Lord of Heroes Guide, Tips and Tricks with Everything You Need to Know

Step into the thrilling world of Lord of Heroes, where you are the mighty ruler of Avalon, tasked with defending your kingdom against hordes of enemies in the midst of raging wars. But don’t worry about saving the whole world – your primary goal is to fortify your defenses and improve your land to become an unbeatable force to be reckoned with.

Lord of Heroes

Crafted by the talented team at Clover Games, Lord of Heroes is their first release, offering a gripping storyline and unparalleled combat mechanics. With this game, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience, whether you’re interested in exploring the rich characters, mastering the combat system, or advancing your skills and abilities.

So, are you ready to become the ultimate Lord of Heroes? Join us and discover all the exciting ways you can conquer the battlefield and claim your rightful place as the ruler of Avalon.

Choose the Right Contract

When you launch the game for the first time, you will be asked to choose a hero that you would like to get into a contract with. The contract requires you to log in to the game for 15 consecutive days. If you manage to do this, the hero you get into the contract with will be yours. But which one you should choose depends on the endgame modes you are going to follow. 

Choose the Right Contract

If you are going to do a lot of PVP, then you should definitely choose Krom. He has good base speed, and when you gear him up with speed-oriented gear, it will be easy for you to use his second most important skill, which fills up all other heroes’ gauge meters. But if you are not focused on PVP, you can go with other characters. 

Characters like Lairei will offer you good AOE damage, and if you like single-target DPS to nuke the enemies, Lucilicca is the one to go with. Since we are on the subject of picking heroes, there are a lot more characters in Lord of Heroes that you choose when you are selecting characters for your daily formation. We recommend Upgrading and gearing up Helga. Charlotte. These two heroes will be really useful when you are clearing normal content, and you can get them fairly easily through normal gacha. 

Keep Track of Your Milestone Rewards

While you are playing Lord of Heroes, the first thing you have to make sure to do is keep track of your chapter milestone rewards. When you visit there, you will see that it keeps track of what you do while you play the chapters. 

Keep Track of Your Milestone Rewards

There will be specific tasks that you should do to get the rewards. If you do not track these tasks, you will miss them, and you will have to go back and do them from the start. This gets more weight because if you are going to repeat them, it costs stamina you could have used somewhere useful if you did the task when you were the first time playing the chapter. 

And the rewards you would get from these milestones will not be available to you until you complete at least half of the game. So as the first Lord of Mobile tip, we would like to tell you that it is important to track and try to achieve them on your first try.

Stay On Top of the Mystic Shop

If you did not know, the Mystic shop of the game resets every hour. That means if you bought some limited stock item from the shop, you could buy the same amount again in one hour. But items are not the ones we are mostly concerned about; we want the Lord of Heroes advertisement reward option of the Mystic shop. 

Stay On Top of the Mystic Shop

If you manage to check here every hour, you will have a lot of valuable items like stamina pots that you would otherwise have to pay game premium currency to get. So even if you can’t play for a long time, log into the game, collect daily rewards, and try to log in and watch these advertisements; they only take 30 seconds.

Lord of Heroes Tips for Gearing

In Lord of Heroes, you have six types of gear: weapons, armor, feet, hands, rings, and necks. If you do not equip your heroes with the best gear and upgrade them to at least level three, you will have a hard time completing combat, even if your heroes are at the same level. 

Lord of Heroes Tips for Gearing

However, upgrading equipment to level six or higher is not a cheap task to achieve. Therefore, before you upgrade, make sure this equipment will stay with you for a long time. Even if you have the lowest grade gear, you should upgrade them to at least level three to actually get the benefit of upgrading your gear.

Lord of Heroes Gear Set Bonus

The next topic you should know before going further into the Lord of Heroes tips guide is the gear set bonus you get by equipping your heroes with the gear that belongs to a set. Usually, these gears provide a buff-like attack power increase of 5% at its base level. 

If you have two items that belong to a set, you will activate the set buff, and if you manage to equip the hero with more equipment of the set, you will receive more powerful set bonuses. 

When choosing these gear sets, it is always beneficial to equip them with gear that either boosts the current stats more or covers up a particular area that the hero is lacking. This way, it will be easier for you to make a good team with the heroes you have on hand.

Give Priority to Your Speed

As we talked about earlier, you will have a little bit of freedom on the side of improving your heroes’ stats, and this can be done through the gear you equip your heroes with. But if you want to be successful in the colosseum, you should always pick the gear that provides the speed stat. 

This will help your heroes to go first and take advantage of their spells and cripple the enemies before the combat starts or take out specific units faster to turn the tide of the battle. 

If you really want to get the benefit of this quickly, you can first focus on the characters that have natural high speed, and taking them to the first initiative will be a little easy. As you progress, work towards building other characters’ gear.

Gear All Your Heroes

Over time, you play Lord of Heroes; you will be able to acquire a lot of heroes that may or may not fit your strategy. But just because they are not useful in one type of mode, it does not mean they are all bad. Especially in the colosseum, you have to make the team attack and defend. 

Gear All Your Heroes

And when you are fighting in raids, you get to take ten characters you have; since they are a little hard to complete, having at least a somewhat equipped set of heroes is very important. 

When you don’t have a lot of options, it is okay to change gear and use the same heroes you have for both purposes, but if you have a lot of options, this will be more comfortable, and playing in such a mode will be much more relaxed than normal.

Make Sure to Join an Alliance

One of the key parts of Lord of Heroes is its alliance system. It allows you to join alliance-specific raids, collect free resources, gain access to the alliance shop, and more. As you progress and participate in alliance-specific modes, you will start earning tons of rewards that will boost your progress. 

Make Sure to Join an Alliance

So as soon as the game introduces you to alliances, make sure to join a good one. When you are on the task of finding an alliance, make sure to join an active one. And if the alliance you joined is filled with inactive players, do not be afraid to leave that alliance and join a new one.


These are all the Lord of Heroes tips and tricks we have for you; we hope they make the game more enjoyable for you. The best way to simplify your gameplay is to raise the level and gearing the Lord of Heroes character, but this path will be difficult if you don’t consistently set aside at least an hour or two to play each day. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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