LoL Wild Rift Top Worst Characters you should Avoid from Play

League of Legends Wild Rift has taken its path into more depth, and they have already gained massive success on their rankings to players. Now this game has become a most popularized and achievable game in the industry, and so far it has not gained any downs compare to the success.

LoL wild rift has already made its place to become the most picking game on professional gamers, and it has already become so much enhanced with every feature they added.

Although League of Legends Wild Rift has the best champions and the best skills to attract players, it has some weak points. There is only a few luck on these characters, and they are more likely to be abandoned. Most of the times, these weak characters has not gained a good meta from their time, and overall their playing skills are also in a bad situation.

So here is a list of worst champions you will meet in the gameplay of wild rift.


Ivan is a character designed to go for the jungle. He has some unique type of skills with him and got power in dealing with forest monsters. But Ivern’s ability is not associated with killing forest monsters. Those powers are only made to gain gold and also the experience as well. As a player, you are even free to share benefits like blue and red with your teammates. But overall, this hero will not be a one to deal with success always.

The support related with the Buff-equipped is not in a massive rank in Ivern. And it has already been reduced so any player will not use this champion. But most importantly this buff equipped support is not the only reason to make him abandoned. Even if that is stronger, ivern will not be a perfect choice for players because he will not battle like other heroes.

Ivern is too weaken than the other champions, and he has not to gain more vital skills as others. Although this game launched several years ago, ivern is a champion that has already forgotten by the players and the league of legends.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol was launched in March 2016. This champion was created to the death of Ao Shin by the game creators. Aurelion Sol had powers to create lighthearted, storylines, and perform the unique type of skill sets once. So he was a principal character on will rift in some periods. But after the meta changes happen, this Aurelion Sol has disappeared from the summoner’s rift in the wild rift.

At some specific points on the game wild rift, this Aurelion Sol was the general who is engaging with the wild rift’s professional arena. He once took the arena by playing a vast road over with a rank roam, challenging to overcome. But in later Aurelion’s powers and the glory had almost faded with time.

His fame becomes disappeared when the riot games identified this character as an uncomfortable one with the Aure’s sleepy play. This was noticed by the professional game players as well. So Aurelion Sol has faded away with his early fame.

Once Aurelion’s Sol most full strength is known to be as the roaming ability. That power has responsible for organizing the ganks and. That happens due to the capacity on terrain cross and accelerate by the comet of legend. Aurelion’s skills were combined with Q star surge.

So he can create giant spheres in the middle of the map, and it was stunned in the larger scales of the map. But these types of skills were not much use for the gameplay of League of Legends wild rift. Star Forger is not something helps greater for players. So the LoL developers may have got into a decision making a strong buff as Aurelion is not capable of creating such a powerful buff to the gameplay.


Kled is presenting as a forward lizard in LoL. Kled’s skill set is associates with the lizard, and it has already given extra virtual blood to him. So Kled was so good at being mutant for any fighting to happen in the League of Legends. Kled was super powerful to perform the combats in the game and reverse a whole kind of situation. He can do that on unexpected times with enough courage with himself.

As there are other commanders in League of Legends, Kled was not powerful enough like them. He did not excel as the usual commanders. The frequency rate of using the hero kled has become less in the professional arena of the league of legends. Kled is not going to be used any more due to his out of Meta features.


Illaoi was released on November 2015. In the beginning, this champion had more notable types of abilities on passive skills. And also this champion was capable f creating tentacles which are growing on the wall. Those tentacles have done massive damage to the enemies, and literally, illaoi was moving with an ultimate healing power with herself as well.

But overall Ilaoi was a weak character due to her less controlling effects. It is not counted as a problem on how many moves you get with her. Still, she has no powers on the controlling. The only controlling power she got with herself was E-Test of Spirit.

Lack of controlling effect is not the only thing for Illaoi to worsen at the game league of legends wild rift. This champion is too weal on counters and quickly becomes vulnerable with counters. And also she does not makes it speed with her moving. Ilari’s moving speed is slow.

Without having an enough controlling effect, you cannot ever make short the opponents’ distance and rush towards for the. So that weak point has made this champion o worst at the gameplay, and she is an easy target for enemies. As this champion holds a low speed with herself, she becomes more exposed to the enemies, making so much worse states to the entire gameplay in a league of legends.


At last, we will take Fizz. Fizz is still in the league of legends wild rift champion list, and he is a champion that becomes more annoying towards the going against. Although fizz has high mobility and severe damaging skill, he becomes more trouble on targeting. As fizz is making playful abilities, he is nor a one that we can get into a specific target so that you are vulnerable to have more damage from your enemies in the gameplay of league of legends wild rift.


League of Legends Wild Rift is something like a mixture of good and bad regarding their champions. Sometimes these champions have great stats with them, but they are hard to manage. Sometimes these are not even capable of working correctly. Although some of these champions have ample powers with them, less is their less control ability.

Here we have already described some of the worst champions available within LoL wild rift and choosing the right well-balanced one is your responsibility. That is the only way to make your path on LoL to success and be a champion at its best.

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