Magnum Quest Puppet War Guide

Magnum Quest is a fantastic game where the techniques of the game are card-based. There is an innovative and excellent RPG experience for all the game players. As a role-playing game, that will be epic, adventurous, and stunning to all the players. Today, our focus goes with Magnum Quest Puppet War.

Magnum Quest

In this game, there is a 3D world where you have to collect heroes from different factions. Then you can create the strongest team. After that, you can move to the mission of invading the Armuda continent.

When you play Magnum Quest, you will confront several events to accomplish. Now we will detail on such an event. That is Magnum Quest Puppet War. As a rating event, Puppet War will is an event for the entire Magnum Quest. There are some event points that you can consider to do total damage. It will affect all the bosses that you encounter as guild members in Magnum Quest.

Magnum Quest Puppet War | important notes

There are few important facts that you have to consider when dealing with the Puppet War in Magnum Quest. They are as follows.

  • Every day, you will get three chances to destroy the bosses in Puppet War. This will enable when you shut down the 14-40 of the Battle mode in the event.
  • If a hero joined the challenge, he would not have qualified to join in the future challenges. So, you need three teams.
  • During the event, you may have to facilitate the passage of the guildmates from your party; there, you can appoint a mercenary from your alliance. Then friends can make use of that.
  • You have the opportunity of joining mercenaries on your team.
  • Only one mercenary can take part in one challenge.
  • You cannot recruit used mercenaries in future battles.
Magnum Quest Puppet War  important notes

Magnum Quest Puppet War | Rules

Whenever you play an online game, there are set of gaming rules and regulations that the players have to follow. That is a must. If you breach these given rules in that game, you will lose your chance of winning the game. The situation is same in Magnum Quest also. When you play Puppet War in Magnum Quest, you have to adhere to some gaming rules. The primitive regulations that you have to consider for better gameplay are as follows.

  • You have to create active guilds before the start of the event to be qualified for it. If there are no guilds from the grade, there will be no chance of joining the event.
  • A qualified team can challenge four puppet tosses. There needs to be a proper page. With the defeat of all the puppet’s bosses, the final boss will activate. With the loss of the final boss, there will be a reset. You will see a level-up of all bosses in the event.
  • A player can challenge only one boss in a day. When you precise stage 9 to 20, you can challenge two bosses, and from the stages 14-40, you can challenge three bosses in a day.
  • There will be an offer of a reward to all the Guild Members when they kill a boss. The reward can claim via email.
  • When the event reaches to end, there will be a distribution of Ranking Rewards per Guild Ranking. All the Guild Members joined to the Puppet War event will get a proper Ranking Reward. It can claim through email. But, non-participating Guild Members have no chance of getting that.
  • On the event’s final day, there is a deactivation of Remove Members and Disband options. That will restore after the end of the event.

For all the newbies in this game, here is a beginner guide for you all for the support.

Best commands guide

You will find number of commands that you can use during Puppet War in Magnum Quest. As the Puppet Executioner, you will get the faction of Fortress. This boss consists of high physical res. The recommended class for him is Intelligence, and there are four recommended heroes for him. Namely, they are Sur, Lycidas, Derla, and Guss.

The following best command guide of Puppet War in Magnum Quest is Puppet Shaman of Arcana. That has derived from the faction of Wild, and there will be high magical res. There are two recommended classes to Puppet Shaman of Arcana. They are Strength and Agility. Recommended heroes for Puppet Shaman of Arcana are Feng, Aurik, Ares, and Hista.

For the command guide of Puppet Master of Hypnosis, there will be the faction of Forest. The boss can summon Tidal Barrier and can reduce the damage incurred from the outside. Melee Heroes are recommended to use in the war. Ares, Harry, Hista, and Gila are the best heroes to use with Puppet Master of Hypnosis.

The Puppet Dark Mage from the faction of Shadow can summon the Skeleton Armor. It can reduce the Haste of targets that revolves around it. The Puppet Dark Mage is best to use with the ranged heroes during the war. The recommended heroes to use with this command guide are Emilia, Fie, Sur, and Derla.

Puppet Replica Fafnir has no faction. This boss has abilities to deal with more AOR damages in the Puppet War. They recommended using the heroes like Sur, Hista, Feng, and Ares.

As the support heroes during the Puppet War, you will see Winden, who will make available only for a mage. Cinia for the energy boost and Harry for the Haste Boost. You will find Sure for both Damage and Attack up during the Puppet War.

Magnum Quest Best commands guide


During the Puppet War, you can use the mentioned heroes. But, it is not helpful to use them if they have leveled up poorly. During this war, it is recommended to use the strongest heroes and guild mercenaries available to you. Then you can win the Puppet War in Magnum Quest with the best strategies.

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