Magnum Quest Beginner Tips and Tricks

Magnum Quest

Hey, gamers. It’s time to feel a marvelous gaming experience with Magnum Quest. This is for you if you are a gamer who is itching on dragons and dungeons-themed games but don’t generally like to intend with time sinking. Magnum Quest is already being prepared to offer a satisfying taste for deep lore with stress-free game play. Here will be the Magnum Quest Beginner Tips and Tricks.

Coming from the Tuyoo games, this RPG features thrilling fights or 5v5 real-time, and all of them are presented with a stunning 3D model. These all features let the gamers march with the battle along with some cool-looking heroes with the side dungeons and the main campaign. Magnum Quest has some amazing aesthetic features in it with a reminiscent to the tabletop games. So what things are there to be expected by you and how to start as a beginner from here? Here is the guide with the best tricks and tips.

Magnum Quest Beginner Tips and Tricks

A Veteran VAs Host

Live-ops can be identified as the lifeblood on here in this game, and Magnum Quest holds a constant stream on the regular updates. Those are not letting alone the players with the exploring of new features. In the recent update, the game has increased the production value with so many celebrity actors for voices to join the adventures between six factions. In addition to that, VA Matthew Mercer is leading the critical role of the game as Dungeon master with the vocal chops on Lycidas.

The Fullmetal Alchemist fame the Travis Willingham is voiced by the Katos, while Fred Tatasciore is voicing the frontline hero of Ares. Laura Bailey, the VA superstar, is voicing Oishi, and there are tons of celebrities joined here with their voices.

Thrilling Events

Other than the recently dubbed characters, there are so many content updates here that let players explore with the new patch. As an example, take the Battlefield of Gods. It is allowing our players to duke out with an arena along with all servers with different regions. On the other hand, Group Tournament is letting adventures who are participating in the floating city join with an exciting group battle.

In the Group Tournament, adventures are allowed to battle with other participants. The top 64 in here will enter as qualifiers, and they will head to the championship. The top spot consists only of eight slots, and it is up to you to decide whether you are up for a challenge.

Easy Frontline Strategies

If you are eager to hit to the game’s ground running, it is better to breeze easily. You have to breeze easily within the first 20 chapters of the game, and it is a mist to remember and have to be done on the line up of yours. It will always be the key to clearing out the levels when you get the right and the brightest squad members with you from the roster. It will not be any other business. So generally, this would be a complete matter from the total power of your combat. The formation of yours as a player can constantly be breaking down or making a battle.

For example, take the front row. You can always set up the strongest front row within the game on Forest (Fare) and Wild (Ares). Those are leading the charge of Aeluin, Gaia, and the Lone within the back row.

Fatal attraction skills of Fare is helping the players on lure those coming back row enemies while you are doing the sic Ares on those enemies of unwritten once they have been fathered to one place. The Tornado slash skills on him is always a nasty business, and it can deal with the most severe damage to several enemies. And it also helps in tipping the fight scales for your favor.

Taking the Use of Back Row with Factional Buffs

Jungle field Lone is not able to protect the player’s party mates and the front line tanks. When the Ares and Fare are getting started with the overwhelming offense, lone is swooping in and saving the day by protecting lower HP players. Gaia can be identified as a reliable buffer with some normal attacks dealing with AOE damage. In the mean times, Aeliun the Bewitch got the skills of tricking enemies into attacking their own teammates.

Don’t ever try to underestimate the powers of your factional buffs. The area line up and they got a 3 and 2 forest and wile faction combos, respectively. These are increasing the attack by 15% and boosting the player’s HP by 15%. This would be the most significant advantage on you when you have a low combat power that is not holding enough strength.


So here ends our Magnum Quest beginner tips guide, and don’t concern this game just as only as an Idle RPG. This is more into it, and you will have to discover many dungeons with rewards that are rewarding your adventures. There are so many exciting game goodies to take with every clearance of the stages.

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