Magnum Quest Top Guild Bosses Team

Magnum Quest can interpret as the best card-based game in the online gaming world. As a role-playing game, the players can experience unimaginative fantastic RPG gaming features by engaging with Magnum Quest. Today, let’s look at  Magnum Quest Top Guild Bosses team.

Magnum Quest Top Guild Bosses Team

The primary focus is the direction of the game and the other members of your team. There will be a monster against you. So, you have to arrange the team logically to get the advantages to your team. During the game, the players have to go in-depth in the fantasy world. Then they can become the content in the heart. You will experience many adventurous events when you play Magnum Quest.

As there was no extensive roster of heroes during the initial stages of the game, all the players tend to create and use the same build of heroes to all the bosses in Magnum Quest. Hiwever, the condition will be subject to adjust in the future. Now, you can select and assemble the available heroes in Magnum Quest and grab the maximum advantage from them for better gameplay. Here is a look from the Magnum Quest top guild bosses team.

Magnum Quest |Theoretical details

From the same view of the game, it is understandable that the game has complex mechanics. There will be a development of AOE damage as a result of the damage dealing. That needs to be healed. The is an individual stun on a target for four seconds. You can identify that as there is no HP limitation. There will be a damage percentage of Veara or Gila that will not perform on him.

The Puppet Boss Bill  

The initial Puppet Boss consists of only passive abilities. What it can do is physical damage reduction. There will be a 50% damage reduction by him. Here, you can use Sur as the healer. This composition will do a great job in the game.  

The Puppet Boss Bill  

The Puppet Boss Gila

Gila is the second puppet boss that you can see in Magnum Quest. Gila is the other Boss that you can have. He has some unpleasant skills. Through that, he will deal with damages to the back row of your group. That will happen when you are in the early phases of the game. There will be a requirement for a healer who can heal huge damages. The healer needs to have skills in ticking the poison.

The Puppet Boss Gila

The Puppet Boss Monroe  

This is the third puppet boss that you can see in Magnum Quest. You will see Monroe as the next Boss. It best uses Melee DD, who can make multi attacks against him. You can also use Hista, Gila, Ares, a Feng for that role. Monroe cannot attack the back row. There will be an exception of the ultimate, and you will need a specialized heal for this.

The Puppet Boss Monroe  

The Puppet Boss Derla  

The last Puppet boss that you can deal is Derla. There will be consequential AOE damages from the Boss. You will need of strong healer or a hero with high survivability. These skills of Derla will be more useful in the game for a better gameplay.

For those who first start the game as a beginner, here is a beginner guide for you all.

The Puppet Boss Derla

Magnum Quest Top Guild Bosses Team

As detailed above, there are some heroes in Magnum Quest which you can for some extraordinary bosses in the game. Generally, the players use universal team, which will depict good results. You will find number of teams that you can use with functional supports.

Boss Team | Buff

In the Buff team, you will find Harry, who can enhance the attack and speed up the team. Cinia will move to the Mana close to allies. That will be important during the usage of Sur and affect the target. That can make more vulnerable damages to the mark with good power, creating solid attacks on the powerful damager.

Sur in the team, Buff will develop the attacks and healing of them. Feng, Sur, and Ecra are the primary DDs in the group. Ecra will cause more AOE damage to the target, and you can replace Ecra with Aurik or Derla. This is because of the faction bonus. That is a worthy replacement that you can do when assembling the Guild boss teams in Magnum Quest.

Boss Team  Buff

Boss Team | Wilders

In the team Wilders of Magnum Quest, you will see Harry, Naomi, Hista, Sur, and Ares. You will find Hista and Ares as the main damage dealers. Sur and Naomi will be the best supporters of Buffs and heals, supporting the best survival of any boss.

Boss Team  Wilders

Boss Team | Burst

For the team Burst, you will see Ares, Gila, Ecra, Feng, and Aurik. Here, you will see TOP DPS in the Magnum Quest. If you prefer, you can change Hista to Gila. There is a demerit of this team. That is the total lack of supportive heroes who can heal the allies.

Boss Team  Burst

Boss Team | Bless

Arthur Bless in Magnum Quest is the team that consists of Ares, Arthur, Ecra, Feng, and Aurik. This team looks the same as the Burst team. But the exceptional case is Arthur. His appearance and formation are significant apart from the other groups that you can see in the. Using this team, you can stand in the high level of the Hatred Boss damage. So, you can play Magnum Quest by selecting the best teams of heroes according to your choice by adhering to the gaming rules.

Boss Team Bless


When you play Magnum Quest, arranging the best team to do the best damages is essential. The composition of your team needs to fit with the heroes in the game. When there are more heroes in the game, there will be more variable constructions. In the future, there will be separate teams for each Boss in Magnum Quest. To add heroes who can cause more damages, you can target Carlotta or Cyan.

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