You can buy doughnuts in the supply section and consume them when you are at 0 flags to gain 50 flags. 
  • Silver: Silver is the common currency you need to do most things, like leveling chips and skills. Building your mansion. Even though it is not advised, you can spend gems to buy them from the supply.
  • Garnet: they are the most valuable currency in the game. You need them to do summons, build your mansion, and anywhere else in the game. Following the quest and chapters is the easiest way to obtain them for free. 

These are the main currencies in the Maid Master. Each of these can be bought in the supply section in a limited amount; make sure to buy them every day, even if you don’t need them. 

Increasing Your Battle Power In  Maid Master

As we mentioned earlier in the resources section, you need flags to compete in the arena. Same as the flags, if you want to progress in the arena, you need to raise your combat power. The first way of doing this is by leveling up your maids. 

Once you have used all of your gems and tickets to summon the maid and chosen a few to be in your squad, you should go to each maid description and click on the level button, then select the battle report if you want to level them up. You have to be sure if this is the maid you want in your squad before you go through that process since there is no way to get back the resources you spend on them.  

Increasing Your Battle Power In  Maid Master

The next thing you can do to power up the mages is to equip them with the correct chips. We have discussed how to do that in the resources section, and I hope you understand it correctly. But if you want to increase the number of chip slots, you need to overclock your maid.  

In Maid Master common maids can be overclocked with maid cors, but for higher-level maids, you need to get copies from the gacha to do that. Leveling up the skills of your maid is one other way of raising your combat power. When you do that, it will raise the multiplayer of the skills and increase their overall output. When you do these things, you will raise your overall combat power and increase your chance of winning PVP battles. If you want to earn something worth your time, make sure to push to the top 200 in arena rank. 


Through this Maid Master beginner guide, we have shown you the basics of the game to quickly start enjoying the game. Our last piece of advice is to look for a Maid Master tier list and pick the best characters and roll to at least get a few top-rated characters to increase your success in the game.

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