Lord of Dragons Global Beginner Guide and Tips for a Best Gameplay

Lord of Dragons Global is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game with many advanced features that make every player overjoyed with its content. There are battles everywhere and a crafting system to craft any item you want, whether a weapon, armor, or other objects. As this game has more features available, it is good to have a guide to explain everything about it to gain a good understanding of it. So, this Lord of Dragons Global beginner guide with tips will be a great help for you in that matter. 

Lord of Dragons Global

Boss raids, dungeons, and many other Player versus Player (PVP) and Player versus Environment (PVE) game elements are available for you. Winning in all these modes will depend on your strategies in each situation, so with this Lord of Dragons Global beginner guide and tips in your hands right now, you will learn the easiest way to win any of the challenges you will face here. 

Character Customization

Customizing your character according to your preferences is one of the best things every player likes to do because everyone likes to have a gorgeous character. So, when you enter the game, the first thing to do is, customize your character. When you customize the character, you can first select a gender for your character. And then, you can choose a face for your character from the given samples. After selecting a face, you can choose an armor for your character. 

Character Customization

There are different types of armor given to you, and you can choose a different armor for your character to make them powerful and firm enough against anyone. After completing all the customization work, you can enter the game finalizing the character you have customized. 

Battle Attribute Advantage

This game has four types of attributes, meaning each weapon will be included in one of the following troops. According to the type of weapon attribute, the role of each weapon will be changed, and also, according to these attributes, you will be able to obtain the battle advantage for your sides. Let’s see how you can get the battle attribute advantage for your side with these different attributes. 

The main attributes in this Lord of Dragons Global game are melee, dash, magical, and range, and each attribute has advantages and disadvantages over different attribute types. So you will look at how they will be advantageous and disadvantageous against each attribute type from below. 

  • Melee – powerful against the dash, powerless against range. 
  • Dash – powerful against magical, powerless against melee. 
  • Magical – powerful against range, powerless against the dash.
  • Range – powerful against melee, powerless against magical. 

So, this is how the battle attribute system will work, and using the above theories; you can earn the attribute advantage for your side. When you do so, you will be able to win battles no matter how challenging they are. 

Craft System

The next essential thing you should learn as a Lord of Dragons Global beginner is the crafting system. With the crafting system introduced here in this Lord of Dragons Global game, you can start crafting different items you want, such as equipment, materials, consumable items, etc. 

When you craft any of these items, you will need different materials and you will only be able to complete the crafting process once you have the relevant required materials. 

Craft System

When you start crafting an item, it will give you a craft success rate, so before starting crafting an item, you should check the craft success rate. If it is a success, you should begin crafting, as there is a guarantee to obtain a top-level item with the provided materials. 

In the equipment section, you are given different weapons, armor, and other accessories such as pins, earrings, rings, etc. In the materials section, you can craft various materials such as gems, lumber, iron, leather, etc., along with promotional items. Regarding the consumable section, you can craft reforge items, resurrection stones, restoratives, and entry tickets. But as we already said, crafting these items will cost you different materials in different amounts. 

Equip Items and Upgrade

Equipping items is one of the best Lord of Dragons Global tips that any beginner player can use because your character will upgrade in all the attributes with the best equipment combinations. Every equipment item that you will equip your character with has different attributes that will be added automatically for your character, enhancing your character. So, after gathering equipment items, you should provide your character with them so that enemies will quickly damage your character. 

Equip Items and Upgrade

Not only do you need to equip your character with different items, but you need to upgrade the items too. When you upgrade the things you have provided for your character, the attributes of each equipment piece will increase, making the equipment items much better than the previous versions. 

So, you need to go to the Item Upgrade section in the Craft option from the game’s main menu. You will see different weapons, armor, and other accessories there. Even though there are many items, you should choose the ones that are only equipped with your character to upgrade. Upgrading items will also cost you different items; no matter the cost of upgrading each item, you should upgrade them as it will enhance all the attributes of each item.

Lord of Dragons Global Battles

When you first enter the game as a Lord of Dragons Global beginner, you only have to complete quests, and when you complete quests, you will be directed into battles to battle with different types of enemies. The battles can be handled automatically or manually. If you prefer auto battles letting the game handle your character, you can activate the auto-battle system by tapping on the auto option. 

Lord of Dragons Global Battles

The next thing is manual control meaning you control your character on the battlefield. If you want manual control over the battles, you can turn off the auto option when it is on and use the given battle controls, such as a joystick, to move your character and other skills to damage the enemies. 

Every skill given to your character in this game has cooldown times, so when you use manual control over battles, you should use the skills precisely and wisely in essential situations. And also, you can enhance the skills so that the skill attributes will be increased and the battles will be smooth for your character regardless of the power of enemies.Now that you know more about battles, you can choose whatever mode, manual or auto, to control the battles and eliminate all the enemies that come across you quickly. 


So, these are the best things about the Lord of Dragons Global game that every beginner should know. With all these beginner guidelines and tips, we know that all the beginner players like you can easily understand the gameplay and win any challenge with this knowledge. And also, the most important thing is, when you start playing this game, make sure to complete all the main quests given to you, as it is the crucial point to unlock many other features while achieving a higher player level. 

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