Magnum Quest: The Under Palace is Coming Back

The new role-playing game based on the cards and Magnum Quest is holding on to an imaginary yet awesome RPG world. Players are taking the role of a master who is being so powerful and wise. Do you remember the event called Magnum Quest: The Under Palace that was held back in August. So here it comes again with the wise masters.

Magnum Quest: The Under Palace

Six different factions are waiting to set on this stunning RPG, three-dimensional world, and conquering the Armada continent will be done by forming the most powerful team. This fantasy role-playing game lets all the players explore its world free, and until its heart’s content comes, all things are here free for exploring.

So what’s new coming with the Magnum Quest: The Under Palace this October? Let’s find out.

Magnum Quest:The Under Palace Introduction and Release Date

Magnum Quest: The Under Palace is released on the 11th of October and will last until the 24th of October 2021. A messenger is coming from the White Tower, and he recently has found a giant underground palace. It is beneath the Leiston royal palace, and it contains many doom warriors who are being fed with many concoctions. Some of these warriors have already been lost with their minds. And they only roam there to kill each other.

All the concoctions that happened to these warriors are turned up to become their bodies to be so powerful. Now they have only an objective to slaughter in life, the messenger has already shared this information with King Julien, but he doesn’t show a little interest. The queen is secretly telling the messenger to stop with the meddling.  

If these doom warriors are leaving this underground place that is holding them up, some terrors will be followed. The messenger hopes to deal with these doom warriors for having a valiant adventurer, and the real purpose behind it is to eradicate those warriors and use them to rescue the innocent citizens on Leiston.

Magnum Quest: The Under Palace Introduction and Release Date

Rules of the Event

There are few rules to be followed up by the players here as follows,

  • There are five levels In the Maze. Each level includes with a boss, and every player is required to defeat him so that they can enter into the next level. When it comes to the 5th level, players have to beat the final boss and clear this maze.
  • There are random terrain, rewards, enemy types, and spawn points here within the maze.
  • In this maze, players sometimes receive hidden cards with the strongest heroes, which applies only to the maze. You need to get through it. It’s the player’s task to explore their ways of obtaining them.
  • While you are in the challenge, resetting the maze is possible in any time. But you need to remember that once you got a resetting to this maze without concerning the current progress, you are always required to start over from the level one. And also, your rewards, terrain, and the enemy types will be rest with it.
  • Equipment can be taken from certain buildings, and if you defeat the most potent enemies of the elite within the maze, it also gives you the equipment. When you have the equipment, they are really helpful to make the challenges a lot easier.
  • When the players are in the challenge, they can complete those quests and get some good rewards.
  • The equipment that you are obtaining from the maze is going to be counted as once. They are not going to be regarded as newly acquired equipment after you have done the enhancement.

Beginner Tips of the Magnum Quest can be viewed from here.

Rules of the Event

Recommendations for the Event

Remember that the maze will be automatically generated, and when you want to collect the weekly tasks, you will have to collect 60 relics. And also, weekly tasks require 24 collected gold relics to complete.

Rewards from the Magnum Quest: The Under Palace

There are many rewards that you will obtain from here as follows.

  • Gold Soul Dice
  • Feng Grandmaster Skin
  • Gold
  • Silver Soul Dice
  • Dragonshards
Rewards from the Magnum Quest: The Under Palace

Changes of the Contents

Since this is an event held previously back in august, some additional changes are added here as follows.

  • There will be an added series of rewards, and it is related to the exploration progress of the game.
  • The acquisition method on Gear Chests has been adjusted. They cannot be acquired from usual battles, and you will not get by special events either.
  • There is an added method of acquisition for the skeleton keys.
  • In some places, the uses of these skeleton keys have been improved.
  • The number of buff buildings which we produced has been adjusted. With the current change, they will not have a chance of acquiring from defeating those normal monsters but still, you can redeem them with the keys from those random NPCs.
  • NPCs functions and the types have been already increased.
  • Map structures are adjusted, and for the first four stages, NPCs have been increased.
  • Overall, the difficulty levels of the Under palace have been improved.
Changes of the Contents


So this comes to an end of the Magnum Quest: The Under Palace guide. Take your chance to rise with this event and make changes to the current usual gameplay. It is time to save the innocent citizens of Leiston and clear your stages from 5 to 8.

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